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Q:Car tires soaked in rain for a long time, harmful?
Theoretically no harm, should be tires are rubber. Do not dissolve in water, because the actual friction between the tire and the ground will appear on the surface of the tire lead to enter part of the pollutants, contaminants and water contact parts will produce chemical reactions. Resulting in tire damage, while thermal expansion and contraction is a layer of the surface off.
Q:How wide are low profile tires?
Supercar question: 60s
Q:What is the difference between snow tires?
The differences are in what the tires are made of and the design of the tires. Summer tires are spacifically designed for dry summer driving and perform the best in them conditions, same with the winter tires, but they are designed for snow and ice conditions. All weather tires are designed to handle all conditions respectivly. I would recomend the all weather tires there.
Q:Car tire pressure how much is appropriate
Low pressure tire; inflatable pressure of 0.1471 ~ 0.490MPa (1.5 ~ 5kg / cm ²); low pressure tire is generally applicable to private cars; usually household car inflatable tire pressure 0.2 ~ 0.25MPa.
Q:What is the different between car's tire and aircraf's tire ?
Aircraft tires can survive through heavy loads and are designed to stand through high crosswinds with stability, to channel water to prevent hydroplaning, and for braking traction. They're mostly inflated with nitrogen in order to keep from expansion and contraction during extreme changes in temperature throughout the aircrafts flight. Aircraft tires generally operate at high pressures, up to 200 psi (13.8 bar) for several larger planes. They also include heat fuses, it's to melt at a certain temperature. During a rejected take off or emergency tires tend to overheat, therefore the fuses prevents tire explosions by deflating in a controlled manner. So it minimizes the damage to an aircraft and objects in the surrounding environment. The main purpose of requiring nitrogen, instead of air, for certain transport planes, is I believe by about three cases in which the oxygen in air-filled tires combined with volatile gases gives off a severely overheated tire and it explodes by reaching auto ignition temperature. So overall, Nitrogen for tire inflation will eliminate the possibility of a tire explosion. Here's a little history for car tires. Car tires, have a strong, flexible rubber casing attached to the rim of a wheel. Tires provide a gripping surface for traction and serve as a cushion for the wheels of a moving vehicle. Tires for most vehicles are pneumatic; air is held under pressure inside the tire. Until recently, pneumatic tires had an inner tube to hold the air pressure, but now pneumatic tires are designed to form a pressure seal with the rim of the wheel. Car tires are designed for the road, not to land on a runway over hundreds of miles per hour. If that were the case with its current design, it'd pop within seconds. So which can stand more friction: of course it's the aircrafts tires. That counts for temperature too.
Q:What is the flattening ratio of car tires?
Give you a little explanation for it. The flat ratio is a proportional value: the ratio of the thickness of the side of the tire to the width of the tread. For example: 205 / 60R15, flat ratio is 60%, recorded as 60, 60% of the tread 205 is the tire thickness. 15 is the hub diameter, the tire of this model that put all the dimensions of the tire are included.
Q:Chinese car tires which brand the best
Michelin tires are of good quality and now many cars are used. Such as Bora
Q:International famous car tire brand?
The first is: France Michelin second is: Japan's Bridgestone third is: the United States Goodyear fourth is: the fifth continent in Germany: Japan's Sumitomo sixth is: Italy Pirelli seventh is: Japan Yokohama eighth is: The United States Cooper ninth is: South Korea Han Tai tenth is: Japan Toyo eleventh: South Korea Kumho tire twelfth: Jia Tong tires thirteenth: Moscow Sibur-RusskieShiny fourteenth: China Triangle Group
Q:Where is the brand of car tires?
General tires on the English font is the brand.
Q:How to identify refurbished car tires?
See tattoos slightly tonic slightly look at the tires is what the year a few weeks of the general appearance of the tire is matte .... Overall the tires on the market is very refurbished, because it is easy to see, Are generally used to sell second-hand goods

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