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Q:Chaoyang car tires good?
Chaoyang car tires are very good, good quality, good wear resistance. Unlike the price of foreign brands is very expensive, Chaoyang prices are very close to the people. Worthy of choice.
Q:Does siping your tires really work?
Renegade, I have been driving for 46 years myself and never heard of siping . Must be something the yuppie crowd has come up with.
Q:Car tire oil seal
Well, the abnormal leakage of oil on the car is certainly not a good thing, you said the oil seal on the impact of the oil, oil seal oil, it will lead to lack of bearing bearings, bearings will be issued, heat, Stuck, to this step on the impact of the car on the big
Q:Where can I get Color Smoke Tires?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I get Color Smoke Tires? Where can I get Color Smoke tires?
Q:What is the difference between an external tonic and a tires?
Some tonic supplement, some external fill. So, what different tonic way in the end difference? Tires are punctured by foreign bodies, especially the phenomenon of nails punctured very common. Due to the place where the tire can not tire, once the tires were punctured leak, most of the owners can only change the tires, and then find the roadside small repair shop repair. Due to the cost of repair tire is difficult to make money, most of the general tonic shop only to provide a simple external fill, the use of adhesive tape glue on the hole into the hole to complete, fill the cost of about 10 dollars. This way to make a patch to the tires is only used in the temporary emergency, is a gradually out of the way. Because the external fill of the material is often the same and the original tire strength is not the same, after the repair will lead to tire force inconsistencies, tire skeleton is easy to deformation, and this external method of sealing is not high, air and water easily into the tire, Line rust, but also in the high-speed driving will leave a security risk, part of the tire after only three or four months on the scrapped. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner of the tire after the repair of the tires to find a professional repair shop to make up. In contrast, the tire to fill the way to be more complex, and the need to wear a professional tool for dismantling tires, the tire dismantled from the wheel down to find the hole, with a special curing machine after heating hot The Using this method can make up the larger wound. But this hot fill the price of some of the more expensive, such as small holes 15 yuan to 20 yuan, the larger the wound is about 50 yuan. But the benefits are obvious, with people safe and safe to use.
Q:What is the prospect of tires? The
Money, then, should be no big problem, as long as the real business, he will give you. Tire circle is very small, the province will also those people, not to sell the money, do not sell you back to chanting. Rest assured, this is not a problem, 3000 of the basic salary is not low, and your local consumption may be related. North generally 2000. ,,,, 80,000 is not flicker, do tires are profitable, if you did not, can only say that you are wrong, continue to refuel!
The first number stands for the height, the second stands for the width and the last stands for the tire rim size. In a 235/85/16 the 235 is the height in millimeters. The 85 is the width in millimeters and the 16 is in inches. There is another type of sizing, 31/10.5/15 that means that the tire is 31 inches tall 10.5 inches wide and 15 inch rim.
Q:Help with tires?
I don't know where you got this information from,,so we will just talk about tires,,whether you really need them or not is a separate matter. If you are a normal driver who uses the car on highway and city driving and obey the speed limits then you do not need and expensive tire,,or ones that "guarantee" you a zillion miles--It's all a lot of b--s--. Goodyear,Goodrich,Bridgestone, are all good brands. Michelin is way overpriced for the value received. Don't buy the top end--go for the middle on prices. Go to a place like Sam's Warehouse where they dont charge extra for wheel balancing,old tire disposal,etc. like you will find at Sears,or a lot of other tire stores. Get a total price to get new tires on then divide by four and thats what the tire really costs.
Q:question about potenza tire?
You best get your vehicle checked at a reputable tire store. You may have more than just tire problems. Also, keep your tires at recomended pressure, they are engineered to ride at the proper p.s.i.
Q:Car tires installed when anyway
There is positive and negative direction, not to see the pattern. There are arrows marked with arrows or OUT side signs! No anyway!

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