Nonwoven Geotextile For Construction & Real Estate

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Biaxial geogrid:
1)Raw material: Polyproplene;
2)Width: 1.6~2.5m;
3)High Tensile strength

The mateiral of biaxial tension plastic geogrid is similar with the material of unidirectional tension plastic geogrid. Its chemical property isn't active also. It is extruded by macromolecule polymers, and formed by longitudinal and horizontal tension. This kind of material has high tension strength in both longitudinal and horizontal directions. This kind of structure provides a interlock system for the soil.

high tensile strength PP biaxial geogrid TGSG20-20~TGSG40-40

Longitudinal tensile yield strength per long meter1520304045
Horizontal tensile yield strength per long meter1520304045
longitudinal yield elongation rate13
Horizontal yield elongation rate16
longitudinal resistance to 2%of deformation58111316
Horizontal resistance to 5%of deformation710131520
longitudinal resistance to5%of deformation810151625
Horizontal resistance to 5%of deformation10131520


  (1) Road surface reinforcement of road,railway and airport road;
  (2)Maintenance,reconstruction and widening of old road surface(asphaltum road or cement concrete road).
  (3)Reinforcement of soft soil roadbed,irrigation channels and water dam.

A. Filtration

The filtration layer of the dykes, river canal, seacoast, concrete slope, retaining walls. 


At the same time of preventing the clay granule from passing, it allows the water and the gas pass through freely.


B. Separations:

 The isolation of the railway dregs and the roadbed, roadbed and the soft base, different dam materials.


 It isolates the soil and the gravel of two kinds different granule pathway from the groundsill or other buildings.



C.  Adding muscle:

 The highway, railway of retaining wall, slope protection, etc in which distributes the earth stress, 


prevents the side-displacement of the earth body and improves the earth body stability. 


D. Protections


It prevents the bank from being washed out, protects the bank and the bottom, 


prevents the water and soil from being washed away.



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 MOQ:2000 SQM

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Q:Above a geotextile one, that there is any acceptance of norms?
Geotextile with the relevant national standard, I am specializing in the production of geotechnical materials
Q:Is there a geotextile in the center of the expressway
Need, Hongxiang geotextile reinforcement isolation conservation function,
Q:This is a large sample of gravel anti-filter how this project count
Visual inspection of the slope of the distance from the clay layer is equal to the thickness of the gravel layer, that is 200mm, so even if it came out scattered Simple function. Also, I used a simple method is to draw in CAD, fill, measure the area, area by length, the volume came out
Q:Production of geomembrane equipment which are such as the production of geotextile need to press machine, open charter, etc.
Mixing machine, screw extruder, heating die, circulating fan, traction machine, into a roll machine.
Q:Why lay the geotextile cloth after the gravel cushion
This is to prevent the soil from slipping away
Q:Pool with geomembrane but not long enough to stick to the pool side
Should be geomembrane professional welding machine welding, not long enough, then do not seepage effect, I am specializing in the production of geotextile geomembrane and other materials, wish smooth
Q:Geotextile, geomembrane to go to the laboratory test
Must be tested, I produced geotextile, geomembrane,
Q:Roof of the geotextile
Garage, roof green Huazhi geotextile manufacturers, solutions
Q:400 grams per square meter of non-woven geotextiles how much money
According to your technical parameters, the specific number of professional geotextile manufacturers to answer, power to discuss!
Q:What are the materials used for spinning geotextiles?
Geotextile is divided into several, filament spunbond acupuncture non-woven geotextile, this is the name suggests is to use silk to do; staple acupuncture non-woven geotextile, this is the use of fiber to do;

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