Truck Tube tire flap 12.00r20

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Agricultural /truck/OTR/motorcycle inner tube&flap, all size provided.

inner tube data:

26.5-2524.00 700/750-202.20
23.5-2520.50 650--201.90
20.5-2515.00 83/95-242.50
1800-2515.00 83/95-202.40
17.5-2510.00 10.00-152.25
15.5-259.30 900-162.30
13.00-259.50 825-162.30
18.4-3814.00 750-161.80
18.4-3414.00 750-161.80
18.4-3013.00 700/650-161.55
16.9-3813.00 700/650-161.55
16.9-3412.00 750-182.10
16.9-3010.50 12.5-183.80
14.9-309.00 650-191.80
16/70-186.00 1000-162.70
14.9/15.5-3811.00 500-100.75
13.6-3810.50 600/650-161.30
12-389.20 600/650-161.30
11.2-386.80 750-151.80
13.6-369.20 750-151.80
11-327.70 700/650-151.50
9.5-323.60 700/650-151.50
16.9-289.00 550/600-161.15
14.9-288.70 450/500-161.05
12.4-285.80 450/500-161.05
11.2-284.60 400/450-160.95
23.1-2622.50 600/650(175/185)-141.10
18.4-2612.00 550/650(175/185)-131.05
1500-248.80 135/145-131.05
13.6-246.30 450/500-140.85
16/70-247.20 400/450-140.75
12.4-245.00 450/500-120.85
14.9-247.00 400/450-120.65
16.9-249.00 400-80.55
1600-249.80 400-80.40
1400-247.00 500-151.00
1400-206.80 375-190.75
1200-245.70 450-191.20
1200-204.30 450-181.20
1100-224.10 600-121.00
1100-204.00 28*9-151.60
16/70-206.80 825-121.70
11.2-203.00 700-121.35
11.2-243.60 650-101.00
1000-203.20 600-90.95
900-203.10 700-91.00
825-202.50 500-80.65

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Q:Tires from car manufacturer?
you really never know listen I'm a tire guy been changing and repairing many yrs there are a lot of factors in keeping your tire long lasting,,, rotate and running the recommended pressure are the only way to get the best out of them you cant really go on what anyone say or what you read in a book on when it needs to be done for every car and every driver are different if you want to get the most out of your car then you have to have a routine and stick with it as much as one can 25,000 is a pretty standard and yes they do have them run into the 60,000 range i always buy the mid price range tire ...... here is a great article on tires
Q:What is the normal tire pressure?
General standard tire pressure requirement is about 2.2MPa. Try not to exceed 2.5
Q:Chinese car tires which brand the best
Triangle (Triangle) Triangle Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976, with more than 30 years specializing in the history of manufacturing tires. The main products include cars and light truck radial tires, passenger car radial tire, engineering radial tire, giant engineering radial tire, giant skew engineering tire and ordinary oblique tire and other products, the annual production capacity of more than 2200 million units, of which 18 million sets of radial tire , With the refining capacity of 400,000 tons, tire renovation capacity of 500,000, and independent research and development capabilities, built a national technology development center and post-doctoral research station, is the country's largest integrated production and marketing research for the integration of tire companies. Linglong (Linglong) Shandong Linglong Rubber Co., Ltd. is the world's top 20 tires, the country's three major tire manufacturers and the 1000 largest industrial enterprises, the company covers an area of ​​2.4 million m2, construction area of ​​800,000 m2, Engineering and technical personnel more than 1,600, the total assets of more than 40 billion yuan. Leading products tires are oblique tires, passenger light truck radial tires, all steel loaded radial tires, special tires and other top ten series, nearly 2,000 specifications varieties. Wan Li (WANLI) "Wan Li (WANLI)" is the Guangzhou City, South China Rubber Tire Co., Ltd.'s own brand. After 19 years of development, now is China's tire industry a strong, Guangdong tire industry leading enterprises, with two production bases, two bases covers an area of ​​400,000 m2 and 750,000 m2, the total number of employees 4800 Name, total assets of more than 3.4 billion yuan, annual production capacity of 8 million / year.
Q:Will the car tires go to the safety line?
If the tires are aging (for example, there are countless small cracks in the tread or the bead of the tread that are about to hurt the carcass), it is necessary to replace the tire in time, no matter how long the tire is used and how much it is worn.
Q:What are the meanings of car tires?
175 means that the tire width 70R is the hub radius 14 is the tire layer
Q:tire sizes?
first off the first number is how wide the tire is in millimeters not centimeters. If the tire was 215 centimeters wide that would be like 8 feet wide. second the next number 65 is a measurement of the side walls. once again, this is in millimeters, not centimeters. Like someone else stated this is a percentage of the overall width of the tire as well. the last number is the radius of the tire (the distance around the tire) this is measured in inches. Then there is a letter that comes after the radius which is the speed rating of the tire (the maxinum speed the tire can be saftely traveled on) the higher the letter the higher the speed, example A= very slow Z= very fast. The next size tire is P225/65 R 16 but if I were you I would go with something like a 245/50 R 16 This would look much better, since the middle number is lower your sidewalls will be shorter (i.e. a lower profile tire) This is a much better look for a sports car and all of the top end sports cars have a low profile tire. I own a 04 cobra and run 315/35 R 17 on the back . Your only hold up will be the width of your rims, I think you have 16''x8'' rims so putting 245's on will be no problem. Check with the guys at discount tire, they really do a great job at knowing what tires you are able to put on what cars/rims.
Q:Normal car tires generally play how much qin gas?
Domestic passenger vehicles common tire pressure unit is "Bar", retail stores sometimes say how much "kg". 1, tire pressure should be how much to determine the value of the depot recommended. Of course, it is recommended that you measure the tire pressure in the best room temperature environment. 2, the standard pressure can usually be found in the following: vehicle user manual, cab door (near the B column) next to the label, the driver's seat next to the drawer, fuel tank door. The above mentioned vehicle tire pressure recommended value refers to the cooling tire pressure. Defined as follows: at least three hours after stopping or no more than 2 km of tire travel. If the tire pressure can only be measured at the time of the hot tire, subtract the measured tire pressure value by approximately 0.3 bar (= 4 psi) as the tire cooling inflation pressure. For example, the tire manufacturer's recommended inflation pressure is 2.1 bar, and if the tire pressure measured at hot tires is 2.2 bar, it is necessary to increase by about 0.2 bar at hot tires.
Q:Does the car tire have an explosion-proof, anti-nail?
Explosion-proof tire called "deflated tire", the English abbreviation RSC. Inflatable tire tire wall is the main part of the weight of the vehicle, especially some flat ratio (flat ratio is the tire height and width ratio) larger tire, tire wall is very "hypertrophy", "puncture" serious Resulting in instantaneous tearing of the tire wall, so that the tire instantly lose support force, resulting in changes in the center of gravity immediately, especially the front wheel drive car front tire, puncture after the moment the center of gravity transfer is likely to make the vehicle out of control. To configure the vehicle "explosion-proof tires" to the greatest extent possible to solve the worrying security issues. However, really called the "explosion-proof tires" is the military 6 × 6,8 × 6 and other tires off-road armored vehicles, such tires in the design of a special metal bar, even if the shells can withstand guns to keep the tire will not The occurrence of deformation, continue to move forward. Ordinary civilian "explosion-proof tires" Although not so powerful, but its "explosion-proof" principle is basically the same.
Q:What is the tire screw for each car?
Tire models are different, different vehicles, tire screws are different, the specific need to see the configuration. Tire is one of the most important components of the car, its role is: to support the full weight of the vehicle, to withstand the load of the car; transfer traction and braking torque to ensure that the wheel and the road adhesion; reduce and absorb the car Driving vibration and impact, to prevent the car parts are subject to severe vibration and early damage to adapt to the high-speed performance of vehicles and reduce the noise when driving to ensure the safety of driving, handling stability, comfort and energy saving economy.
Q:Car tires often no gas is how is it?
Tire in addition to a clear penetration, cut off will leak outside. Bad repair, valve aging, rim damage, can also lead to chronic air leakage. I suggest you go to the retail store to check the reasons for the real leakage of tires. Regular inspection of tire pressure is usually once a month.

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