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Applicable models:ISUZU


Material/ ourter and inner ring :copper

                middle ring :steel

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Q:How the electric forklift transmission system
Electric forklift electrical drive system mainly, battery, electric control, walking motor, then the direction of choice switch, accelerator (throttle). Mechanical transmission system has a walking motor, torque converter, differential, axle, wheel. And then there is nothing.
Q:What are the motorcycle drive systems?
There are internal and external drive, internal drive, complete in the speed gear box, outside the drive, by the speed gear box outside the root drive shaft, gear, transmission chain (drive belt, drive shaft), sprocket.
Q:What is the transmission system of a horizontal lathe?
Asked the broad answer is also broad. Of course, through the bed of the gear transmission gear.
Q:What are the necessary conditions for the stable operation of electromechanical drive systems?
1. The mechanical characteristic curve of the motor n = f (Tm) and the characteristic curve of the production machinery n = f (T) have the intersection point (ie, the balance point of the drag system); 2. When the speed is greater than the equilibrium point corresponding to the speed, Tm & lt; T, that is, if the interference speed is increased, when the interference should be eliminated after the Tm-T <0; and when the speed is less than the equilibrium point corresponding to the speed, Tm> T, that is, if the interference rate of decline, when the interference is eliminated Should have Tm-T> 0
Q:What is the electric drive system
The use of electricity, gas, liquid with each other, the use of an advanced, flexible, mechanical structure of a simple modern way of transmission!
Q:Common faults of automobile transmission system
Transmission gear file performance: in the car when the shift, not for the required stalls, or put on the back after the file. The reason is: the interlock device is used for too long, fork shaft, steel ball cross pin wear too much, lost the interlocking effect; shift lever locating pin wear loose or broken, loss of control or shift lever can not be in the correct direction Rotation; the lower end of the shift lever wear too large, so that it can not correctly dial the shift guide block and channeling; output shaft on the retaining ring is not installed or exit, the gear on the axis of any movement caused by channeling file.
Q:BMW 5 series transmission system failure, please be careful what is the meaning of driving
Hello there! With the instrument into the engine system to read the fault code, the power part of the problem
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the gear drive system?
Advantages: 1, the use of peripheral speed and power range; 2, high efficiency; 3, transmission ratio stability; 4, long life; 5, high reliability; 6, can achieve parallel axis, arbitrary angle intersecting axis and arbitrary Angular cross shaft drive between
Q:F1 racing drive system is how the composition
he transmission system is transmission power, it will be the engine power transmission to the drive wheel, is an important part of the car chassis. Common transmission system mainly by the clutch (manual), gearbox, universal joint, drive shaft, the main reducer, differential, axle and other components. The drive system has the function of slowing down, shifting, reversing and interrupting power. The combination of the transmission system and the engine ensures that the vehicle can run normally under different operating conditions and has good power and economy. Automatic roof in 20 seconds to close, then it looks different, short front and long rear cabin, looks more prominent, impressive. It has an upright rear window, its shape and two semi-circular roll cage is consistent. Bracket, roof, seven hydraulic rods, pumps, control parts, canopy, cover - this complete set of complete, independent and compact, and then behind the glass cover is the engine. Hood on both sides of the two honeycomb network, is to help the engine heat. V8 engine has variable intake volume, variable cam timing and variable exhaust line. No wonder its sound is so rich. Three intake valves, two exhaust doors to the engine can give full play to 8500 r / min, titanium metal connecting rod and dry sump is the guarantee of this high-speed operation. Each cylinder is also equipped with a "wire-controlled" throttle valve, which is automatically closed when the traction control system detects a slippage, or when the F1 gearbox is upshift, and is automatically opened during downshift.
Q:BMW 118i drive system is not exactly how the drive,
Usually the engine power failure, such as a cylinder ignition coil is broken, this is the most common [car problems

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