Industrial Dehumidifiers Alto 300L Duct Type

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The ALTO ducted dehumidifier is undoubtedly the most suitable system for large swimming pools. It is designed for connecting the air distribution system to provide air flow through out the hall. An optional fresh air entry point is available.

• Applications

 Domestic Swimming Pools

 Indoor swimming&spa centers

 Schools,Hotels,Gyms, Hospitals

 Equipment Store

 Commercial buildings

 • Functions

› Dehumidification

› Air heating

› Air conditioning(optional)

› Fresh air ventilation(optional)

› Energy recovery ventilation(optional)


Ducted dehumidifier (indoor unit)




Air heating


Supply air


Rated input


Power supply














Outdoor unit (optional)


Air cooling(kw/h)

Power input(kw/h)








*Test condition: Dry bulb temperature of 30°C, relative humidity of 80 RH%.

Advantages of Alto ducted dehumidfier

› Dehumidifcation up to 300L per day

› Simple, effective and reliable design

› Saving 70% of energy costs and reducing environmental pollution

› Hot-galvanized steel cabinet

› State-of-the-art control technology-SNT touch panel controller

› Superior quality engineering and components

Product Details

Alto ducted dehumidifier provides outstanding dehumidification performance and supply the whole room comfort all year round. It is highly flexible to install and silent operation. When installed in a plant room, all the noise will be
absorbed by the wall.

Optional fresh outdoor air may be ducted to the unit via duct, which will provide fresh air to dilute indoor pollutants and maintain high oxygen content in the air. The amount of fresh air ventilation can be regulated by a variety of dampers and controls. And we also supply the optional air conditioning function and energy recovery ventilation function for customized projects.


Principles of operation - AIR to AIR DEHUMIDIFIER

The process of dehumidification involves passing moisture laden air through a dehumidifier where, firstly, the air passes across a refrigerated coil(evaporator). At this point the air is rapidly cooled below its dew point, condensing the water vapour and recovering its latent energy for re-use. The cooled air is then passed across a condenser where it is reheated and returned to the room as warm, dry air.


  ALTO Dehumidifer Production Procedure

  ALTO Product Quality & Certificate


Packaging & Shipping  


1. Dust Proof Film + Anti-collision Foam + Ply-wooded Case (For LCL only, no need fumigation).
2. Customized packing is available.
3. We are always working hard on the most reliable packing in order to help you get the Perfect products.


1. Express delivery  2. Air flight  3. Sea shipment  4. Railway transportation

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1. Calculating the capacity and models recommendation
2. New products development according to cutomers' requirements
3. Professional refrigeration and electronic technical support
4. Spare parts supply in & after the warranty time
5. Training course to customers at our factory if necessary

D. After-sales service
1. Technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance
2. One year’s warranty, and you can pay for extended warranty
3. Spare parts and technical support at most economic prices after the warranty
4. Update you the latest products information and price adjustment every year
5. Old customer discount will be available when you order the products again

E. Customized service
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We hold a very strict quality control system to check every connector of our products for

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5. Distributor ship are offered for your unique design and some our current models

Q5: How do you care for your kitchen appliances?
A: Keep good Ventilation indoor. Open the doors of the kitchen appliances, if not. There

will be some mildew on cutting board and other kitchenware, because the water vapor can not

evaporate easily.
Keep clean of all the appliances. Each kitchen has its special cleaning fluid,please go to

Kitchen cleaning stores buy some clean them on time.

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Q:What are the remarkable characteristics of CMD membrane dryer?
A more reliable and economical drying compressed air can be obtained
Q:What's the function of an automobile dryer?
Large trucks, buses and so on with air brake (air brake), the air dryer to filter water, oil and other impurities, control the role of air pressure (exhaust)
Q:What are the methods of use of the dehumidifier?
Ventilation and humidity reduction: it can send air into the room which is lower than the indoor air and the humidity is high, so that the humidity can be eliminated. The purpose of ventilation and humidity reduction can be achieved. Its disadvantage is that it can not adjust the indoor temperature
Q:What is the mean of Dehumidifier?
A device that reduces the wet content of moist air
Q:What is the working principle of the dryer?
In the drying process, the heat and mass (wet) transfer are needed to ensure that the material surface is wet and the vapor partial pressure (concentration) is higher than the wet steam partial pressure in the outer space, so that the heat source temperature is higher than the material temperature.
Q:When the automobile air conditioner is used, why is the dryer hot?
The automobile air conditioning system without liquid storage dryer is deformed, the pressure can not be stabilized, the condenser capacity can not be fully utilized, and the evaporator expansion valve can not work stably
Q:What is the principle of a spray dehumidifier?
The nozzle used in a horizontal direction the temperature is lower than the dew point of water spray mist gas
Q:What are the characteristics of a Dielectric dryer?
Because the material water within high specific surface, so the material inside more energy than the surface temperature, temperature of material, so that the temperature gradient and moisture diffusion in the same direction, can accelerate the vaporization of water, shorten the drying time
Q:What is the function of liquid storage dryer in automobile air conditioner?
Excess refrigerant in the storage system is released into the system when the system is needed
Q:What are the drying agents that are often placed in the dryer?
Silica gel, montmorillonite, molecular sieve, mineral, fiber, activated carbon, lime and so on

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