Light Bus Radial Tyre 195R14C LY366

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Product Description:

Size:195R14C LY366

Application:The tyre is used to light truck,light bus,mini bus

Pattern characterisic:

1,Three Longitudinal groove greatly enhance the drainage of tyres on wet land

2,Interlaced Tread Pattern Block

The interlaced tread pattern block on tyre shoulder can promote the cross-country performance of tyres

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Q:Low tire pressure?
Low Tire Pressure
Q:Which brand of car tires is good?
A little better Michelin, horse, general Canon, Dunlop
Q:What is the problem with the car tires?
Sound is a very important way to measure whether the car is "healthy" or not. But different brands, different cars issued by the sound is not the same, so the sound failure to judge 100% entirely by experience, just like a doctor will be diagnosed as wrong, even a very experienced driver or car repair, Judgment sometimes wrong. So we suggest that you through the sound after the judge, we must promptly find a professional repair, to find out the real cause of the exception, do not only blindly from the ears made by the clinic
Q:How to judge the car tires should not change the new?
If the tire is found to have serious wear and tear, the car's braking force will be reduced. To prevent such a situation, it is best to replace it in time.
Q:Tire Fitting Question?
the only thing the others forgot to mention is that your speedo will be out a tiny bit due to the different diameter of the wheels. Won't be much, but probably worth checking
Q:Car tires 100w 100y stands for anything
The difference between 100W and 100Y is that their speed levels are different. W indicates that the acceptable speed limit is 270km / h. Y indicates that the acceptable speed limit is 300km / h.
Q:tire size difference?
the numbers in xxx/yyRzz are: xxx = tread width (in millimeters) yy = [tire height (rim to tread) / tread width] * 100 zz = rim size (in inches) Therefore, your tire tread is 225 millimeters wide, your old tires were 55% of that, or 124 millimeters from edge of rim to tread, and fit a 16 inch wheel. The only difference is that the new tires are 135 millimeters from rim to tread, meaning your car will be travelling 5% faster then your speedometer says (58 MPH instead of 55 MPH)
Q:New Car Tires?
aH..... Thinking of going over to the Dark Side you are. Automobile tires are made with a much stiffer rubber. They have a flatter profile. If you ride mostly upright and put 20,000 miles or so a year on your motorcycle you may consider crossing over to the Dark Side. With an automobile tire you will get many more miles out of the tire. The cost, there is *always* a cost, is that you will have relatively pitiful handling. A motorcycle tire, in a turn, keeps a large contact on the road. A car tire, in a turn, will lift most of the tread off the road and you will be riding on just the edge corner of the tire. You lose a lot of cornering traction. But if you don't push it, don't lean far in the wet, you will most likely be OK. If I had a touring bike that spent 99% of it's time upright on the Interstate I would likely be on car tires. Instead, I ride city, regularly scrape pegs, ride in wet, over painted lines and steel manhole covers. I don't give up my safety to save a few bucks on a tire. I run Metzelers.
Q:Car tires in front of the plastic baffle
Fender is also called the wheel lining, X treasure a lot.
Q:How long is the car tires? How long does it change?
Tire transposition should be done every 10,000 km. Because of the relationship between the design of the road, the tire in the normal use of the time will be difficult to detect the side of the naked eye, after the transposition may produce a slight run slightly deviation, is a normal phenomenon, driving a period of time after the natural disappear. Such as serious deviation, you can appropriately reduce the tire tire pressure in the opposite direction to ease the deviation of the phenomenon (right deviation, lower left tire pressure, and vice versa, driving for some time after the tire pressure to normal pressure). However, this has nothing to do with the four-wheel positioning. Tire transposition is the original intention of four tires uniform wear and tear to extend the service life of the tire, provided that the four-wheel positioning angle of the car in line with the original normal value! (Add that, before and after the H-type tone can not solve the above described a slight partial grinding, before and after the X-shaped tonic is the best way to transposition)

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