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Product Description:

We are a specialized company for machine vises , whoseproducts are exported to Europe and America as well as developed countries .Wehave Q12,Q13,Q41,QM,QMN series .All the products have high precision ,and reasonabledesigns and reach the JB/T2329-11 standards .

Weare insisting that the quality is first and reputation is the best. We refocusing on our quality and innovation , We are looking forward to havingopportunities to set up more business relations with customers from all overthe word and establish the long-term cooperation with best products and perfectafter-service.

QM Series MachineVice

Performance and character:

1.    It is one of main attachmentsfor milling、drillingmachine ,it is particularly suitable for the finishing of precision parts.

2.    The accuracy of vice (parallelismand squareness) is 0.025mm/100mm.

3.    The special segment in themovable jaw forces the vertical pressure downward when the horizontal pressureworks, so that this jaw does not lift the work piece.

4.    Four positions allow extracapacity to change opening of jaw.

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Q:Is the screw of a vice clamp a silk stick?
Thread shape choice: can choose rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, its bearing capacity is gradually increasing sequence, when the choice can choose according to machining ability and carrying case, but suggest buy from taobao, or single processing too much trouble. The diameter proposal is 18 ~ 20.
Q:How does the UG set the motion simulation of the bench vice
Please ask how this is done. After I emulated, even the screws moved together.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:Do you use a hammer to hit the handle with a clamp?
Usually not, the screw in the vice clamp should be clamped up so that when you don't use a lot of force on it, it will slip
Q:How to draw a vice assembly drawing
Complete the complete picture, deepen the drawing line, draw the section line, mark the necessary dimensions, the tolerance and technical requirements, mark the parts serial number, fill in the detail form and the title bar. Thank you for your trouble! If you don't understand, please continue to ask...
Q:How to position the pongs
Flat vice of the base, there is a groove, groove in the two ends of the each have a positioning block, using positioning, the positioning block into the workbench T slot, the vise base location can be completed. Because the vise has a back wheel, first use owe is correct position of the jaw, can in the clamp mouth with a long flat plate, dial indicator adsorbed on the bed, dial indicator first come into contact with the plate, pull the workbench check parallel-jaw vice, parallel, finally fixed fastening screws.
Q:Numerical control milling machine vice school table
Left and right, milling cutter is high, not milling is low, slowly adjust...
Q:Is the thread of a vice with a zigzag thread
Today, the vice screw of the bench in our factory was wrung, so I had to draw one, and then my own car, and I paid attention to his threads: the zigzag thread!
Q:Pneumatic vice and hydraulic vice are good
At present, the aerodynamic efficiency is higher, the life expectancy is longer, the clamping force is larger, but the price is a little more expensive, so far, it is basically the original in Taiwan
Q:What's the difference between a vice and a vice
Note to the pincers: (1) the machined surface of the workpiece must be higher than the tongs, otherwise it shall be made of a parallel mat. (2) to prevent the workpiece from being loose when the workpiece is loose in order to hold the clamp firmly, it must be applied to the iron and tongs. To make a workpiece stick close on the pad iron should be a clamp, a hammer tap the workpiece surface, smooth plane to knock knock to prevent injury by copper bar is bright and clean surface.
Q:How do milling machine tongs correct
Attach the magnetic seat to the column and attach the scale and the probe microcontact.

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