Mesh Chair/ Lifting Chair Model CMAX1021

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China main port
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500 set
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40000 set/month

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Product Description:

Mesh Chair/ Lifting Chair Model CMAX1021

Structure of Mesh Chair Description:

1.This chair is strong and durable.

2.New style mesh chair.                                  

3.Woodeness:original solid wood, which is neuter, environmental and harmless.

4.Foam:high density and good resilience form.

5.UK or US fireproof foam is available.

6.Different color selection

Chair with adjustable neckrest    

Adjustable lumbar support    

4D Adjustable armrests

Mesh or fabric for back and seat, sliding waterfall design  

Synchronised-tilting mechnism with 5 level locking

Aluminium base with PU castors    

SHS Grade 4 gas cylinder for height adjustable

Main Feature of Mesh Chair:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

More Photo for Mesh Chair:

Mesh Chair/ Lifting Chair Model CMAX1021

Mesh Chair/ Lifting Chair Model CMAX1021

Mesh Chair/ Lifting Chair Model CMAX1021

Office Mesh Chair Mesh Color Selection:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

Mesh Chair Packaging deails:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height


MOQ: Small order can be accepted. 

Payment terms: T/T in advance (30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipment)

Quality: high quality and trustworthy QC staff, strict quality control in all process

Customer'design: Customer's design and logos are welcome

Packing: we could accept special packing according to customer's requirements

Loading seaport: Guangzhou or shenzhen

Worker: we have 80 professional workers who have more than 5 years experience in furniture production

The advantage of our products.

1. 1-2 years warranty for outside material, 5 years for inside.

2. All of our products reaches European standard. Regular customer like: carrefour, wal-mart, etc. 

3. Material choice and color choice available.

4. Customer'design: Customer's design and logos are welcome

5. MOQ: Small order can be accepted.

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Q:Philosophically describe a chair?
In how many pages it should be described. Do you want it only in English language. Or do you want translations in other languages also. What should be the font size. Is it sufficient if it is typed in black and white or do you want any color printing. Choose whether it is required in Eastern philosophy or Western philosophy.
Q:I just fell down should I get a power chair?
If you can walk then no you don't need the chair. I would take it easy for a few weeks to let your knee heal though.
Q:How many chairs/tables in a factory... ?
Let t and c represent the number of tables and chairs produced each day, respectively. We want the total number of production hours to match the number available. .. (240/17)t + (384/17)c = 12*8 ... machine shop hours .. (640/17)t + (480/17)c = 20*8 ... finishing hours We can eliminate fractions by multiplying the first equation by 17/48 and the second equation by 17/160. .. 5t + 8c = 34 .. 4t + 3c = 17 These equations can be solved by any of the usual methods. Perhaps Cramer's rule is a useful method here. .. t = (34*3 - 17*8)/(5*3 - 4*8) = 17(6-8)/(-17) = 2 .. c = (5*17 - 4*34)/-17 = 17(5-8)/-17 = 3 Producing 2 tables and 3 chairs each day will keep the factory fully occupied.
Q:How old/how much is my antique chair?
this is a nice looking chair and the wood stained finish is good == do not change the finish of the wood .... a trip to the fabric store or maybe two trips will help you search for a needlepoint tapestry scene fabric to recover the back and seat and the rear of the seat back == you really do not want to do any colorful fabric as this will not be the style of such a nice chair ....the value of the chair may well be over $500.00 but you should follow your heart as far as price Be careful that it is [[ in fact ]] over 100 years old .. look at the chair and determine if you can see signs of it being a totally symetrical carved by hand wooden chair -- the wood carving of the top seat back does indicate to me that it was done by hand = most 100 to 150 year old furniture has a rubbed glossy finish and the photo does not show that === I have looked at well over 1000 chairs and did not find anything even close to your pick == just try the local library for books of antique chairs and furniture === if you like the chair and it suits your needs and you can afford the chair .... buy and enjoy .....
Q:what would chairs look like if knees were backward?
You assume that knees would be backwards and your first concern is chairs?
Q:How should I reupholster this chair...?
those buttons can be tied to the back of the chair before the rear section of the chair is covered == use some heavy string that will pull those buttons to the depression to make those tufts ... I have never done this so if it does help you {{sorry 'bout that}} SBT .... go the book store or the public library for the old books that will give you the best info ...........
Q:Senior citizens: What is the basis for the notion that older adults prefer wood rocking chairs?
When I was in my 20s, I really liked wood rocking chairs, just seemed to make me relax (sort of like those colicky kids who finally fall asleep if you drive them around in the car). But since then, I prefer my leather office chair (no arms) that swivels and rolls around, not that there's much of anywhere to roll to inside the apartment. I actually get a little dizzy rocking in a rocking chair now, something about my sinuses is way off and the rocking seems to imbalance things in my head. And I notice it's the younger adults who seek out the rocking chair in my sister's house, but maybe that's because they pile all their lap blankets/throws on that chair. Do you think that the slight muscle contraction needed to keep the chair rocking actually helps people's leg circulation and such?
Q:How much should I plan to spend on an office chair?
The first thing you dont want to do is listen to anyone that suggests Herman Miller is the greatest chair. They are $800+ and i just could never justify paying that much for something that you could find from a less known company with the same features. I would type in ergonomic chairs and branch out from there. Things that would help your back are: Adjustable lumbar support Adjustable arm height on chair Multi-tilter These are features that generally do not come standard on each chair but make a world of difference in being able to adjust to fit you as comfortable as possible. Check out the site below, they have alot of chairs and good information about them. Comparing the same chair at other stores they are generally less money for almost all that ive seen.
Q:Whose chair is it to give?
I#x27;d say it would be most appropriate to give it to you, if your sister never used it. It has more sentimental value to you. If it wouldn#x27;t cause too much of a conflict I#x27;d express your visions for the chair in your future. If your mother seems set on giving to your sister, except it and move on. After all it is just stuff. You can#x27;t take it with you when you die.
Q:how to repair a leather office chair?
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