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Oil Seal

We're professional to produce various of Rubber products with different material and have exported for 20 years.

we can provide you the all kinds of oil seal with high quality and reasonable price.

Our target is "All Customers first, Quality First, and Credit First"

This is the detail of our oil seal:

1.seal material:


2.seal application:

trains,automobile,motocycles,trucks,buses,agricutural machinery and any equipments

3.seal certification:

GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001: 2000 standard

4.seal production control:

prouduced by priecise CNC machine

5.seal strong point:

we have our own mold center and engineer, can develop all kinds of high tech requireds.

Powerful mold quantity in stock.

Most popular type stytle including TC, TB, SC, SBC, TBG...

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Q:What kind of material seals can withstand ammonia, -40 degrees to 200 degrees?
3, outstanding non sticky, abnormal lubrication, and excellent electrical insulation performance, aging resistance and radiation resistance, minimal water absorption and other characteristics.
Q:Why is there no decent seal for domestic oil seals? What time can Chinese manufacturing resurgence?
Because it is domestic, cheap and convenient, can only be made in china. Import of expensive, there must be a process, but also fewer agents. The export made in China is good. Domestic quality to put up some other, Chinese too fraud, from the Party Central Committee to all civilians in the fraud and adulteration
Q:How long is the shelf life of the cylinder seals?
Normal use can generally reach thousands of hours, mainly depending on your working conditions, such as the use of temperature, matching accuracy, cylinder processing accuracy, surface roughness, pressure, and so on
Q:Is it good to use NBR or EPDM for sealing parts?
NBR produces industrial rubber products exposed to mineral oils, liquids, and gases
Q:What rubber kind of rubber does the brake seal of the car use?
The synthesis of liquid to polyethylene glycol or glycol and boric acid ester, because this "oil" may mislead him. Second, the brake should be used three yuan synthetic liquid ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM), which is resistant to chemicals because of the elementary concentration. He used EpDM production after swelling qualified, is very happy.The production of rubber products is important for the accumulation of knowledge
Q:What are the storage conditions for seals?
First of all, the pressure is an important factor affecting the quality of seals, the pressure level, the length of the pressure cycle cycle, the seal damage (such as extrusion) have a great impact. The higher the pressure, the greater the influence of other factors on the performance of the seal, such as temperature, speed, the material of the seal, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder head.Another is the temperature and friction, it is difficult to describe the maximum use temperature and minimum use temperature of a sealing material, because it is the result of a series of factors. The piston and piston rod have different operating temperatures, so we should choose them differently. Another is the seal product surface roughness, surface characteristics, pressure, medium, temperature, sealing materials, seals type and speed of movement, these are the factors affecting the seal.The last is surface treatment. Experience has shown that the characteristics of the surface of the cylinder piston and the piston rod have a great influence on the life of the seal. Surface characteristics are defined by the values of surface roughness RA. RA is the arithmetic mean of the shape of the surface deviating from the absolute value of the center line. However, these values do not fully indicate the effect of surface conditions on the seals, because even under the same roughness, different surface shape features can cause wear of seals to varying degrees of seal.
Q:What's the seal water? What about the water seal?
The function of sealed water is:1 high pressure water, water pump inside, even after the seal but there is still a certain pressure, in order to keep the water pump in the water through the shaft and seal gap between the leakage from the condensate pump outlet, or a water seal water in addition to lead as saline parent tube!2, water supply and the water pump is a high temperature water, the temperature will be passed to the pump body through a rotating shaft or bearing metal pump, the bearing temperature, in order to control the temperature outside so the seal also plays a role in cooling water.
Q:What are the common sealing forms of hydraulic cylinders?
The common sealing forms include clearance seal, friction ring seal and sealing ring seal. 1, the gap seal to rely on the relative movement of the small gap between the surface to prevent leakage. In order to improve the sealing capacity of the device, several small annular grooves are often made on the surface of the piston to increase the resistance of the oil through clearance. It has the advantages of simple structure, small frictional resistance, resistant to high temperature, but the leakage of large, high processing requirements, can not restore the original capacity after abrasion is only used in small size, low pressure, high speed of relative movement between the cylinder and the piston.
Q:What type of sealing roller bearings.
1, bearings, lubricants and types (grease and lubricating oil);2, bearing work environment, the size of space;3, the supporting structure of the shaft has the advantage of allowing angular deviation;4, the circumferential speed of the sealing surface;5, the working temperature of the bearing;6, manufacturing costs.
Q:How to choose the sealing ring material, sealing ring of different materials, what is the difference?
Silicone rubber gasket:SILThe silicon rubber sealing ring has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance and atmospheric aging resistance

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