Oil Seal for motorcycle and car

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We're professional to produce various of Rubber products with different material and have exported for 20 years.

we can provide you the all kinds of oil seal with high quality and reasonable price.

Our target is "All Customers first, Quality First, and Credit First"

This is the detail of our oil seal:

1.seal material:


2.seal application:

trains,automobile,motocycles,trucks,buses,agricutural machinery and any equipments

3.seal certification:

GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001: 2000 standard

4.seal production control:

prouduced by priecise CNC machine

5.seal strong point:

we have our own mold center and engineer, can develop all kinds of high tech requireds.

Powerful mold quantity in stock.

Most popular type stytle including TC, TB, SC, SBC, TBG...

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Q:What kind of material seals can withstand ammonia, -40 degrees to 200 degrees?
PTFE seals can withstand ammonia, -40 degrees to 200 degrees.Advantages of polytetrafluoroethylene:1, PTFE is a fluorocarbon chemicals chemical resistance and excellent resistance to high temperature, even when exposed in the air will not deteriorate, can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -200~250.
Q:Classification of sealing strip by use
Table 29.2-1 classification of sealsThe basic requirements of the seal is the sealing is good, safe and reliable, long service life, should be compact in structure, simple system, convenient maintenance, low cost, most of the seal parts, should ensure interchangeability, realize standardization and seriation.Various types of by sealing group leader have their characteristics and scope of use, the design of sealing should first be analyzed and compared.Table 29.2-2 lists the characteristics of a variety of commonly used sealing methods. Table 29.2-3 is the type and range of applications of dynamic seals.Sealing type, reciprocating motion, rotation, pressure resistance, high speed resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, durability, remarksPacking seal pump, turbine, valve, autoclave. Available for filament packing, textile packing, or molding.O - ring seal piston seals are widely used as static seals, with good durability at this time.
Q:Can hydraulic oil be used in the mechanical seal room?
However, there is no sealing materials including all of the above properties, according to the working environment, such as temperature, pressure, medium and movement way to select suitable sealing material, and through the formulation of materials to meet certain requirements. Or use two or more materials, composite or composite structure in the form of their own special skills, to achieve more comprehensive results.Sealing effect formation: dynamic seal is divided into non contact sealing and contact sealing. Non contact seal is the main variety of mechanical seals, such as graphite packing ring, floating ring seal; rubber composite seals and rubber seals belong to contact seal, by loading pre pressing force in the sealing cavity, blocking leakage channel and sealing effect. Seals used in hydraulic systems are mostly static seals (end face seals), reciprocating seals (pistons, piston rod seals) and rotary seals.
Q:Is polyurethane TPV suitable for sealing products?
The needle, stopper, bottle, Straw, casing and other soft parts;7 、 flashlight shell, children's toys, toy tires, golf bags, all kinds of grips, etc..- electronic appliances1. All kinds of earphone wire, earphone wire connector;2, mine cable, numerical control coaxial cable, ordinary and high-grade wire and cable insulation layer and sheath;3 、 power socket, plug and sheath etc.;
Q:What are the seals? What role can they each play?
The seals are available:NBR sealant, three yuan ethylene propylene rubber seals, fluorine rubber seals, silicone seals, fluorosilicone seals, nylon seals, polyurethane seals, and engineering plastic seals.
Q:How do you determine the assembly direction of the cylinder seals?
Look at your choice of sealed form, two-way sealing products do not have to consider the direction of installation, but some lip products, such as Y ring, we should consider the direction of the lip and the direction of the oil pressure coordination
Q:Mechanical seals do not refuel, can not?
Of course not! Refueling is to block the small gap, to prevent leakage.
Q:Excuse me, what's the material for the general piston ring?
Have experience in understanding, there are two kinds of material, one is pure PTFE, also known as Teflon, a PTFE graphite or PTFE carbon fiber material, PTFE piston ring and guide ring, the throttle ring is a new type of sealing material instead of asbestos packing, steel ring, wear-resistant, high temperature, characteristics long service life, convenient maintenance, can protect the piston body and the cylinder wall is smooth, not easy to wear.
Q:What kinds of seals are there in SKF bearings?
The 3. axis supporting structure has the advantage of allowing angular deviation;4. circumferential velocity of sealing surface;5. the working temperature of the bearing;6. manufacturing costs.
Q:What are the better domestic rubber parts, seals ah?
Basically close to the import price. We use another Bello new material technology, the price is much than in tophere

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