Rubber o ring,Oil sealing o ring,rubber gasket

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Product Description:

1.Description of Oil Seal:

As we know that there is some oil would go-in the rubbing parts of the machine usually and in order to resistant against this oil we need to use the oil seal to seal the gap of the machine. More than that, we have to concern to how to seal the water, chemical liquid and the dust, all of these environment calls for the oil seal. Oil-resistant; heat resistant; abrasion-resistant; aging resistant;  insulation;  acid and alkaline resistant; airtight

2.Main features of Oil Seal:

1.We have our own factory,so the price can be competitive

2.we win by the high quality and then have a long-term business relationship.

3.Size and color are according to customer's requirment.

4.Samples are accepted


6.durable,oil resistance, high temperature resistance and etc.


3. Oil Seal Images:

Rubber o ring,Oil sealing o ring,rubber gasketRubber o ring,Oil sealing o ring,rubber gasket

4. Oil Seal Technical Parameters:



High/low   temperature resistance, oil and fuel resistance, weathering resistance, O   zone resistance etc.


According   to your requirement.


Any color   is available ,according to your requirements.


NBR, CR,   SBR, EPDM, IIR, NR, EP, Silicone, VITON etc.




In 10   days


Plastic bag   & carton box or according to your requirements.


Electronic   field, industrial machine & equipment, house-hold appliance,   telecommunication, automobile, medical equipment industry etc.



We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 

How about your company

A world class manufacturer & supplier of Glass Wool Blanket is one of the large scale professional investment casting production bases in China,consisting of both casting foundry forging and machining factory. Annually more than 8000 tons Precision casting and forging parts are exported to markets in Europe,America and Japan. OEM casting and forging service available according to customer’s requirement.

How to guarantee the quality of the products

We have established the international advanced quality management system every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test; We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.


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Q:What tools are needed to replace the water seal for the air conditioning pump? What's the name?
Two. Water pump mechanical seal damage, those effects can cause leakage, protection alarm, water pump can not work properly, serious water pump motor, burning the motorThree. How to remove mechanical seals?1., maintenance pumps will be power outages and listing, in the water pump from the sump hanging out to clean.2. make a mark between the pump base and the oil chamber to make it easy to install and remove the bottom seat (the fixed base is three inner six angle bolts)3. remove the fixed bolts from the impeller and remove the impeller with the pull codes.The lower end of the 4. oil cavity is provided with three inner six angle bolts, and the oil cavity is removed and cleaned, and the original mechanical seal static ring is disassembled.5. to see the water leakage protection points clean, measuring leakage protection point and pump casing resistance (resistance value is close to 500 billion Ou)
Q:How to choose the sealing ring according to the shaft?
According to the installation form can be divided into radial installation and axial installation. Therefore, the selection of sealing ring specifications depends on the specific circumstances. For example, for static seals, H8/f7 tolerances can be used. Please choose the O type pressure ring deformation of large size as far as possible.
Q:What are the seals that are resistant to 500 degrees of high temperature?Airtight chamber gas temperature up to 500 degrees, what are the appropriate seals available? Thank you
First of all, are you moving or sealed? Metals, semi metals, or high temperature nonmetallic materials can be used.
Q:About hydraulic cylinder sealing ring What is the model of the general oil cylinder seal ring and what is its selection principle?
(3) the sealing ring has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, good wear resistance, and automatic compensation to a certain extent after wearing.(4) the structure is simple, the use and maintenance are convenient, and the sealing ring has longer service life.
Q:What are the seals commonly used in the industry?
In recent years, the production and quality of rubber seal products in China have gradually entered a new stage and new period. However, only these can not satisfy the need of the development of other industries of various types of rubber seal products standardization and serialization of products, especially compared with the international advanced countries, our products in terms of product quality, or product varieties, has a considerable gap. The 100 forum focuses on the concept, seal the research content and research significance, summarizes the current situation of rubber seal, mechanical seal and packing seal technology, analysis of China's and the world advanced sealing technology in developed countries at the level of research and development ability of the new products on the gap, and our future focus on the seal the field of research and put forward some suggestions.The overall competitiveness of China's sealing industry is not strongAs we all know, in our country, the sealing industry can be regarded as the smallest industry, but the products can be used in conjunction with large industries. No matter aviation, navigation, petroleum, chemical industry, or machinery, power generation, metallurgy, mines, etc., are inseparable from the seals. In short, all organic, pump, pipe, valve places are dependent on the seal. Therefore, the industry is small, involving a wide range of faces.
Q:What are the common sealing forms of hydraulic cylinders?
Usually sealed rubber ring for sealing, and very few occasions, piston and cylinder will also be sealed with piston rings. There are many kinds of sealing rings, each of which has its own advantages. Some are simple, such as: O aprons. But the service life is short. Some are suitable for high voltage and high speed: so special.
Q:What kind of performance requirements should the rubber seals meet?
The rubber seal is made of all kinds of rubber materials play an important role in the basic elements of the sealing process, sealing is an important performance of some machinery must have, so the requirements of the material made of seal is very high, the following will take you to see the specific performance requirements of rubber seal materials used:
Q:What are the material requirements of the valve sealing surface?
Sealing materials should meet the requirements of sealing function. Due to the different sealing medium and different working conditions of the equipment, sealing materials are required to have different applicability. The sealing material requirements are: the material density, not easy leakage; the appropriate mechanical strength and hardness; and good elasticity, compression, permanent deformation is small; the high temperature softening, decomposition, low temperature, non hardening embrittlement; the good corrosion resistance in the long-term work of acid and alkali, oil medium, the volume of a small change in hardness, and adhesion to the metal surface; the low friction coefficient, good wear resistance; with the sealing surface with soft and full; the good anti-aging, durable; to facilitate manufacturing, price cheap, easy. Obviously, it is impossible for any material to meet the above requirements completely, but the material with excellent sealing performance can meet most of the above requirements.Rubber is the most commonly used sealing material, in addition to rubber, suitable for sealing materials as well as graphite band, PTFE and various sealants, etc. table 29.2-4 lists the classification and use of sealing materials.
Q:Seal type of transformer oil tank
2, there may be no reason for the rubber seal installed in the transformer caused by the installation stage, such as excessive compression of the rubber sealing pad lose elasticity, or poorly positioned, local stress is damaged, or the installation of surface roughness caused by local cracks, etc..
Q:Is it good to use NBR or EPDM for sealing parts?
NBR produces industrial rubber products exposed to mineral oils, liquids, and gases

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