PVC False Ceiling PVC Ceiling Design For Toilet

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Product Description:

1.Brief Description

 PVC Panel



    PVC Ceiling Panels are hollow-core Decorative panels for any part of your home or

    office interiors.

    It is waterproof and very easy to clean, which makes them also ideal for bathrooms,

    toilets, kitchens, basements, garages and all other living areas.
    Especially in damp and moist areas PVC Panel is an excellent alternative to decorate

    your ceilings effectively, aesthetically pleasing and completely waterproof, bringing

    home decoration to the next level.


      2. It is impenetrable by insects or termites, and won' t rot or rust.

      3. Resistance to weather/ special chemicals; Waterproof / Washable.

      4. The excellent rigid and superior impacted surface is without any peeling.

      5. Natural wood grain: showing authentic wood structure and artistic sense.

      6. Easy to be cut, drilled, nailed, sawed, and riveted. DIY is all right.

      7. Quick maintenance and no need of painting.

      8. The simple and fast installation can save a lot of time and manpower cost.

Products Application:

1,Household decoration:Wall and ceiling of indent independent house bathroom,basement ,living room and so on.

2,Public and management Place : Toilet or hall.

3,Common Office :Ceiling of business Place.



Products feature:

a.Easy installation ,surface is smoothness ,flatness, without gap when concatenated.


b.It can be processed by drilling ,sawing,nailing.


c.High intensity,high strength,not easy to deformation,resist erosin, sound  insulation,waterproof,fireproof,aging-resisting,durable


d.Interior decoration for ceiling.Easy clearing,heathy and enviromental.




PVC False Ceiling PVC Ceiling Design For Toilet


4.Detailed Specification


PVC False Ceiling PVC Ceiling Design For Toilet




1,Easily assembly,surface even,without gap when concatenated.


2,High intensity,corrode-resisting,aging-resisting,can be used more than 30 years.


3,Prevent fire,antibiotic,healthy and environmental.


4,The surface picture is clear and adhesive.


5,For ceiling and wall decoration.


6,More than 200 specification,3000 article picture,we can fit you many needs.


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Q:Soft pvc board how to install it? How is the market price?
Pvc board ceiling construction construction process: the process of grass-roots clean → → → installation of hanging bar → installation of the main keel → installation of the keel → weak, integrated wiring laying → hidden inspection → installation of the keel and PVC board → finished product protection → sub-
Q:Pvc board, PS board, sun board, organic board difference
Q:Pvc board in the outdoor high temperature with what glue is good
HY-108AB high temperature metal glue is mainly used for a variety of metal products, iron, aluminum, copper, plastic, rubber and other metal materials between the need for high temperature bonding and bonding with the glue, requiring high products between different materials fast Adhesive, strong adhesion.
Q:Pvc material plate how to weld?
10mm plate first to play around the mouth, the board fixed, and then double root pvc welding rod welding, welding at least three times, the best six times, the weld to protrude, the best between the electrodes without pores.
Q:Will the production of PVC gray pipe is about 40 meters is normal, after the pipe whitening
There is a problem with the formula to see if it is too much lubrication
Q:My home PVC board is always issued a flap sound, how is it? (My family is not the top floor)
The ceiling of the plate that may be caused by the deformation of the keel need to open to see the corporal is not a keel deformation go
Q:What is the best glue on the PVC board glue?
PVC board can be bonded with HY-181 glue.
Q:Pvc foam board toxic?
PVC foam board is widely used in advertising printing, foam made of PVC material, the density can be adjusted according to need. No toxic, PVC material in fact there are widely used in life, such as: PVC pipes and so on
Q:Whether the pvc board is poisonous
How to say this, pvc plate is mainly plastic material, case of heat easily deformed at the same time the distribution of gas, toxicity is certainly some home decoration do not use PVC, kitchen and toilet area is not great, with more than 100 points button Hanging good, PVC will be yellow for a long time. Individuals are not in favor of ceiling with PVC board.
Q:PVC decorative plate and clean plate difference
Clean board It contains PVC trim panels

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