PCR Car Tyre

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PCR Car Tyre

The size of PCR car tire

1.Passenger car tire

13’--165/65R13,165/70R13, 165/70R13C, 175/70R13,185/70R13



15’--185/60R15,185/65R15,195/50R15,195/55R15,195/60R15,195/65R15, 205/60R15,

        205/65R15, 215/65R15, 215/70R15,


       215/65R16, 225/50ZR16,  225/55ZR16,  225/60R16

2.UHP tire (Ultra High Performance Tire)







3.LTR Tire: 185R14C, 195R14C



1. Certificate of ECE, DOT, CCC ,ISO9001, GCC, EU-LABEL,Soncap,Nom etc.

2. The warranty time is within 3 years and 120000km.

3. with wide range and competitive price

4. Wide circumferential major grooves design enables excellent water drainage and side skidding-resistance at high speed

5. Smooth and lateral grooves and sipes provide super grip ability and braking ability

6. Suitable for various medium and high-level cars from home and abroad.

7. Large capacity and Large stockguarantee the fastest delivery:15-20days after deposit;

8. Best no-stop services given by our professional sales team;

9. Top 500 enterprise provide credit and quality guarantee.


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Q:Do you really need winter tires?
My local body shop just loves people who say that they don't need snow tires. He gives discounts to people that advertise the fact. Sometimes even pays their deductible and still managed to put two kids through medical school. We put snow tires all round on our 2006 Malibu Maxx this year. The difference over last winter (with all season tires) is phenomenal. I walked my car through 2 to 2 1/2 foot snowdrifts today. If I had been on all season tires I'd not have made it home.
Q:Does the car tire have an explosion-proof, anti-nail?
Explosion-proof tire called "deflated tire", the English abbreviation RSC. Inflatable tire tire wall is the main part of the weight of the vehicle, especially some flat ratio (flat ratio is the tire height and width ratio) larger tire, tire wall is very "hypertrophy", "puncture" serious Resulting in instantaneous tearing of the tire wall, so that the tire instantly lose support force, resulting in changes in the center of gravity immediately, especially the front wheel drive car front tire, puncture after the moment the center of gravity transfer is likely to make the vehicle out of control. To configure the vehicle "explosion-proof tires" to the greatest extent possible to solve the worrying security issues. However, really called the "explosion-proof tires" is the military 6 × 6,8 × 6 and other tires off-road armored vehicles, such tires in the design of a special metal bar, even if the shells can withstand guns to keep the tire will not The occurrence of deformation, continue to move forward. Ordinary civilian "explosion-proof tires" Although not so powerful, but its "explosion-proof" principle is basically the same.
Q:Can the car tire lose pressure?
If tire leaks are recommended to stop running immediately. If you can see from the tire traces of lack of air (such as sidewall rolling trace, airtight layer of foam, etc.), not worth the repair, because the tire structure may have been destroyed and can not be used.
Q:tire sizes?
the guys who said the 225/60/R16 are better in order to keep a better mph reading because if you change the width of the tire, you have to change the height also. for instance the wider you go the shorter you have to go in order to keep a stock height so if the first number goes higher than the second has to go lower
Q:What is the meaning of the car tire size figures?
250 - 60 R 15 89 H 250 - Tire wide search degree (mm) 60 - Flat ratio R - Meridian structure 15 - Tire inner diameter (in) 89 - Maximum load H - Highest speed
Q:Tire Sizing?
It would help if you had given an example for your question, but since you didn't - I'll give you one of my own. My truck came with the tire size 195/75/14 The tire is 195 millimeters wide. The middle number 75 tells you the aspect ratio. There is a complicated formula that I could lay out there, but it probably won't help ya. A 75 series tire (if the 1st and last number are unchanged) will be a taller tire than a 40 series tire. 14 inches tells you the diameter of the wheel or rim that the tire is mounted on. This part you cannot change. A 14 inch wheel must have a 14 inch tire mounted on it. You can do some different sizes on the first two numbers. For instance I did not like the skinny look that the tire had so I bought some "fatter" looking tires for the 14 inch wheel (rim) I used a 235/60/14. This made the tire 40 millimeters wider while keeping the overall height of the tire very close to the same, which makes the speedometer stay correct. Any more questions you can call me at work Mon - Fri 513 874 2500 ask for Brian. 7am - 6pm Eastern
Q:How much is a car tires?
Hundreds to thousands of months, brands, specifications will affect the price of several hundred to several thousand range,
Q:Tires For Aircraft Descriptions?
Most airplane tires are not rated for mud snow.
Q:Do tires have to black?
production-wise, I would assume that there are less chemicals, dyes and expense involved when keeping vehicle tires black. I HAVE, however seen bicycle tires that are green, orange and blue... this might have something to do with the hardness of the rubber and the process of producing that hardness. Blue and orange were on competitive mountain bike wheels that were on fairly loose soil and a softer rubber allowed a better "bite" on the surface. Just an educated guess, hope it helps a little.
Q:Car tires 100w 100y stands for anything
The difference between 100W and 100Y is that their speed levels are different. W indicates that the acceptable speed limit is 270km / h. Y indicates that the acceptable speed limit is 300km / h.

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