Polyethylene Blown Film Machine

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Polyethylene Blown Film Machine/Mini film blowing machine
2. Material : LDPE
3. Output: 80kg/h
4. Film Width:800~1200mm

Polyethylene Blown Film Machine

The machine is used to blowing PE film.




FILM WIDTH:200--400




FILM WIDTH:800--1200

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Q:How is the plate type oil filter put into operation?
Open the door once, open the door two times, open the exit door, open the oil filter. Look, the oil filter has two inlet doors to adjust the pressure
Q:What is the reason for the fuel injection of the turbine vacuum pump?
Vacuum pump exports of oil eventually derived from vacuum separation tank, the reasons are: 1, the treatment of oil is too bad, too much moisture in the oil, vacuum tank separation of water is too much
Q:What is the accuracy of 300*300 oil filter paper for LY-100 plate and frame pressure oil filters?
The filtering accuracy of filter paper is independent of the filter paper area, and the filter paper has a large area, but it only increases the filtration area and improves the filtration efficiency.
Q:Which is more practical, plate pressure type oil filter and multi-function oil purifier? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
Therefore, the plate and frame oil filter basically can only filter impurities, moisture and gas impurities, plate and frame oil filter is powerless. Multifunctional oil purifier belongs to the vacuum oil filter, vacuum oil purifier is designed according to the boiling point of water and oil in different principle, it is composed of vacuum heating tank filter, a condenser, a primary filter, water tank, vacuum pump, drainage pump and electric cabinet. Vacuum pump to vacuum tank air to form a vacuum, outside the oil under the influence of the atmospheric pressure through the entrance pipe into the primary filter, remove larger particles, and then into the heating tank, after heating the 40~75 C oil through the automatic oil float valve, the valve is automatically controlled in a vacuum tank the amount of oil import balance. The heated oil is rapidly rotated through the jet wings to separate the oil into a half mist. The water in the oil evaporates rapidly into steam and is pumped into the condenser continuously by vacuum pumps. The steam enters the condenser after cooling back into the water discharge, oil heating in vacuum tank, pump are arranged into the filter through the filter or filter will filter out particulate impurities, thus completing the vacuum oil filter quickly remove impurities, the whole process of water and gas in oil, clean the oil from the oil discharge machine.
Q:Operation description of turbine oil vacuum oil filter?
Because it is located in a position similar to that of the steam seal, it is easy to enter steam (steam condenses into water in the oil). Cause there is middle water cut,
Q:What is the flow rate of a portable oil filter?
Different models, different traffic bar, the smallest is also 20L/min, and there are hundreds of big, then you say portable, it should be 203050 of the
Q:Centrifugal oil filter and oil separator decanter which good (mainly oil quality)
Mainly depends on what kind of oil you need to filter, and then choose the oil filter ah. Centrifugal oil filters are generally used to filter high solids oil products,Horizontal screw type oil filter oil separator is dirty, so is your oil is what kind of choice
Q:What happens when the oil filter is powered off?
After the power cut, the whole performance of the oil filter is affected.First, the impact on the pump and motor: easy to cause abnormal wear and tear, reduce its service life.
Q:What is the selection of the oil filter for the turbine?
If you only request to filter one or two tons a day, the general TYAXD-50 type turbine oil filter is enough, if you request 5 tons per day and above, must not be less than 100 liters per minute. Incidentally, such as TAXD-50 oil filter, digital generally refers to 50 liters per minute, for every hour is 3000 liters per hour, about 3 tons, but taking into account the many oil filter machines need recycling several times, so traffic can be considered slightly larger
Q:Why does the centrifugal oil filter filter out peanut oil? Why does it stink?
Pour the washed wool oil evenly into the rotary drum

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