Light Bus Radial Tyre 205R14C LY366

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Product Description:

Size:205R14C LY366

Application:The tyre is used to light truck,light bus,mini bus

Pattern characterisic:

1,Three Longitudinal groove greatly enhance the drainage of tyres on wet land

2,Interlaced Tread Pattern Block

The interlaced tread pattern block on tyre shoulder can promote the cross-country performance of tyres

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Q:What are the tires of cars?
According to the tread pattern is divided into: ① ordinary pattern tires. There are many styles of portrait, horizontal and both. Ordinary horizontal treads are suitable for use on poor and gravel pavements; longitudinal tires are suitable for use on better pavements; tires with longitudinal and horizontal tiles are suitable for use on general pavement and poor pavement. ② cross-country pattern tires. Tread has a large pattern, suitable for mining, site, desert, loose ground and snow mud road use. ③ mixed tires. Both for good pavement, but also for gravel pavement and loose road.
Q:I need to replace the tires on my 97 Porsche 911 C4S; What tire would you recommend?
Go do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. Seriously, go to the tire rack's web-site. It is the absolute best. They test every tire they sell for every car on the market and publish the results in graph form. Check it out!!!! Their prices are the best, as well.
Q:Would you like to ask the car tires, is the screw clockwise or counterclockwise?
Car, then, before (front) tight (rear) loose, regardless of right.
205 = Tyre width, this is the width of the tyre measured from bead to bead in mm. This is also known as section width, this is the width of an inflated tyre not including lettering or decoration on the side wall. 55 = Aspect ratio, the aspect ratio also known as profile is the height of the side wall in a term of percentage. So therefore a tyre with the aspect ratio/ profile of 55 is a tyre who height is 55% of its width. 16 = Wheel diameter, 16” would be the wheel diameter that the tyre has been made to fit and is measured in inches. 91 = Load index 91 is a number that equates to a load index which is what weight the tyre can carry. It is important to choose the same load rating or go higher please see table for weights. V = Alphabetical code for speed In this instance the v means the tyre is rated to travel at speeds of upto 149mph/240kmh. Again when choosing new tyres the speed symbol must be the same or higher please see the table for speeds.
Q:What should I go by for filling up my tires?
Go by the trunk sticker.
Q:What is the synthetic process of the car tires and what is the manufacturing process?
Tire common classification is divided according to the structure for the bias line tires, radial tires. The fundamental difference between a radial tire and an oblique line tire is the carcass. The carcass of the oblique line tires is a sloping ply; and the carcass of the radial tire is a polymer multilayer crossover material with a top layer of steel striped cloth made of steel wire to reduce the tires The odds.
Q:True or False: Your tired?
From a Philosophical as well as a scientific point of view, man should fall sleep by night and arise by the sunshine of sunrise. From a philosophical point of view, the sun gives us everything: time, food, and warmth. Thus one should fall asleep from the loss of it's protection and arise at it's recommencement. Similarly man sleeps during the night and is awake during the day, in other words dead during the night and alive during the day. One who transcends tiredness transcends life as well as death. One can never fully get rid of being tired, as one can never fully get enough rest. Too much rest itself makes the body weak just as too little rest makes the body weak. So measuring how much rest is enough and how tired we truly are is important, and challenging our body to be able to take more work and exhaustion before being compelled to be unbearably tired, to transcend being tired and thus increase one's life potential. This is why some old people die looking young, and other old people of the same age die looking old. So the point is, don't worry about being tired, or how tired someone else is, worry about not being tired, not doing enough for your own survival. As humans are the only creatures that worry about being tired more than survival.
Q:objective of tyre recycling?
To get rid of them. They really can't be used as is.
Q:Car tires brand, including the global variety of tires and English control
1, Bridgestone / Japan, BRIDGESTONE 2, Michelin / France, MECHELIN 3, Goodyear / USA, GOODYEAR 4, Continental / Germany continental 5, Pirelli / Italy, PIRELLI 6, Sumitomo Rubber / Japan, SUMITOMO 7, Yokohama Rubber / Japan, YOKOHAMA 8, Hankook Tire / Korea, HANKOOK 9, Cooper Tire Rubber / USA COOPER 10, Kumho / Korea KUMHO 11, Toyo Tire Rubber / Japan TOYO 12, New Rubber Industry / China Taiwan 18, Taina Tire / Finnish Nokian 17, OKorder Back Tire Rubber / China Warriorshoes 18, Shandong Linglong Rubber / China LINGLONG 19, Hangzhou Zhongsheng Rubber Co., Ltd. China China WESTLAKE 20, Shandong Chengshan / China Chengshan 21, Qingdao Double Star Tire / China Double Star 22, OKorder Tire / China 23, South China Tire Rubber / China 24, Guangzhou Pearl River Rubber / China 25, OKorder First Tire / China BCT 26, Qingdao Yellow Sea Rubber / China 27, Shandong Zhongtao Tire / China 28, Double Money Tire / China Double coin 29, Liaoning Tire Group / China 30, Xuzhou Tire Group / China 31, 100 Road Chi / US BFGoodrich
Q:Will the tire tires in the running tire cause a puncture?
In the driving, the car tire leak will not lead to immediately puncture.

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