Passager Car Radial Tyre ST175/80R13 LY188

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Product Description:

Size:ST175/80R13 LY188

Application:The tyre used to Passager Car.

Pattern Characteristic:

1,Overloed-using the reinforced polyyester cord on the body

2,Fuel-efficient-ow rolling resistance and anti-wear compound on the tread

3,Drainage-four straight lines in the middle

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Q:What are the main raw materials for tire manufacture?
Now most of the main components of automotive tire materials are natural rubber or synthetic rubber, natural rubber, the overall performance of synthetic rubber, so the use of high-grade tires natural rubber. In order for the rubber to have the required properties for the manufacture of the tire, it is necessary to penetrate the different chemical materials, namely chemical additives, in the rubber. One of the most important additives added is carbon black, because carbon has a special adsorption, carbon particles and rubber molecules are very good adhesion, making the rubber to enhance the hardness, strength and wear resistance. As the carbon black and rubber are essentially the same, the main material from the car tires is actually a composite of rubber and carbon black.
Q:good tires ?
Michelin then Goodyear. Kelly way down list. Tire one of few things in life you get what you pay for.
Q:What is the use of a yellow and red circle on the side of a car tire?
Hello, the main thing is the two roles: the valve and tire when installed inside and outside can distinguish. And then a role is the role of decoration, very good to see my personal feel that you want to answer to help you.
Q:Tire Rotation?
radial tires, (which are what you have unless you have some older or retro style tires), are rotated by moving the fronts straight back to the rear and the rears straight ahead to the fronts. the tires should have the same direction of rotation, if you switch them in the older fashion which was rf to lr etc., the tires will run the oppisite direction at high speed and this can cause the cords to break. i never put a lot of stock into tire rotation, if the tires run unevenly enough that they need to be rotated to improve wear, you have a suspension problem tht you are avoiding. if the wear on the tires is even, why rotate? very few people do this anymore.
Q:Will the tire tires in the running tire cause a puncture?
In the driving, the car tire leak will not lead to immediately puncture.
Q:Why car tires sub-sports economy comfortable high-performance, where the difference, how to distinguish?
Comfortable tires pattern is relatively small, the drainage groove is relatively narrow, more grooves, mostly symmetrical pattern, and some also design a quiet tibia, such as Michelin lc pattern, shortcomings, fetal wall than the other two kinds of thin, handling Worse than sports.
Q:objective of tyre recycling?
Discarded tires, due to their “lighter than dirt” density, tend to float in landfills. As they are discarded, and buried in trash and land fill cover, the tires work their way upward and come to rest on the surface of the landfill. It would be like trying to dispose of Styrofoam in the bottom of a lake - soon the entire lake would be covered in floating Styrofoam. Obviously, this is less than desirable; for this reason, landfills are refusing to accept discarded tires. Because they cannot be disposed of in a landfill, we need to find another method of disposal. There are several methods that I am familiar with – the best being the burning of the tires to capture the energy in the tire components. I worked with a cement company that shredded used tires and mixed those with anthracite coal to heat the kilns that produce cement. The scrubbers on the furnace were more than adequate to handle any pollution issues from burning the tire chunks. In fact, the tires are, in many aspects, cleaner than the burning of just coal. Other uses include using finely shredded tires as cushioning for children’s playground, making large nets for landscaping, etc.
Q:Why the car tire pressure will be puncture
The cause of the puncture: tires were punched, bad repair, valve rubber aging, check the pressure after the valve core is not reset, etc., the above conditions will lead to tire fatigue, lack of air pressure.
Q:Tire Sizing?
they all determine but the first number is how tall the tire is the second is how wide..the wheel size bigger the wheel smaller the profile.... the last is the size of wheel.... whats the size of tire you working with.... here try this site you can put in your info and get a somewhat of what you need
Q:Tires balanced and rotated??
$36.00 dollars unless you bought they from there and have the lifetime warranty then it would be free.

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