Piano Dehumidifier APEX-YLF378-177A

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$1.03 - 10,000.00 / unit
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50 Units per Week unit/month

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Product Description:

Hebi City Thermal Meter Instrument Factory has been committed dehumidifier R & D, production, sales and service. Companies adhering to the military enterprises rigorous style of work, strict quality assurance system to regulate and ensure enforcement. From product design, raw materials, production, inspection and other aspects of the school's first cross-check to ensure product qualification rate. The company retains the essence of the original enterprise R & D team, and to be enriched and grow, have one with senior and experienced professional and technical team, and scientific and technical personnel accounting for 60% of total number of employees. In addition, the company successfully introduced foreign production technology, to further ensure that the products of advanced technology, thus products have a good reputation in the market.


APEX-YLF378-177A maintenance:


1, periodically clean the  Remove the dehumidifier regularly clean the filter can effectively improve the dehumidifier dust, improve ambient air quality. Regular cleaning of the outdoor unit heat sink, which can effectively improve the heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer efficiency, improve the efficiency of the dehumidifier.

2, so that professionals regularly inspect  dehumidifier after long-term use, the unit within the electrical circuit and control elements will have different degrees of aging, serious bodily injury units and would regularly let professionals dehumidifier the circuit inspection, replacement of aging components, add refrigerant, can prevent aging of components of the machine and cause harm to humans and dehumidifiers can be kept in good working condition.

3, long-term use dehumidifiers, protective measures should be prepared: winter or go unused for long periods such as dehumidifiers, the application of protective cover covered dehumidifier, avoid the sun and rain, dust deposition, causing difficulties for future cleaning and maintenance


Remind of

Often due to product upgrades, product appearance may not match with the picture, but the performance and quality is not a difference, and if they can not feed update, hope our customers understand


Technical parameters of dehumidifier: 



Condensing Maximum pressure 1.8MPa 
Evaporation Maximum pressure 0.9MPa 
Refrigerant R22/400g 
Temperature 5 ~ 38 ° C 
Dehumidification capacity 58l / day
Power 900W 
Dehumidification area  20-120m² 
Water tank capacity6L
Water full stop yes 
Humidity range 20% ~ 90%
Power frequency 220V 50HZ 
Dimensions 330 * 485 * 665 (mm)



Q 1.Okorder Quality Control?
We hold a very strict quality control system to check every connector of our products for

your safety.

Q 2: How do you care for your kitchen appliances?
A: Keep good Ventilation indoor. Open the doors of the kitchen appliances, if not. There

will be some mildew on cutting board and other kitchenware, because the water vapor can not

evaporate easily.
Keep clean of all the appliances. Each kitchen has its special cleaning fluid,please go to

Kitchen cleaning stores buy some clean them on time.

Q 3: Which one do you use the most of kitchen appliances?
A: Assuming you mean small appliances .I say too many! At one time we would buy every one

that came along; including a hot dog machine, pizza maker, elec. carving knife, elec.,

toaster oven,. Most have been garaged sale (sold) or are stored in the garage. Most used;

coffee maker, microwave, blender and mini food processor. OK?



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