Laptop Adapter 20V3.25A

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Product Description:

1.Over-current protection,

2.over Voltage protection,

3.Short circuit protection,





1)entrada: 110 - 240V 50/60Hz

2)Salida: 20 V 3.25A

3)Sugerencia tamano: 5.5*2.5mm 

4)proteccion total para los ordenadores portatiles

5)100% compatible original   

6)Diversos alambres para la opcion para satisficar su estandar local 


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Q:Hello, my laptop power adapter can be used directly but can not charge the battery
Three: motherboard failure Motherboard failure caused by the notebook is not charging laptop repair is the most encountered, because it is doing chip-level maintenance, the general power and battery caused by the charge in the hands of the board-level maintenance staff will be resolved, not to our hands. There are two cases of motherboard failure, from simple to difficult is the power port - circuit failure First said the power port, this is relatively simple, the performance is not when the battery is sometimes power-down, charging off the power, with the hand to move the power port can make judgments, there is the interface between the battery and the motherboard Weld can cause no charge failure The Related content: "laptop power port replacement" Then there is a circuit failure. Generally, the charging circuit and the protection isolation circuit are faulty. Such as the common charging IC MAX1772 (Quanta foundry models) ADP3860 (classic IBM models commonly used in the charging chip). In addition to the chip itself is easy to damage, the surrounding circuit damage is also seen. Such as saponins smaller than the regulator diode, in the early maintenance work, there is no circuit and point map, repair this failure is quite time-consuming. There is EC itself and the surrounding circuit failure, EC is the charge of the IC's higher-level circuit, is responsible for opening and closing the charging circuit, do not elaborate here.
Q:Notebook power adapter jacks hot cause
Or the adapter is hot, my adapter is very hot after running out of the computer, which has nothing to do with the vents, because the power supply through the adapter to the computer power supply, and the adapter itself will have the power to convert energy into heat, it will be made Hot, very simple daily physical problems, just like the bulb will be hot like
Q:ASUS notebook A45V power adapter model
Different batches, the use of power are different. As long as the output voltage is suitable, the current is large enough.
Q:19V 3.42A notebook can use 20V 4.5A power adapter?
It is best not to use, the voltage is too large easy to burn the power, damage to the notebook, it is recommended to use the same voltage. The way to tell you a little power knowledge, to prevent deceived: << usually imitation of the 20-50 dollars, renovation of the original 60-150, the real original in the 150-200 between the general, and the national security >> Need a laptop power adapter friends can go to my store to see, there are Genius original brand adapter, with the original original quality of the original, compared with the replica with the refurbished much stronger, and the price is cheap. Click on my name - login my image on the website - into my Taobao shop, you can view the details, we want to help.
Q:Laptop power adapter must match?
but the rated power is too low, you can change the higher power, but never for a lower, the original 90w you will change the 65w power shortage, often restart Is a normal result, like the desktop power supply power is not the same as the power will restart, only in the energy-saving mode (safe mode and u disk pe system also) can barely use, can not play large games or other large software, long time
Q:Notebook power adapter why there is no cooling hole
Notebook adapter due to the portability often need to move in order to avoid dust and water stains and other notebook power adapter are sealed, of course, the most important thing is to avoid leakage because it may be used in bed, such as fear of fiber wire wrapped around It is absolutely impossible for you to drill with a time bomb
Q:My laptop power adapter is broken, the standard is 16V, 3.75A, now there is a 12V, 3A adapter can be used?
The best do not use, to the market to buy a adapter of the same specifications it, in order to a power supply if the laptop broke more worthless!
Q:Lenovo z460 laptop power adapter voltage is how much ah
Standard power supply is 19V 4.25A, 3.42A can also be used, but easy to heat
Q:Original notebook power adapter burned out, the current is the original 3.95A is equipped with 4.74A, you can use it?
Do not be small on the line. The original 3.95A you that is integrated graphics it, alone significant notebook power consumption, the current is large, I was 4.74A
Q:Laptop power supply is bad
Generally the root line is the root and the socket connected to the line and the adapter connected to loose, nothing, the main line from the adapter to pull up in the plug, the general plug point on it. If not for this reason that is connected with the laptop at the loose, it is best to change the adapter
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