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We're professional to produce various of Rubber products with different material and have exported for 20 years.

we can provide you the all kinds of oil seal with high quality and reasonable price.

Our target is "All Customers first, Quality First, and Credit First"

This is the detail of our oil seal:

1.seal material:


2.seal application:

trains,automobile,motocycles,trucks,buses,agricutural machinery and any equipments

3.seal certification:

GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001: 2000 standard

4.seal production control:

prouduced by priecise CNC machine

5.seal strong point:

we have our own mold center and engineer, can develop all kinds of high tech requireds.

Powerful mold quantity in stock.

Most popular type stytle including TC, TB, SC, SBC, TBG...

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Q:What is the maximum resistance to the seal in the hydraulic system currently being produced?
With the ring to 30MPa, if you use a triangular sealing structure (similar plug root) can be used in 70MPa.
Q:What are the common sealing forms of hydraulic cylinders?
2, the friction ring seal on sleeve friction on the piston ring (made of nylon or other polymer materials) in O sealing effect of elastic ring under tight and cylinder wall to prevent leakage. This material is good effect, friction is low and stable, high temperature resistant, wear compensation ability, but the processing requirements, installation is inconvenient, suitable for high voltage and high speed or high sealing performance requirements. 3, the sealing ring sealing is to use rubber or plastic elasticity, so that a variety of sections of the ring ring attached to the static and dynamic between the mating surface to prevent leakage. The commonly used sealing rings are O, Y, V and so on. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, automatic compensation after wearing, reliable performance, and can be used between the cylinder and the piston, between the cylinder head and the piston rod, between the piston and the piston rod, between the cylinder and the cylinder head.
Q:In the seal of hydraulic cylinder, the O-ring and Y ring are sealed well
Y ringIn my opinion, it is generally applied to areas with lower pressure. Good sensitivity, quick response, good control.The ring of BingleyIt's hard to resistIts sensitivity is slightly inferior to that of the Y ring.
Q:What kind of performance requirements should the rubber seals meet?
The rubber seal is made of all kinds of rubber materials play an important role in the basic elements of the sealing process, sealing is an important performance of some machinery must have, so the requirements of the material made of seal is very high, the following will take you to see the specific performance requirements of rubber seal materials used:
Q:How heavy is the mechanical seal of the centrifugal pump?
Simple mechanical seal and double face seal (container type), the weight of a single seal is about 2 kilograms, and the double seal is in the range of 3.5~5 kg.Mechanical seals are one of the most complicated and complex mechanical basic components. They are the key components of various pumps, reaction reactors, turbo compressors, submersible motors and other equipment.
Q:On the amount of compression of the sealing ring
Ding Qing rubber resistant mineral oil, silicone oil, animal oil, esters, HFA, HFB, HFC, air and water, water resistance increased with the increase of propylene, but low temperature and permeability decreased. Not suitable for phosphate system hydraulic oil and polar additives gear oil, suitable for temperature -30~100, generally used for O ring, oil seal and so on
Q:Design of sealing ring, groove and bottom fillet of sealing ring
The O ring seal is a typical extrusion seal. The compression ratio and stretch of the section diameter of O ring are the main contents of sealing design, which are important for sealing performance and service life. The O ring is usually installed in the sealing groove to seal. The good sealing effect of O shape seal ring depends largely on the proper matching of the size of the O ring and the groove size, forming a reasonable sealing ring, the amount of compression and the amount of tension. Sealing device design, processing, if the O ring compression is too small, it will cause leakage; too much compression will lead to O ring rubber stress relaxation caused by leakage. Similarly, excessive stretching in the work of the O ring will also accelerate aging and cause leakage. The standards of the countries all over the world have strict regulations.
Q:How can the tapered roller bearings be sealed?
There are many kinds of tapered roller bearings, I wonder if it is oil lubrication or grease lubrication? Dustproof or anti leakage?
Q:Would you like to ask what glue can be used for vacuum seals?
Hello, metal repair, repair or need to fill the effect, you use our YH-T828 special glue to repair it, after curing is soft, tough, and can withstand high temperature. One convenient operation! Million adhesive Taobao (new on the market) to sell.
Q:So in today's world, mechanical seal is the most important shaft seal in these equipment. The mechanical seal is also called the seal, in the relevant national standard is defined as: "by at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the fluid pressure and the elasticity of compensation organizations (or magnetic) device and the role of the coordination of auxiliary seals to keep up with the relative sliding to prevent fluid leakage. "
Regarding the submitted APS examination materials, if you do not have the time to notarization, you may try to issue bilingual seals to the University, instead of notarization!High school diploma can also be issued to the high school!

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