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We are a specialized company for machine vises , whoseproducts are exported to Europe and America as well as developed countries .Wehave Q12,Q13,Q41,QM,QMN series .All the products have high precision ,and reasonabledesigns and reach the JB/T2329-11 standards .

Weare insisting that the quality is first and reputation is the best. We refocusing on our quality and innovation , We are looking forward to havingopportunities to set up more business relations with customers from all overthe word and establish the long-term cooperation with best products and perfectafter-service.

Q12(QH)series Machine Vice:

Performanceand character:

1.  It adopts the high-quality castirons.

2.  Both parallelism andverticality about the two jaws are 0.025mm/100mm.

3.  It is widely used for themilling machine and the drilling machine to process some surface ,slots andholes.

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Q:What is the meaning of 1/8-3 of the tongs in the pipe
1/8 is the expression of the inch, the inch is divided into 8 equal parts, one inch is 2.54 centimeters, 1/8 is 2.54/8 = 0.3175 centimeters, and then 1x0.3175 is 0.3175 centimeters. For example, 3/8 is 3x0.3175 = 0.9525 centimeters. And then the minus 3 is not clear.
Q:Is the screw of a vice clamp a silk stick?
The screw on the top of the vice clamp is actually a silk pole. The first thing you don't know is how big a clamping device you want to do. It is recommended that you choose a silk rod that is no less than thirty in diameter (the specific pitch is chosen according to the actual situation). Note: the minimum material of the material is 45 steel. Silk mother chooses tin bronze silk mother.
Q:The bench vice is used by the fitter to have which two kinds
Tips for using bench vice: (1), and clamping workpiece elastic to appropriate, can only use hand tight, but cannot use power tools strength, one is to prevent the screw and nut and clamp suffering damage, the second is to prevent bad surface. (2) in the case of strong work, the force should be fixed in the direction of the clamp, so as not to increase the load of the clamp and screw and nut, and affect its service life. (3) it is not possible to knock on the smooth surface of the active tongs to prevent damage to the fit of the clamp. (4) the surface of activities such as screw and nut should be cleaned and lubricated regularly to prevent rust
Q:Do you use a hammer to hit the handle with a clamp?
Usually not, the screw in the vice clamp should be clamped up so that when you don't use a lot of force on it, it will slip
Q:How to calibrate the CNC milling machine tongs
Find the design check to confirm that the semi-circle face is right Angle to the top.
Q:Is the thread of a vice with a zigzag thread
Inside is a t-nut, the letter "Tr". It is usually 4-6 pressure, single thread nut
Q:What do you mean by rotating mechanical vice
Adjustable bench vice,I hope my answer will help you。
Q:How do you mill a step up the miller's vice
The pincers of the machine with vice jaw are quenched, and the manufacturing has high shape tolerance control, and it is advised not to break it easily
Q:Common production desk vice, 45 # steel make the clamp plate, how to make pattern
I don't understand the pattern. In heat treatment, the size is smaller, and the temperature of the heat is increased by the maximum power of the furnace. The furnace controls the clearance. The heat preservation time of 30 min, oil cooling, 500 ℃ tempering, 1 h
Q:The large aluminum plate will not deform 250 * 240 * 16
If it is precision machining, you can consider selecting the supercharger for air pressure vice. The holding force is adjustable

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