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Inexpensive--save material, recycled used, good material to replace carton boxes

Environmentally Friendly--Environmental Protection

Convenient--good intension, excellent flexibility, can pack heavy goods

Healthy--water-proof, oil-resistance, weathering resistance, anti-corrosion, acid and base resistance
Safe –
smooth,nonradiative nontoxic


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Q:What is the difference between single pallet and single use pallet?
From the usage: stacked single tray generally applies to single goods, generally can only be placed on the shelf or on the ground, and single use pallets can be multi-layer stacking, overlapping stacking, because here is a support can be placed in the general goods, has been reduced to below after backing air pressure, this will reduce the damage to goods. Therefore, the use of single use pallets more widely.
Q:Different containers can hold different pallets. How much are they?
In the loading and unloading, handling, transportation and distribution for short, about 2/3 of the time is spent in scattered cargo handling, thus improving the handling efficiency of bulk goods, reduce the cost of logistics is very important. With the overall level of logistics facilities improve, for transport packaging is mostly used in forklift and crane mechanical loading and unloading, handling, to avoid the artificial damage caused by rough handling; forklift, crane mechanical loading and unloading, handling for large-scale transport containers and collection is to create the conditions, and handling general of forklift, crane also contributed to the large container, pallet standardization. Therefore, container and pallet packaging products using large-scale handling services is conducive to the realization of civilization, handling mechanization, standardization and scientific management; container, pallet transport and use of large-scale or collection, but also facilitate the machinery forklift loading and unloading, shorten handling time, reduce logistics cost.
Q:What is the dynamic load of a pallet?
The dynamic load of a pallet means the maximum weight that can be lifted at one time using an electric fork truck or a manual hydraulic pallet carrier.
Q:What's the use of a sheet of paper on each side of the tray scale?
To prevent corrosion of drugs, trays. Pad a piece of paper can make the drug tray and no contact, to prevent corrosion; prevent the residual is controversial, since the drug can remain in the tray, it can also be glued on the paper, the exam don't answer; for deliquescent drugs, should be weighed in glass, because the drug ChaoXie stick in the tray, the quality will not be allowed; on both sides of equal size on paper for ignoring the effect of the quality of paper on the measurement. If the paper is made, the paper is to prevent corrosion, and the solution is placed in glassware.
Q:How to adjust balance of tray balance?
An overheated, overheated object should not be weighed on a scale. Should be placed in the dryer until the room temperature after weighing.
Q:Water the pots and trays to make it fully absorbed, OK?
In the pot watering tray to fully absorb, this is not good, because there is water inside the pot tray, effect of permeability, root growth also need to breathe, the air can not enter the pot, the root growth is not good, easy to root rot, the effect of plant growth.
Q:EU what kind of material does the tray belong to?
The price is different, the price is different, about 150 of the tax price
Q:What is the weight of standard plastic pallets?
Medium-sized pallet weight in 10 - 20 kg, generally in Sichuan characters, Tian font based, heavy pallets for more than 20 kilograms, usually double sided type.
Q:Why do microwave ovens need to rotate?
Generally speaking, microwave is a kind of high frequency electromagnetic waves, which itself does not generate heat in the universe, nature is everywhere in nature but the microwave, microwave, because it is not scattered, heating food. The microwave oven is using the magnetron inside, electrical energy into microwave food, to the oscillation frequency of 2450MHZ penetration, when the microwave is absorbed by food, polar molecules in food (such as water, fat, protein, sugar, etc.) are attracted to 2 billion 450 million times per second, the speed of the fast oscillation macro shock is food heated.
Q:What is the difference between pallet bridge and ladder type bridge?
Scope of application: tray type cable tray is one of the most widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, television, telecommunications and other fields. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient installation, etc.. The utility model is suitable for the installation of power cables, and is also suitable for controlling the laying of cables.Tray type cable tray, its surface treatment is divided into two kinds of galvanized and spray paint, in the heavy corrosive environment, special anti-corrosion treatment.

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