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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-L5

Off the road bias tyre for motor graders / loaders and dozers

Low vibration characteristics enhance riding comfort

Excellent self-cleaning and flotation

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyTread PatternPattern No.Max speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'HQ
14.00-24 TLS12G-2EP20040275307513503608.00TG24140
13.00-24 TLS12G-2EP20040300272512803308.00TG24160

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Q:auto tires?
Q:Low tire pressure?
Low Tire Pressure
Q:What is the best car tires?
Not the best tires, only the best ranked tire brand. When Michelin is a F1 sponsor, it is the boss of the tire industry, and Bridgestone is second, and now Bridgestone is a sponsor of F1, of course, it has become the tire industry boss, Michelin Second, from the world's top 500 ranking can be seen), if the super sports car tire brand, of course, Pirelli best, like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and some sports cars are selected Pirelli.
Q:Tire question?
All season and all weather should essentially be the same thing. However neither one is much good in snow.
Q:how is a tyre patched?
Tire Patch: 1. Remove tire/wheel assemble from vehicle, mark tire at valve stem area so that tire can be mounted in same spot so not to require to be balanced 2. Find puncture and remove object, marking location of puncture. 3. Bleed air from tire, then seperatre tire from wheel 4. Clean inside of tire at puncture area, sand smooth. 5. Glue and patch puncture. 6. Replace tire on rim, set bead and fill tire to proper pressure. 7. Mount on vehicle. Start car: 1. Get inside car, insert key into ignition 2. hold brake and clutch (if manual and place in neutral) and turn key to start. 3. Release key, brake and clutch 4. Do whatever you want, drive off, let idle to warm up Change gear: push in clutch, make gear selection, release clutch (more to it than that, but it will make it happen
Q:Can car tires add nitrogen? what is the benefit?
Car tires can be added with nitrogen. The benefits of car tires plus nitrogen: nitrogen is inert gas, the nature of very lively, gas molecules than oxygen molecules, not hot up cold shrinkage, deformation range. Its penetration of the tire sidewall speed slower than the air 30-40%, to maintain tire pressure stability. Nitrogen audio conduction is low, equivalent to 1/5 of the air, the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce the tire noise, improve the speed of travel. Compared with the general high-pressure air, high purity nitrogen because of oxygen and almost no moisture and oil, its thermal expansion coefficient is low, low thermal conductivity, slow temperature, reducing the speed of tire heat collection, non-flammable and non-combustion characteristics, So that the probability of puncture is effectively reduced. Plus nitrogen tires, moisture content is less, so the aluminum alloy steel ring and iron ring is not easy to rust, corrosion, the tire is not easy to oxidation.
Q:Can my car tires be used twice again?
If the front bar 2 times, as long as the repair, you can use, if it is the side, need to change the tires, the side of the rubber thin, repair need to wear some rubber, easy puncture. The life of the car tires is four years or eight thousand kilometers, whichever comes first. If there is damage, more than 5, you need to replace in advance, if the side is damaged, 1 that need to be replaced. If the road is often not very good road, tire wear serious, need to replace in advance. As long as there are side damage, should be timely replacement tires.
Q:Does siping your tires really work?
You could get sipes cut in the tires, and it might help a little, but the rubber compound is still too dense and will not grip icy surfaces. You need a specific winter tire for good winter performance. Bridgestone Blizzak, Yokohama Ice Grip, etc... You still have to slow way down for snow, but at least you'll have a better safety margin with proper tires.
Q:how does ther tyre size affects the car performance?
A shorter tire drops top speed but helps acceleration. A wider tire helps cornering in dry weather, but a thin tire is better for snow and sand because it cuts through the material instead of driving over it. Changing tire height is similar to changing gear ratios, taller tires take less rpm to achieve a given speed so gas mileage can go up, but its similar to having a tall gear ratio which can kill take off acceleration. Low profile tires help cornering because the tire wall is shorter and stiffer so they don't flex during cornering.
Q:Tire pressure problem?
There's not enough difference in temperature to expansion to be a problem. If you get a low reading during cold temperatures you should add air. BTW the proper tire pressure is listed either on the B pillar inside the front door opening, on a sticker in your trunk or in your owner's manual. The proper pressure is based on your car, not the tire.

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