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Q:How can the car tires read the different tires?
The tire size must be the same as the original car assembly tires specifications, if necessary to change the tire specifications must go to a professional modified store for tire upgrades, or consult the car manufacturer.
Q:Will you master, car tires to add a few pressure is generally the best pressure
Standard tire pressure 2.5
Q:The difference between car tires and truck tires
What is the difference between truck tires and car tires? Car tires: tires mounted on the car, mainly for good road on the high-speed driving, the maximum speed of up to 240km / h or more, requires comfortable ride, low noise, with good handling and stability. More use of meridian structure. Truck tires are generally tires for trucks, dump trucks, all kinds of special vehicles and trailers. The road is more complex, with good asphalt road, there are poor gravel road, dirt road, muddy road, ice and snow road, and even no road conditions, driving speed is generally not more than 80km / h.
Q:Do you have more tires for car tires?
Suitable tires pattern. In addition to the need to pay attention to size specifications, the crown on the pattern is also need to attract attention - the pattern directly affects the handling of the car, in addition to noise, drainage performance, wear resistance and so on. The most common tread pattern is roughly horizontal groove pattern, straight groove pattern, straight horizontal groove pattern, block pattern and asymmetric pattern five kinds. Which is a good cross-groove pattern friction, straight groove pattern running resistance (the most widely used a pattern type), straight horizontal groove pattern for SUV outdoor driving needs, block pattern is suitable for mud or snow, rather than Symmetrical patterns have better drainage. According to the region where the weather, road conditions and driving habits to consider, if it is cars, MPV and SUV, to avoid the weight of the best way is to choose straight groove pattern, its applicability is the most extensive of.
Q:How is the car tires and hubs connected?
Rubber part with the steel ring, the car is directly put up, with a turban machine installed, the gas hit a foot on the tight. There is a side of the ring of the cart is removable, the general set after, and then on the ring, and then add a lock ring, ring on the lock. Some of the car's large-size tire ring is fixed with bolts.
Q:On the tire tire pressure detection on car tire pressure
Each car has a tire pressure standard chart at the door or in the tank cover. Detection with barometer. In the high-end cars have tire pressure sensor, can display in the instrument
Q:The right side of the car tire wear serious problems
The steam is definitely your tire positioning problems ah, you do about four wheel positioning on the line, do a good job after the car, look at the car with or without deviation, the steering wheel back is sensitive to see the other side of the tire pressure is not The same, different pressure will cause this phenomenon
Q:Tire sizes for my 67 mustang?
Q:What are the tires for car tires?
The main material of automotive tires is rubber, the most widely used natural rubber, butadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butyl rubber and so on. Early car tires are inside and outside the tire structure, which is made of rubber tire, tire from the rubber and multi-layer curtain fabric made. Now the tubeless tires are mostly radial tires. The early radial tires were reinforced with steel wires. With the development of chemical technology, the steel radial meridians were gradually replaced by Kevlar, which was lighter than the synthetic fibers.
Q:Car Tire A / T What does it mean?
A / T: All-Terrain is suitable for all kinds of road conditions

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