Winter Passager Car Radial Tyre 205/55R16 LY988

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Product Description:

Size:205/55R16 LY988

Application:The tyre used to Passager Car in Winter

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Asymmetric pattern design reduce the noise when running

2,The irregular block provides more stability and best grip power while tuming

3,Enhanced rib on the shoulder can avoide the asymmetric wear greatlly

4,Three straight lines in the middle provide the best water drainage and the keystone block pattern an prevent the stone into the pattern.

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Q:Why do car tires go nitrogen
The handling and comfort of the vehicle are reduced. So the tire filled with nitrogen, the small molecules of the phenomenon of osmotic diffusion greatly reduced, can be a long time to ensure the normal tire pressure, improve safety, reduce fuel consumption and extend tire life.
Q:Tire Rotation?
radial tires, (which are what you have unless you have some older or retro style tires), are rotated by moving the fronts straight back to the rear and the rears straight ahead to the fronts. the tires should have the same direction of rotation, if you switch them in the older fashion which was rf to lr etc., the tires will run the oppisite direction at high speed and this can cause the cords to break. i never put a lot of stock into tire rotation, if the tires run unevenly enough that they need to be rotated to improve wear, you have a suspension problem tht you are avoiding. if the wear on the tires is even, why rotate? very few people do this anymore.
Q:are rotalla tires good?
The Rotalla F106 are garbage. I bought a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 with them on it. If you know this car it is near impossible to get sideways on dry pavement. These not only got sideways but hopped as well in the corners. Do yourself a favor and save time, money and perhaps a wreck.
Q:Car tires will not be due to how much weight and the lack of pressure situation
1, the tire load capacity is the upper limit. Please refer to the sideways load index. 2, tire use is a tire pressure conditions. Please refer to the manufacturer's tire pressure recommended value.
Q:auto tires?
they are marked on the side of the tire
Q:How is the car tires and hubs connected?
Car tires with the rim of the connection and the same bike, tubeless is the edge of the tire and rim through the design of a certain structure, inflatable self-sealing. Of course, the inner tube is sealed by the inner tube but made into a detachable form. The rim is bolted to the hub (or with the axle)
Q:Car tires inside and outside wear is not the same thing
If your car is not a problem with four rounds, it may be the cause of the road.
Q:On the tire tire pressure detection on car tire pressure
Each car has a tire pressure standard chart at the door or in the tank cover. Detection with barometer. In the high-end cars have tire pressure sensor, can display in the instrument
Q:How does car tires do the meaning of dynamic balance detection and detection?
Tire balance should be divided into dynamic balance and static balance. Dynamic imbalance will make the wheels swing, so that tires wear wave wear; static imbalance will produce bumps and beating So that the regular inspection balance can not only extend the tire life, but also improve the stability of the car when driving, to avoid high-speed driving due to tire swing, beating, loss of control caused by traffic accidents.
Q:Car tires 100w 100y stands for anything
The difference between 100W and 100Y is that their speed levels are different. W indicates that the acceptable speed limit is 270km / h. Y indicates that the acceptable speed limit is 300km / h.

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