Polyethylene Blown Film Machine

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Polyethylene Blown Film Machine/Mini film blowing machine
2. Material : LDPE
3. Output: 80kg/h
4. Film Width:800~1200mm

Polyethylene Blown Film Machine

The machine is used to blowing PE film.




FILM WIDTH:200--400




FILM WIDTH:800--1200

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Q:What's the difference between a heated plate and frame oil filter and an ordinary plate and frame oil filter?
Characteristic:1, super demulsification dehydration and degassing system, with large volume, enhanced three-dimensional flash tower and thin film evaporation technology and a large area of multi-level oil water gas separation technology, can fast remove the oil in the water, gas and light hydrocarbon.2, the use of high quality filter original and sealing materials, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good mechanical strength, to meet the high viscosity of the filter oil needs higher temperature requirements, expanding the range of its purification of oil.3 、 precise multi-stage filtration system can effectively remove mechanical impurities in oil.4 、 advanced pressure protection device, liquid level control system, to avoid the misoperation of the equipment.5 、 perfect automatic and manual electric heating temperature control device, automatic separation cooling device, simple operation, safe and reliable.6, the machine can also be used to meter and timers, users can carry out automatic measurement of fuel quantity and working time.
Q:Operating principle and characteristics of electrostatic oil filter
The principle of electrostatic oil filter on the basis of attraction, using the Z potential of oil and water, colloid impurities, mechanical impurities and other impurities particles are different, when the impurity particles with the oil flow to the high pressure electrode plate, which quickly swim towards the opposite electrode direction, and is attached to the filter dirt between the upper electrode plate. At the same time, under the influence of static electricity, the impurity particles attached to the dust filter can also attract other impurity particles like the iron filings in the magnetic field. The separation principle has nothing to do with the size of the pollutant, but is related to the Z potential of the separated object.
Q:How does the oil filter usually be repaired and maintained?
Do not wait until the filter is broken before changing, if the oil filter oil leakage needs to be dealt with in a timely manner, and there is the use of timely cleaning, cleaning the machine's internal impurities, foreign bodies,
Q:What is the difference or connection between the oil filter and the oil filter?
Second, the oil filter is usually fixed to a part of the system, and the oil filter is usually a mobile filter unit, without the need for fixed installation,
Q:How to choose the proper plate and frame pressure filter
Plate and frame pressure type oil filter is usually thousands of dollars, the size of the model may be tens of thousands, the size of the model according to the filter needs to determine. The bigger the oil pump, filter plate, filter paper area and so on, the higher the price.
Q:Main parameters of ZYA-50 vacuum oil filter
Use:Widely used in various types of power equipment insulation oil purification treatment. Especially for high grade new oil, imported oil and ultra high pressure transformer oil. The utility model can be used for live operation in substations above 110KV, and is especially suitable for the areas with higher elevation. The utility model can be used as drying equipment for drying steam equipment of a power plant, and can completely replace vacuum oiling machine to carry out vacuum oiling to electric equipment. It can also be used as an efficient purification equipment for other low viscosity lubricating oils.
Q:Why does the vacuum oil filter tank foam?
3: turbine EH oil has cracked, can not be reused. EH steam turbine oil long-term operation at high temperature, some low molecular groups in the oil additive to volatilize, anti foam agent have disappeared, with the passage of time, oxidation strengthening, oil viscosity increases, the oil film strength also increased, gas permeability variation, provided the conditions for the formation and stability of foam the existence of. Waste oil which can not be reused at this time should be abandoned. In general, the vacuum oil filtration system prolongs the service life of various types of oil in the steam turbine system for 2-3 years, and is not indefinitely extended.
Q:What are the considerations for selecting an oil filter?
2. Know the total amount of oil to be filtered, and select the appropriate oil filter (how many liters per minute)3, mobile or fixedWhere are you from?
Q:Pneumatic oil filter is slow, isn't it too low?
The vacuum oil filter can filter water, and can also filter impurities, in which the function of filtering impurities is achieved by strong magnetic adsorption and filter blocking,
Q:Has anyone filtered vegetable oil with a plate and oil filter?
Secondly, you should be clear whether the filtered vegetable oil is edible or industrial vegetable oil, and if it is industrial vegetable oil, the manufacturer may not need sanitary permits, health and quarantine and other related supervision.

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