Toyota Nissan / Dustan, Mitsubishi / Fuso, Isuzu oil seal

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Japanese car and truck ranged from Toyota, Nissan / Dustan, Mitsubishi / Fuso, Isuzu, Hino, Mazda, Honda, Daihatsu, Subaru to Suzuki.
You'll find full range of oil seals in SOG.

Test our prompt offer on your inquires of OEM no. or Size, e.g.
TOYOTA90311-38043UD38 x 58 x 11
NISSAN12279-D0100UE84 x 104 x 11 RHS
MITSUBISHI12020-29600UDS-9S70 x 122 x 12/30
ISUZU1-09625-006-0ACS-2S75 x 112 x 10/17.5
HINO1828-4504-00UDS-345 x 55 x 7.5
MAZDAB210-33-065UDS-952 x 68 x 8/14
HONDA91206-611-005UES-935 x 68 x 9/12.5 RH
DAIHATSU90043-11053-000UDS-670 x 112 x 14/20
SUBARU90625-0015UES-952 x 72 x 7.5/16
SUZUKI12311-67011S44 x 72 x 7

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Q:What are the mechanical equipments for producing seals?
Depends on what is the production of sealed products. There are many kinds of sealing products. O rings, oil seals, winding gaskets, rubber gaskets, asbestos gaskets, non asbestos gaskets, many, many, each production equipment is not the same.
Q:How about the sealing ring for the piston rod seal?
Previously, the piston rod seals were mostly made of O - shaped sealing rings, narrow section Y - shaped sealing rings and V - shaped sealing rings. Because of the dry friction between the piston rod and the seal, these seals often lead to premature wear of the sealing lip. In the past, the piston rod seals were mostly made of O - shaped sealing ring, narrow section Y - shaped sealing ring and V - shaped sealing ring. Sealed with the sealing structure and common rod which allows ring velocity are relatively low, so it is widely used in motor speed are not high, such as engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, light industry and agricultural machinery hydraulic equipment.
Q:The function and principle of cooling water for mechanical seal of water pump?
Mechanical seals, in order to protect the sealing surfaces of the moving and stationary rings, require cooling to cool them,There are two forms of cooling, a pump fluid leaking into the mechanical seal, which is relatively dead water,
Q:The material of the seal must be compatible with the medium in contact with it. Why?
The material of the seal is rubber, there are metal sealing ring, no matter what sealing form, if the material choice is wrong, the sealing ring and the sealing medium chemical reaction, then it will make the seal failure
Q:Can hydraulic oil be used in the mechanical seal room?
At present, most of the sealing materials used at home and abroad are polymer elastomers, and some of Jiashan Huanqiu mechanical seals factory also use plastic and various metals under special conditions. But no matter which material belongs to, it should have the following properties:
Q:What rubber kind of rubber does the brake seal of the car use?
People have encountered such a problem in production: a customer asked him to produce a number of cars on the brakes with seals, resistance brake oil, swelling can not exceed 2%, shore A60. hardness he used nitrile rubber production, detection of customers to pay customers after that swelling failed, he was replaced nitrile rubber grades with nitrile rubber and butadiene acrylonitrile production in 42% and merged with pVC, is still not qualified. This puzzled him.
Q:What's the seal water? What about the water seal?
Seal water is to pump the water seal way, in operation the seal water pressure difference, mainly depends on the seal water to enter the water pipe's seal water control valve to carry on the automatic adjustment. The seal groove is arranged in the ash bucket of the lower box, the lower part of the length of a steel plate. Steel plate with displacement in the header, but still not out of the water, this is the one hand to ensure the water wall expansion free, and ensure good sealing process of expansion.
Q:What kind of seals are divided into?
Seals can be divided into two categories: static seal and dynamic seal.Static seals are mainly gasket seal, sealant sealing and direct contact sealing three categories.According to the work pressure, static seal can be divided into medium and low pressure static seal and high pressure static seal. Low and medium pressure static seals are usually made of soft and wide width gasket. High pressure and static seals are made of hard material and metal gaskets with narrow width.
Q:How heavy is the mechanical seal of the centrifugal pump?
Centrifugal pumps use the impeller to rotate and cause centrifugal motion of the water to work. The pump before starting to pump shell and the water pipe filled with water, and then start the motor, the pump shaft to drive the impeller and water do high-speed rotation, centrifugal water movement, was thrown to the outer edge of the impeller, the pressure water pipeline flow through the volute pump into the pump shell.
Q:What is mechanical seal?Single mechanical seal? Double mechanical seal? What's the shaft seal?
1. mechanical seals (mechanical seal) is defined by at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the fluid pressure and the elasticity of compensation organizations (or force) the role of the device and auxiliary seal with maintaining relative sliding postmerger and constitutes to prevent fluid leakage. The elastic loading mechanism and the auxiliary seal are the mechanical seals of metallic corrugated tubes, which we call metal bellows seals. In the light seal, as well as the use of rubber bellows as an auxiliary seal, rubber bellows elastic limited, generally need to be supplemented with spring to meet the loading elasticity. Mechanical seals are often referred to as "mechanical seals"".

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