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Giant OTR Tires E-4

Off the road bias tyre for dump trucks and motor graders  

Large product mix from 18.00-25 to 56/80-63

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'
59/80-63 TLS76ER370506001000004069149944.00/5.0863

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Q:Tires pressure?
Check the max tire pressure on the tire. Inflate it to about 5psi shy of that. If the truck rides too rough, deflate them all evenly about 2psi. Overinflated will wear the centers of the tires. Underinflated will wear the edges. You're going to have to experiment a bit.
Q:How does the car tire model distinguish?
I suggest you buy tires, the choice of quality trustworthy brand, more perfect aftermarket, quality assurance. Give you recommend it, I use is good tires, good quality.
Q:What is the meaning of car tires?
Eating tires usually refers to the tread has abnormal wear (for example: tire side of the shoulder wear faster than the rest of the tread; intermediate wear faster than the tire on both sides of wear)
Q:Toyota Prius tires?
The Prius' owner's manual and the driver's door jamb plate both state 35psi (240 kPa) front, 33psi (230 kPa) rear. (In the newer UK Prius' owners' manual, it states when driving over 100mph the pressures should be set to 38psi front, 36psi rear.) Dealers are notorious for incorrectly inflating the typre pressures too low, to make for a cushy ride. (It also means faster tyre sales for them as you wear them out faster!) Toyota Prius tyres (particularly with the US suspension) are notorious for rapid outer edge wear even at the factory recommended pressures of 35psi front, 33psi rear. Outer edge wear is indicative of underinflated tyres, so you will find that many US owners suggest inflating to higher than factory specs (often in the 40psi range, which is below the max. cold pressure on the original equipment tyre, which is usually 44psi or 50psi depending on fitment), to prolong tyre life and for better MPG. (All that outer edge scrubbing of an underinflated tyre is just eating up MPG...) However, I am informed by many UK owners that if you have an auto accident, the auto insurance people do check tyre pressure, and will fault you (give them reason to not pay out) if you have too high or too low tyre pressure... So keep that in mind. I would highly suggest that you follow the owner's manual (handbook) recommendation of 240kPa front and 230kPa rear. Low tyre pressure is the leading cause of tyre failure (which is not only a nuissance, leaving you stranded somewhere with a flat, but also a serious safety concern if a blowout occurs while you are driving!). If not for safety, do it for the better fuel economy that comes with properly inflated tyres.
Q:sOoOo tired!!?
2 days after my positive pregnancy test at 4 weeks.
Q:Does siping your tires really work?
Does Tire Siping Work
Q:What is the consumption tax rate (tax) of the car tire tax?
(The Ministry of Finance) of the State Administration of Taxation on the soap and car tire consumption tax policy notice (fiscal and taxation [2000] No. 145), the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation on the soap and car tire consumption tax policy (Finance and Taxation [2000] No. 145).
Q:What is the size of the car tires (including: large, small)?
Car tires are very particular about the strict sense of the tire, including the hub and tire (the saying goes rubber). The size of the tires are tested by the manufacturers, casually replace the size will bring security risks, but the tire is a moderate degree of thickening can bring some comfort, but does not recommend replacement.
Q:Is the car tires wide or narrow?
If this as a means of transport, according to the original car configuration on the line.
Q:How to tie a car tire?
It is recommended not to directly put the pushpin on the wheel before he drove himself to the Haha

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