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Inexpensive--save material, recycled used, good material to replace carton boxes

Environmentally Friendly--Environmental Protection

Convenient--good intension, excellent flexibility, can pack heavy goods

Healthy--water-proof, oil-resistance, weathering resistance, anti-corrosion, acid and base resistance
Safe –
smooth,nonradiative nontoxic

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Q:What is the difference between single pallet and single use pallet?
From the usage: stacked single tray generally applies to single goods, generally can only be placed on the shelf or on the ground, and single use pallets can be multi-layer stacking, overlapping stacking, because here is a support can be placed in the general goods, has been reduced to below after backing air pressure, this will reduce the damage to goods. Therefore, the use of single use pallets more widely.
Q:What's the difference between a slot bridge and a pallet bridge?
Trough type is closed; tray is the bottom of the bridge, there are many waist shaped holes, to facilitate heat dissipation; ladder like stairs at the bottom, the side has baffle, dust place with ladder type, not ash. Trough and tray are different bottom, with holes and no holes. Trough type is not conducive to heat dissipation, tray cooling slightly better. The tray type bridge has a heat sink at the bottom of the tray, and the groove type is not provided! As the heat sink is opened, the tray type tray thickness should be thicker!
Q:What is the dynamic load of a pallet?
The dynamic load of a pallet means the maximum weight that can be lifted at one time using an electric fork truck or a manual hydraulic pallet carrier.
Q:The function of anti-static tray
Anti static tray can effectively release the surface accumulation of electrostatic charge, so that it does not produce electric charge accumulation and high potential difference; can greatly reduce the damage electronic products in the production process, reduce costs, improve product quality and profit.
Q:How to adjust balance of tray balance?
1, to be placed in the horizontal place.2. Move the code to the 0 scale in advance, and adjust the balance nut to balance the balance.3, right weight, left put objects.4, weights can not be held by hand, tweezers should be taken. When using the balance, the code can not be moved by hand.
Q:Which is better, plastic pallets or wooden pallets?
Advantages of plastic pallets:Integrity, clean and sanitary, in use, but also with light weight, no nail thorn, acid and alkali, no qualitative change, easy to clean, safe and so on. Life expectancy is 3-8 times as much as wooden pallets. Can be recycled, single use cost is lower than that of wooden pallets.For now, plastic pallets have gained increasing acceptance from customers. Specific choice depends on the use of conditions and requirements.
Q:Standard size of pallets
The current pallet standard was established by the international organization for Standardization in 2003. The dimension standard of pallet is the important standard of logistics unit. There is a direct relationship between the tray and the storage shelves, handling products, containers, transport vehicles, unloading platform and transportation facilities, so the size of the tray is the basis to consider other logistics equipment specifications. For example, the width of the crossbeam of the pallet beam shelf is the most common with 2300mm and 2700mm. The former holds two 1200mm * 1000mm trays, and the latter holds three 1200mm * 800mm trays. Here, it is particularly worth mentioning is that to establish an effective pallet public system, you must use a unified specification of the tray, tray standardization is pallet work consistent premise.
Q:EU what kind of material does the tray belong to?
Hello, EU tray is perfect for EU standard cases, and is widely used today. The standard size is 1200*800*135mm, and there are also 155 height, but the application is very small.
Q:Why do microwave ovens need to rotate?
The principle of microwave heating is simply: when microwave radiation to food, food is always contain a certain amount of water, and water is a polar molecule (molecular charge center, even when there is no outer field is not coincidence) composition, the orientation of polar molecules with microwave field change. The movement of molecules of polar water in food. And the interaction between neighboring molecules creates a friction like phenomenon that increases the temperature of the water, and therefore the temperature of the food rises. The food heated by microwave is heated at the same time because of its internal heating, so that the whole object is heated evenly and the heating rate is fast. It heats up the food 5cm at 2 billion 450 million times per second, speeding up molecular operations.
Q:What is the difference between pallet bridge and ladder type bridge?
The tray type cable tray is provided with a shield, and the shield is required to be indicated in order or in order to be ordered according to the shield model, and all the fittings thereof are in general use with the ladder type and the trough type bridge frame.

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