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With wide and stabile tread. Excellent traction and adhesion. Designed to deliver exceptional operator and for articulated truck

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Q:What is the prospect of tires? The
Auto Parts City auto parts shop to see how to talk about the export.
Q:What is the top of the car tires? Is inside the tire inside.
The car is called rounds (xuan) to find a car repair (sheet metal) all know
Q:Car tire symbol
LT light truck PR tires level V speed of 240 km MA this is not clear, it seems not what standard code
Q:How do car tires stop using scrapped?
When the tire can no longer be used to see the actual use of tires to use the number of kilometers or years to determine directly is not accurate
Q:Tire Fitting Question?
The tires will fit your rims, but will be a little taller. if you want to know what those #'s and letters mean, the P indicates the tire is meant for normal passenger car or truck use. The 235 is the width of the tire, in mm, measured from one bead to the other at the point where the tire meets the rim. The 75 (or 70) is the height of the sidewall, expressed as a percentage of the tires width (235/75 means the height of the sidewall is 176.25mm) The R indicates that the tire is a radial, and the 15 means a 15 inch wheel. So go ahead and try the tires, just make sure to turn the wheels all the way in both directions to see if the tires hit anything BEFORE driving the car.
Q:Why the car tire pressure will be puncture
Tire pressure is too low, tread and ground friction increases, rolling resistance increases, resulting in a sharp increase in carcass temperature, tread rubber softening, aging speed, causing the carcass partial delamination and tread wear intensified. In this case, it is likely that a puncture will occur.
Q:What is the use of a yellow and red circle on the side of a car tire?
Red dot is representative of the uniformity of it, yellow point this is aligned with the valve.
Q:Car tires installed 215/60/16 and installed 215/55/16 What is the difference
The smaller the aspect ratio of the tires (the more flat tires), the better the handling of the vehicle, but the comfort may be reduced and the chances of the drums when the tires impact the foreign body may increase.
Q:What causes a bubble in a sidewall of a tire?
Manufacturing defect.
Q:You should rotate your vehicle's tires to?
Technically, it does both, but the main reason is ''a'' If you have a front-wheel-car for instance, you're going to have more vehicle weight on the front of the car, because you have the engine, trans, driveline all in the front. And since the drive wheels take more abuse anyway, all-the-more w/ a front driven vehicle. After it wears a fair amount, you'll notice the front tires are fairly worn and the rear ones are look almost new still. So yes, you're equalizing wear pretty much. : )

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