Winter Passager Car Radial Tyre 205/55R16 LY988

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Product Description:

Size:205/55R16 LY988

Application:The tyre used to Passager Car in Winter

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Asymmetric pattern design reduce the noise when running

2,The irregular block provides more stability and best grip power while tuming

3,Enhanced rib on the shoulder can avoide the asymmetric wear greatlly

4,Three straight lines in the middle provide the best water drainage and the keystone block pattern an prevent the stone into the pattern.

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Q:Why are there tires on car tires? Why?
The lead block is installed after the tire has been balanced. Replace the new tire, or after the tire disassembly need to move balance. After the tire is mounted on the rim, it is usually impossible to distribute the weight evenly at 100%. Use a balancing machine to test the balance of the tire rim in motion, use the counterweight counterweight at the unbalanced point to ensure that the tire can travel smoothly and avoid jitter.
Q:Toyota Prius tires?
The Prius' owner's manual and the driver's door jamb plate both state 35psi (240 kPa) front, 33psi (230 kPa) rear. (In the newer UK Prius' owners' manual, it states when driving over 100mph the pressures should be set to 38psi front, 36psi rear.) Dealers are notorious for incorrectly inflating the typre pressures too low, to make for a cushy ride. (It also means faster tyre sales for them as you wear them out faster!) Toyota Prius tyres (particularly with the US suspension) are notorious for rapid outer edge wear even at the factory recommended pressures of 35psi front, 33psi rear. Outer edge wear is indicative of underinflated tyres, so you will find that many US owners suggest inflating to higher than factory specs (often in the 40psi range, which is below the max. cold pressure on the original equipment tyre, which is usually 44psi or 50psi depending on fitment), to prolong tyre life and for better MPG. (All that outer edge scrubbing of an underinflated tyre is just eating up MPG...) However, I am informed by many UK owners that if you have an auto accident, the auto insurance people do check tyre pressure, and will fault you (give them reason to not pay out) if you have too high or too low tyre pressure... So keep that in mind. I would highly suggest that you follow the owner's manual (handbook) recommendation of 240kPa front and 230kPa rear. Low tyre pressure is the leading cause of tyre failure (which is not only a nuissance, leaving you stranded somewhere with a flat, but also a serious safety concern if a blowout occurs while you are driving!). If not for safety, do it for the better fuel economy that comes with properly inflated tyres.
Q:What does car tires 84H and 86H mean?
84,86 and other digital parts is the load factor, but also a tire wearing capacity, 84 to 500 kg, 86 to 530 kg. H and other letters part of the speed mark, H can be used 210km / h.
Q:Where can I get Color Smoke Tires?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I get Color Smoke Tires? Where can I get Color Smoke tires?
Q:Tyre pressure help?no manual?
Kelly, tire pressures are not "by the book" in real life. the numbers stamped on the sidewall of your tire are most often max readings to safely use in them. These numbers are determined by a specific weight of vehicle carrying a specific weight. as an example a pick up truck may have a tire stamped with 55 lbs cold@ 36000 lbs. This means when the truck is parked and checked in the morning it should have no more than 55 lbs with a load in the bed of 3600 lbs. Generally a 5 pound less number works well. 55 lbs at 50 cold. A tire run too low in air will become much hotter when rolling down the road. this is often the reason a tire blows out. The rubber compound gets too hot and ruptures more easily. a well inflated tire mat resist a blow out when it hits a sharp rock in the road and a nearly flat tire will burst from it. But is this all? NO Tires are only the same shape and that's nearly it! A tire size can be found in a model for very light cars, medium weight cars and light trucks. The weight of the car is important to the working of the tire. A lot of weight on a kids bike either blows the tire or flattens it to the rim and breaks the bead. the opposite can occur. to little weight on a tire meant for weight and the side walls don't curl and flex enough. the riders feels every piece of a rough road as does the suspension as it begins to wear out. The federal government sets rules for tire makers because your life depends on the tire being right.
Q:good tires ?
I don't know who makes Kelly Tires but more than likely it's owned by a major brand tire manufacturer since most are.
Q:Car tires 600-14 what it means
600-14 is a 14-inch wheel tires is one of the most important components of the car, its main functions are: 1, to support the full weight of the vehicle, to bear the load of the car, and pass the other direction of the force and torque; The transmission of traction and braking torque to ensure that the wheel and the road between the good adhesion to improve the car's power, braking and through; and the car suspension to ease the impact of car driving, and attenuation The resulting vibration 3, to prevent the car parts are subject to severe vibration and early damage to adapt to the high-speed performance of vehicles and reduce the noise when driving to ensure the safety of driving, handling stability, comfort and energy saving economy.
Q:What are the tires of cars?
According to inflatable pressure is divided into: ① high-pressure tires. Inflation pressure is generally 5.5 kg / cm 2 or more, stiffness, poor cushioning performance, has been rarely used. Low pressure tires. Inflation pressure is generally 2 to 5.5 kgf / cm 2. With the strength of the cord and the tire carrying capacity of some tires inflated pressure of more than 5.5 kgf / cm 2, but its buffer performance and low-pressure tires close, is still low-pressure tires. ③ ultra low pressure tires. The inflation pressure is generally less than 2 kgf / cm 2.
Q:Tire pressure problem?
Cold means cold, as in not recently driven on. Coldest time of day (morning) gives you the best baseline. Tire load carrying capacity diminishes as air pressure is reduced. You want to set them so that the recommended pressure is achieved at the coldest temperatures the tire is likely to encounter.
Q:What is the difference between an external tonic and a tires?
The biggest difference between internal and external complement is the degree of adhesion to the tire.

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