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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-L5

Off the road bias tyre for motor graders / loaders and dozers

Low vibration characteristics enhance riding comfort

Excellent self-cleaning and flotation

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyTread PatternPattern No.Max speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'HQ
14.00-24 TLS12G-2EP20040275307513503608.00TG24140
13.00-24 TLS12G-2EP20040300272512803308.00TG24160

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Q:What is recommended tire pressure?
60 PSI sounds very high. Your car should have a label inside the drivers door jamb with recommended pressures. If not, look at the side wall of your tire for a maximum number of PSI. You can safely inflate the tire to that maximum pressure.
Q:Question regarding Tires?
No . . brand is of no importance . . however, wear rating could make some difference. You might try going with the same manufacturer though
Q:Tires from car manufacturer?
tires let loose for a variety of reasons.....the tires that the manufacturer puts on your car are the same as if you went and bought that brand and model at your local tire could've been a manufacturer defect in the tire or you could have run over something...... tire rotation doesn't matter as long as your alignment is you drive over rough road alot??....your tires will not last as long as if the roads you travel are smooth and pothole free.......BTW: tire rotation can actually cause your alignment to go even further out by moving a tire with uneven tread to a hub that is aligned will pull that hub out of alignment to accomodate the uneven treadwear.........the cure for uneven treadwear is proper inflation and should also replace your tires in pairs whenever possible to ensure your alignment stays true!!!
Q:What is the life of the car tires?
In fact, the tire is also a shelf life, the tire will have four digits on the sideways marked tire manufacturing date, the first two representatives on the number of weeks, the last two representatives of the year. General tires do not use more than 3 years, mileage no more than 60,000 km. Now the private car is often speed, drag racing, flick, sudden brakes, with 70,000 to 80,000 km will do. For those who love traveling by car, to the mountains of tourism, high and low stone road to face the tire damage, especially by cutting the sharp objects will have to pay attention to the replacement.
Q:Tire sizing...?
kind of...... first is how high.... second how wide... last is wheel size.... you cant change the size by much with out hitting fenders or something not rubbing some where..... what bike and year and what your plans are could have help
Q:Where to change the tires?
After my tire buying experience at my local Costco I will not buy tires anywhere else. All the brands they carry are good.They give you a warranty that works and give you a schedule to bring in your car for free tire rotation. I had a slow leak in a tire on my truck. I put up with it for months because I had lost the receipt. When I bought tires for my wifes car they said to bring the truck in and they would fix it. I asked about the receipt, they said no problem I was in the computer. They took the tire off the rim and replaced a faulty valve free, then gave me a receipt(no charge) to bring it back in a few miles to have the lug bolts retightened for free. If you have a choice, always put your best tires on the rear. A blowout in front could send you out of control. (advice of race car drivers).
Q:Car tires 100w 100y stands for anything
100 represents the load index, the maximum load is 800KgW and Y is the speed level W: 270Km / hY: 300Km / h
Q:New Car Tires?
aH..... Thinking of going over to the Dark Side you are. Automobile tires are made with a much stiffer rubber. They have a flatter profile. If you ride mostly upright and put 20,000 miles or so a year on your motorcycle you may consider crossing over to the Dark Side. With an automobile tire you will get many more miles out of the tire. The cost, there is *always* a cost, is that you will have relatively pitiful handling. A motorcycle tire, in a turn, keeps a large contact on the road. A car tire, in a turn, will lift most of the tread off the road and you will be riding on just the edge corner of the tire. You lose a lot of cornering traction. But if you don't push it, don't lean far in the wet, you will most likely be OK. If I had a touring bike that spent 99% of it's time upright on the Interstate I would likely be on car tires. Instead, I ride city, regularly scrape pegs, ride in wet, over painted lines and steel manhole covers. I don't give up my safety to save a few bucks on a tire. I run Metzelers.
Q:What are the tires for car tires?
Tire rubber generally use neoprene
Q:What is the flattening ratio of car tires?
What you mean is the flatness ratio of the tire.

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