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Applicable models:MAZDA E4100/E3500/T3000


Outer diameter:87.5mm

Weight :62 g


Actual teeth:39

Material :copper


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Q:What are the car drive systems?
Hello, there are gearbox, drive shaft, differential, wheel, on these things,
Q:How the drive system works when the vehicle is braked
Brake, the drive system does not move ah! Is the inside of the gearbox!
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the gear drive system?
Advantages: 1, the use of peripheral speed and power range; 2, high efficiency; 3, transmission ratio stability; 4, long life; 5, high reliability; 6, can achieve parallel axis, arbitrary angle intersecting axis and arbitrary Angular cross shaft drive between
Q:Does the turbocharger belong to the drive system?
Belonging to the power system or the intake system
Q:What are the driving modes of the car drive system?
Drive shaft, axle can also be called transmission system.
Q:What are the main factors that cause the failure of the automobile transmission system?
Reduced working efficiency of the engine lubrication system causes excessive friction of the parts. May be long-term do not make oil changes caused by the deterioration of the engine lubricating oil failure, or lubrication caused by the decline in sealing oil pressure is not enough, will make the engine lubrication effect decreased, resulting in excessive damage to the friction parts. This mechanical abnormal sound vibration frequency and the engine speed (excitation frequency) has a direct relationship between the normal working speed of the engine in the 800-5000 r / min. The frequency of noise is high, the human ear can only hear the sound of continuous or intermittent time is very short, with the engine speed increases, abnormal sound in the volume and frequency are increased. If your car appeared above the abnormal shape, it is necessary to do the psychological preparation, and at least is disassembled engine repair inspection wear situation.
Q:What are the mechanical transmission systems?
In general on these aspects
Q:F1 racing drive system is how the composition
he transmission system is transmission power, it will be the engine power transmission to the drive wheel, is an important part of the car chassis. Common transmission system mainly by the clutch (manual), gearbox, universal joint, drive shaft, the main reducer, differential, axle and other components. The drive system has the function of slowing down, shifting, reversing and interrupting power. The combination of the transmission system and the engine ensures that the vehicle can run normally under different operating conditions and has good power and economy. Automatic roof in 20 seconds to close, then it looks different, short front and long rear cabin, looks more prominent, impressive. It has an upright rear window, its shape and two semi-circular roll cage is consistent. Bracket, roof, seven hydraulic rods, pumps, control parts, canopy, cover - this complete set of complete, independent and compact, and then behind the glass cover is the engine. Hood on both sides of the two honeycomb network, is to help the engine heat. V8 engine has variable intake volume, variable cam timing and variable exhaust line. No wonder its sound is so rich. Three intake valves, two exhaust doors to the engine can give full play to 8500 r / min, titanium metal connecting rod and dry sump is the guarantee of this high-speed operation. Each cylinder is also equipped with a "wire-controlled" throttle valve, which is automatically closed when the traction control system detects a slippage, or when the F1 gearbox is upshift, and is automatically opened during downshift.
Q:How the electric forklift transmission system
Electric forklift electrical drive system mainly, battery, electric control, walking motor, then the direction of choice switch, accelerator (throttle). Mechanical transmission system has a walking motor, torque converter, differential, axle, wheel. And then there is nothing.
Q:What are the five parts of the mechanical transmission system?
The mechanical transmission system includes a clutch, a transmission, a universal transmission, a drive axle, and a splitter

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