Light Bus Radial Tyre 205R14C LY366

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Product Description:

Size:205R14C LY366

Application:The tyre is used to light truck,light bus,mini bus

Pattern characterisic:

1,Three Longitudinal groove greatly enhance the drainage of tyres on wet land

2,Interlaced Tread Pattern Block

The interlaced tread pattern block on tyre shoulder can promote the cross-country performance of tyres

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Q:Is the wheel tires bigger and bigger?
The big ring is nice and the tires are widened. Advantages: stability, good handling. Disadvantages: fuel consumption increased, sacrifice a certain comfort. Low-grade car with small steel ring cheap, fuel-efficient. Small Japanese cars such as Nissan series of tires are very narrow, flat than the value of large, comfort will be better. Tire has a flat ratio, the smaller the value, the more flat.
Q:True or False: Your tired?
True. Im emotionally tired, and Im seeing how much I can take.
Q:Tyre Recycling?
Q:Car Tire A / T What does it mean?
AT is an abbreviation for ALL ROAD TIRE, meaning all-terrain tires for a variety of road conditions
Q:Chinese car tires which brand the best
If you want to be comfortable to choose Michelin;
Q:What should you pay attention to when using car tires?
Tire with the same vehicle should be equipped with the same specifications, structure, level and pattern tires; twins and equipment, also requires the same brand, in order to load, wear evenly; radial tire and oblique tire can not be mounted on the same axis, Can not be axle mounted radial tire, rear axle skew tire; rear axle skew tire, front axle with radial tires, will make the rear axle wear to speed up, resulting in insufficient steering or excessive steering, seriously affecting the operational stability of the vehicle , When the ground adhesion coefficient is low or the vehicle quickly turned, prone to the rear wheel from the ground or side slip and other dangerous; the same car tires to try to be consistent, different tire patterns, the performance of the vehicle have different effects; , The rear axle should use the same type of tread pattern; cargo vehicles usually use the vertical axis of the front axle, drive shaft selection of hybrid or horizontal pattern, which is conducive to the stability of the vehicle operation.
Q:How to look at the size of car tires?
Take the amount of things chanting
Q:How to tie a car tire?
Nails and hammers can be, you can nail nail on a small board, put his car when the rolling over the place, so that his own bar.
Q:Can car tires add nitrogen? what is the benefit?
Car tires can be added with nitrogen. The benefits of car tires plus nitrogen: nitrogen is inert gas, the nature of very lively, gas molecules than oxygen molecules, not hot up cold shrinkage, deformation range. Its penetration of the tire sidewall speed slower than the air 30-40%, to maintain tire pressure stability. Nitrogen audio conduction is low, equivalent to 1/5 of the air, the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce the tire noise, improve the speed of travel. Compared with the general high-pressure air, high purity nitrogen because of oxygen and almost no moisture and oil, its thermal expansion coefficient is low, low thermal conductivity, slow temperature, reducing the speed of tire heat collection, non-flammable and non-combustion characteristics, So that the probability of puncture is effectively reduced. Plus nitrogen tires, moisture content is less, so the aluminum alloy steel ring and iron ring is not easy to rust, corrosion, the tire is not easy to oxidation.
Q:Car tires have no inner tube in the appearance of how to distinguish?
You can look at the sideways of the specifications.

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