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Inexpensive--save material, recycled used, good material to replace carton boxes

Environmentally Friendly--Environmental Protection

Convenient--good intension, excellent flexibility, can pack heavy goods

Healthy--water-proof, oil-resistance, weathering resistance, anti-corrosion, acid and base resistance
Safe –
smooth,nonradiative nontoxic

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Q:Different containers can hold different pallets. How much are they?
In the loading and unloading, handling, transportation and distribution for short, about 2/3 of the time is spent in scattered cargo handling, thus improving the handling efficiency of bulk goods, reduce the cost of logistics is very important. With the overall level of logistics facilities improve, for transport packaging is mostly used in forklift and crane mechanical loading and unloading, handling, to avoid the artificial damage caused by rough handling; forklift, crane mechanical loading and unloading, handling for large-scale transport containers and collection is to create the conditions, and handling general of forklift, crane also contributed to the large container, pallet standardization. Therefore, container and pallet packaging products using large-scale handling services is conducive to the realization of civilization, handling mechanization, standardization and scientific management; container, pallet transport and use of large-scale or collection, but also facilitate the machinery forklift loading and unloading, shorten handling time, reduce logistics cost.
Q:When the microwave oven is heated, the tray does not rotate but can be heated. What is the problem?
First, check the power supply of the microwave oven is normal. Turn on the outer shell of the microwave oven and check to see that the internal fuse has been blown off. Replace a 10A fuse tube, turn on the test, and the fuse is blown off again. Unplug the transformer secondary and high voltage capacitor connection plug, and then replace with a 10A fuse, the boot is working properly. The fault occurs in the secondary circuit of the transformer and detects the high voltage diode and the magnetron are normal. Detection of high voltage capacitor, it is found on the casing (ground) short circuit, resulting in power on, immediately burn fuse failure. Troubleshooting the same type of high voltage capacitor.
Q:How much is the limit of the export tray?
Make sure you choose what to transport and relaxIf it is by air, please make sure of the size of the plane you wantIf it's by sea, look at the container size
Q:Water the pots and trays to make it fully absorbed, OK?
In the pot watering tray to fully absorb, this is not good, because there is water inside the pot tray, effect of permeability, root growth also need to breathe, the air can not enter the pot, the root growth is not good, easy to root rot, the effect of plant growth.
Q:What's the effect of shaving molded pallets? Can you export it? Why is the price will wood tray cheap?
No we occasionally buy wood pallets high price molded pallet but if your wooden pallets of exquisite workmanship requirements, selection of good timber, it must be more expensive than molded 1100*1100 we bought in about 45-50. We do a general wooden pallets will be 30-45 of the like but if required high above 100 it is entirely possible, the key is to see what you have to do is what kind of wooden pallets!
Q:What is the weight of standard plastic pallets?
Pallet itself weight, the tray itself generally light 6 - 10 kilograms, the shape to nine feet shape primarily
Q:How about the volume of foreign trade pallets?
The box has a size, length * width * height, if it is bare, place it on the tray, directly use the pallet area * bare parts high
Q:How do you remove the dirt from the tray?
Wash ink (turpentine) with oil paintingsWell, it's very useful. When I was drawing a picture, I suddenly thought of the tape marks on the drawer. I rubbed some liquid with the tissue paper and rubbed it offMoreover, the adhesive part is automatically adsorbed on the tissue, and the adhesive completely disappearsIt's as easy to sweep like dirt stained with waterThe minimum is four dollars a bottle. Go to the art store and get it
Q:Wooden pallets plywood pallet cheap or cheaper?
So, if it is their own internal turnover, often choose wooden pallets, durable, life is more than 1 years, but also some after fumigation marking exports; disposable or for export, the best use of plywood tray. The price of plywood pallet generally around 70 (in the more thick more expensive), the price from 40-400 yuan has wooden pallets.
Q:How large is a tray in the warehouse?
Pallets are directly related to moving products, containers, shelves, freight cars, handling facilities, and so on. Therefore, the size of pallets is the basis of considering other logistics equipment specifications and sizes.

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