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Q:Are snow tires better in the rain than all season tires?
The reason they are called snow tires is because that is what they are best for. They are designed to give a grip on a powder surface. All weather tires are designed to pump water away from beneath the tire. They are the ones to have on at all times except when there is snow.
Q:Help with tires?
BF Goodrich g-Force Super Sport A/S about $131.00 each. Yokohama YK520 about $157.00 each Goodyear Eagle F1 All Season about $160.00 each Yokohama about $170.00 each Pirelli P-Zero Nero M+S about $171.00 each
Q:How to tie a car tire?
It is recommended not to directly put the pushpin on the wheel before he drove himself to the Haha
Q:What is the meaning of car tires 102h?
Tire type you see incomplete, for example: tire symbol 165/70 13R79T 165 said tire width is 165 mm, 70 tire flat ratio is 70 tire width refers to the width of the tire section, refers to the width between the two sidewalls. Flat ratio refers to the tire width and the proportion of the height of the tire, take this tire is the tire height accounted for 77% of the width of the tire. The smaller the value, the more tires are flattened. The letter "R" indicates that the tire is of the meridian structure, 13 means that the diameter of the tire wheel is 13 inches, that must match the 13-inch rim, or no way to install. 79 is the load code, carrying capacity of about 415 kg, for example: 82 corresponds to 475 kg, 92 corresponds to 630 kg, the index for each additional 1, about 15-20 kg load capacity. Also known as B, C, D. T Tire speed code, code security speed 190 H code security speed 210
Q:What is the gas in the car tires?
Q:Where can I get Color Smoke Tires?
Kumho Colored Smoke Tires
Q:How many kilometers of car tires are they changed?
The use of tires is affected by a number of external factors, such as climate, road conditions, driving habits, maintenance status, etc., in good condition, good driving habits, good road conditions (the road is not very rough, no many detours) conditions , Usually about 60,000 km for tires. You can check the tire tread wear, when the tire tread wear to the limit mark, that tread pattern depth below 1.6 mm must stop using. In addition, the tire is rubber products, a long time will appear aging phenomenon, you can also judge from the surface, aging tires, sidewall surface will appear a lot of fine cracks. If you find cracked, or have a certain depth, then prove that aging has been more serious, and need to be replaced.
Q:What is the cost of buying a car tire?
Production car into the manufacturing costs, sales of cars into the operating expenses, management of vehicles into the management fees.
Q:What is the head of the car tires inflated?
Tire on the gas called the gas, the gas that gas gun.
Q:Car tires brand, including the global variety of tires and English control
1, Bridgestone / Japan, BRIDGESTONE 2, Michelin / France, MECHELIN 3, Goodyear / USA, GOODYEAR 4, Continental / Germany continental 5, Pirelli / Italy, PIRELLI 6, Sumitomo Rubber / Japan, SUMITOMO 7, Yokohama Rubber / Japan, YOKOHAMA 8, Hankook Tire / Korea, HANKOOK 9, Cooper Tire Rubber / USA COOPER 10, Kumho / Korea KUMHO 11, Toyo Tire Rubber / Japan TOYO 12, New Rubber Industry / China Taiwan 18, Taina Tire / Finnish Nokian 17, OKorder Back Tire Rubber / China Warriorshoes 18, Shandong Linglong Rubber / China LINGLONG 19, Hangzhou Zhongsheng Rubber Co., Ltd. China China WESTLAKE 20, Shandong Chengshan / China Chengshan 21, Qingdao Double Star Tire / China Double Star 22, OKorder Tire / China 23, South China Tire Rubber / China 24, Guangzhou Pearl River Rubber / China 25, OKorder First Tire / China BCT 26, Qingdao Yellow Sea Rubber / China 27, Shandong Zhongtao Tire / China 28, Double Money Tire / China Double coin 29, Liaoning Tire Group / China 30, Xuzhou Tire Group / China 31, 100 Road Chi / US BFGoodrich

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