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Good traction and protection; Stable, Comfortable ride, Special abrasion resistance with long-lasting tread life; Suitable for many conditions such as pit industry zone and underground mine.

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Q:What is the life of the car tires?
In fact, the tire is also a shelf life, the tire will have four digits on the sideways marked tire manufacturing date, the first two representatives on the number of weeks, the last two representatives of the year. General tires do not use more than 3 years, mileage no more than 60,000 km. Now the private car is often speed, drag racing, flick, sudden brakes, with 70,000 to 80,000 km will do. For those who love traveling by car, to the mountains of tourism, high and low stone road to face the tire damage, especially by cutting the sharp objects will have to pay attention to the replacement.
Q:good tires ?
Michelin then Goodyear. Kelly way down list. Tire one of few things in life you get what you pay for.
Q:Tire Rotation?
Tire rotation is moving of the tires of a vehicle or automobile from one position to another to ensure tire wear. It is an important factor to be considered to extend the useful life expectancy of a set of tires. Tire rotation is very easy auto maintenance tasks to perform, though it is equally important.
Q:Will the tire tires in the running tire cause a puncture?
In the driving, the car tire leak will not lead to immediately puncture.
Q:True or False: Your tired?
False...Not now and,NOT this one, but some questions weary me in that they are mis-placed or just a drain due to repetition and people posting the same question,in different form/avatar so it is a chore to know what is a question, a troll or an interrogation. lol, anyway, hope you are all on top and energised.
Q:Can car tires cut?
Car tires cut,improve the speed of travel.
Q:What does car tire t mean?
Indicates the speed level.
Q:What should I go by for filling up my tires?
Go by the trunk sticker.
Q:Beverly should change the brand of car tires
Hello! Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, the Michelin Group was founded in 1889 and is a global leader in tire technology. The main business areas include tires, mobile assist systems and travel services. Michelin brand tires to maintain its excellent overall performance at the same time, some focus on comfort and quiet, and some focus on the movement and handling. You can choose for your hobby. When buying tires, you need to take full account of vehicle performance (eg super sports car, SUV, small and medium sized sedan), driving habits (eg, gentle or driving style) and hobbies (eg comfort, (Such as: high speed, gravel pavement, winding road, etc.) and climatic conditions (such as: winter snow and ice weather) and so on, and then according to Michelin tire product positioning to choose the right of your tires.
Q:what is the best tire pressure on a ford tauras 97 with goodyear viva 2 205/65/15
Go with what it says on the door jamb. Usually on the drivers door. The reason for that answer is simple. The tire pressure for each vehicle is different because even if two different cars use the same size tires, they weigh different, so they put a different load on the tires.

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