high intensity grade micro-glass bead conspicuity tape for car

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7 Years Durability
Conform to DOT FMVSS 108
White Color
High Intensity Grade Retro Reflective Performance

White Color Vehicle Conspicuity Markings consists ofa smooth, flat, transparent exterior film with retro-reflective elementsembedded beneath the film so as to form a non-exposed retro-reflective opticalsystem. It is a so called non-exposed, air-cell, micro-glass beadretro-reflective technology

White Color Vehicle Conspicuity Markings are backed withpressure-sensitive adhesive and polyethylene coated paper liner. If they areapplied to properly prepared surfaces, Vehicle Conspicuity Markings shouldprovide a long time of field performance.

White Color Vehicle Conspicuity Markings HI-INT-1800WH aremade strictly according to FMVSS 108, ASTM D4956


7 Years Durability

Conform to DOT FMVSS 108

White Color

Weathering Resistance

High Intensity Grade Retro Reflective Performance

1” 2”, 3” 4” Width are Available

Logo Imprinting is Acceptable

Perforating is Workable

OEM Packaging

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Q:How to identify the quality of Burkina tape?
Brand is the best way to judge the best to buy 3m this needless to say
Q:Construction method of butyl adhesive tape
The joint of profiled steel sheet and cement wall is leaking(1) remove all the original silicone glue from the profiled steel sheet and the cement wall joint;(2) and then press the steel plate and cement wall joint clean; requirements of cement metope can not rise sand, there isConditions should be painted base treatment agent.(3) the joint of the metal plate and the cement wall is adhered with one side aluminum foil, and the Yongxing adhesive tape is pressed and repaired according to the orderMake the Yongxing adhesive tape of the single face aluminum foil bond firmly at the joint.(4) daylighting board roofing construction method.
Q:The difference between plastic film and adhesive tape
POF has the characteristics of high gloss, good toughness, high tear resistance, uniform heat shrinkage and suitable for automatic high speed packaging. It is the traditional PVCReplacement product. BOPP is the abbreviation of "Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene". BOPP film is biaxially oriented polypropylene film.
Q:PVC how to distinguish between true and false electrical insulation tapes?
PVC insulating tape is based on flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film
Q:How do you remove the glue from the scotch tape?
Here to introduce ten methods: 1, with oil painting brush pen liquid (turpentine) with paper towels stained with some brush liquid, wipe the glue part, this wash liquid to art supplies shop can buy. 2. The adhesive tape loses the adhesive water in the middle of the adhesive tape, and it is tightly bonded. Tape the old tape with new tape, or we can use gasoline and banana water directly.
Q:Can scotch tape wrap wires?
No, it's not safe. We should use electrical tape. We have a lot of transparent tapes for the last time
Q:How many meters is the sealant 3 centimeters thick?
According to the calculated thickness sealing glue sealing tape length, which is about 150m cm.
Q:Which kind of sealing tape is solvent resistant?
Insulation properties are greatly improved with specifications (0.05mm-0.08mm) * various widths and lengths. The aluminum foil tape matches the joint of all the aluminum foil composite materials, the sealing of the puncture point of the heat preservation nail and the repair of the damaged part
Q:Why does the fully automatic sealing machine roll the paper after sealing?
It is recommended to swab the alcohol with a swab, and if it is not resolved, it is recommended to regulate the sensitivity of the electronic eye.
Q:What's the glue for the BOPP tape? Please write as hard as you can.
Mainly used in cosmetics and daily chemical labels.Due to the hard material, attention should be paid to avoid irregular labeling, surface and extrusion of the bottle.The above instructions are not used as a guarantee by Eli Dennison. Avery Denison, all products sold shall be tested in the final customer service conditions to confirm compliance with the requirements of the using environment.Printing and processingThe surface has a special coating, can be used for letterpress printing, flexo printing, gravure printing and screen printing. UV ink and water ink apply. Should be avoided to label edge, especially screen UV ink and UV polishing oil, high shrinkage ink layer will make labels curled, resulting in release from the paper or on the posted up.Printing prior to ink testing is necessary.In order to ensure the smooth processing, it is recommended to use a sharp film die cutter, especially in the flat die cutting method.Bronzing performance and excellent results.Should avoid rewinding too much tension, resulting in label overflow.Storage periodIt can be stored for one year at a temperature of 23 + 2C and a relative humidity of 50 + 5%.InstructionsAvery Denison, all products sold shall be tested in the final customer service conditions to confirm compliance with the requirements of the using environment.Transparent biaxially oriented polypropylene film with coating.

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