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Q:The difference between car tires and truck tires
What is the difference between truck tires and car tires? Car tires: tires mounted on the car, mainly for good road on the high-speed driving, the maximum speed of up to 240km / h or more, requires comfortable ride, low noise, with good handling and stability. More use of meridian structure. Truck tires are generally tires for trucks, dump trucks, all kinds of special vehicles and trailers. The road is more complex, with good asphalt road, there are poor gravel road, dirt road, muddy road, ice and snow road, and even no road conditions, driving speed is generally not more than 80km / h.
Q:What are world-class car tire manufacturers? Specifically introduced
Michelin, generally placed in the European car. Dunlop tires, made in Germany, because the trademark like a flying fish, so in our country also known as flying fish tires. Bridgestone, generally placed on a Japanese car. Hankook tires, placed in the Korean car.
Q:Online shopping car tires how to identify good or bad
Second, we should try to choose some big brand tires. Now because tire manufacturers continue to increase the tire brand is also endless. When choosing tires, try to choose those who are familiar with the brand. So at least a lot of people have used to know how the quality of tires.
Q:What is the difference between good and bad car tires
Should be certified, specifications pressure, the manufacturer and other signs complete, toughness of the toughness of the foot. Can be used on the tires on the key strokes, there are obvious scratches are inferior products!
Q:Why car tires sub-sports economy comfortable high-performance, where the difference, how to distinguish?
Sports tread pattern groove is relatively wide, pattern is relatively large, the pattern into an asymmetrical shape, pattern to the horizontal arrangement, advantages: good drainage, short braking distance, through the good pass, strong grip, good handling. Disadvantages: not wear, noise, and patterns related
Q:What is the prospect of tires? The
Money, then, should be no big problem, as long as the real business, he will give you. Tire circle is very small, the province will also those people, not to sell the money, do not sell you back to chanting. Rest assured, this is not a problem, 3000 of the basic salary is not low, and your local consumption may be related. North generally 2000. ,,,, 80,000 is not flicker, do tires are profitable, if you did not, can only say that you are wrong, continue to refuel!
Q:How does the idle car tire be placed and maintained?
Idle car tire placement and maintenance should pay attention to the following aspects: (1) tires should be stored in a dry warehouse, to avoid sun and rain, not too much ventilation. Large-scale tire warehouse should be equipped with a thermometer and hygrometer, the temperature should be controlled at -10 ~ +30 ℃, relative humidity of 50% to 80% is appropriate. (2) Tires should be placed away from heat sources, power generation equipment and where ozone can be generated to prevent tires from accelerating. (3) tires can not be with flammable materials and oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals together. Avoid sunshine, moisture, high temperatures and chemicals. (4) Packed tires should be placed vertically on the shelves. Long-term placement of the tire should be rotated regularly to change the placement of its fulcrum, so as not to cause tire deformation. (5) Tires and wheels installed together, should be slightly inflated, so that the tire can withstand a certain pressure. (6) tires in custody, should be done in accordance with the production or storage time in batches, first-in first out, in order to use.
Q:How do I read my tires?
The 205 means the tire is 205 MM wide, the 55 means the tire from the rim to the ground is 55% of 205 or 112.75 MM tall, the R stands for radial, the 16 is the rim diamater, I don't know what the 91 is but the H is the tires speed rating, which means the tire is built to sustain 120 MPH for an extended period of time.
Q:Is the paint corrosive to car tires?
There is no corrosion, you can visually see, you see and what other tires are not the same
Q:How is the car tires packed and transported?
General tires next to a formation of a column, installed in the iron shelf inside!

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