Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Car Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Industrial Car Drum Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Car Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Car Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Model: 79

Model No. 



Wet&Dry use,Blow fuction,with Hook,Power Socket(optional),Drain device


* Unit dimension


* Color 


* Input voltage

100V-240V 50/60Hz 

* Dust tank capacity


* Vacuum


* Air flow


* Noise


* Thermostat


* Cable length 


* Dram material


* Accessory 

2-in-1 small tool, 1.5m hose

1pc metal telescopic tube or 2pcs plastic tubes, 1pc HEPA filter,1pc dust bag

* Brush

1pc plastic or metal bottom brush

* Plug


* Nominal power 



* Gift box: 


* Master carton: 


* Quantity/GB: 


* Packaging material: 

Double corrugated cardboard

* loading qty (20'/40'/40H'): 


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* G.W.: 


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Q6. Where is your factory located?

We are located in Shenzhen China.


Q7.What is the after-sale service?

With 12 months warranty.

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Q:Why are electric vacuum cleaners so loud and electric cars are so quiet?
in vehicles,provided a silencer for reducing noise.the fact that Electric motors are very quiet than IC engines used in vehicles.Now a day many companies make quiet vaccum cleaner.
Q:What is.are the best vacuum cleaners?
Sebos are good. had several Dyson's die on me
Q:Any unintended consequences of Vacuum Cleaners?
I noticed you brought that up on Patient PAws question about this. I am confused though, is it for SELLING 50 dogs, or BREEDING 50 dogs (as in 50 b*tches or a mix). WOuld you be OK with the cap on a number of dogs you can own, or not counting co-ownership (though that could mean that puppy mills would just have 100 owners of the dogs and they could be called boarding facilities) The laws already on the books are too vague and expensive to enforce, and while I will admit I don't know specifics about the laws we have it seems like capping the number of dogs is an easy way to monitor things other than specific laws about conditions that can be more easily avoided. I think that a reaonable cap is a good idea, though like you point out what is reasonable is up for discussion. How many puppies can a responsible breeder be connected to in a year? 100? 150? FInd some number less than the worst of the worst puppy mills but above the good breeders. It isn't a magic cure, just a start. I think the real answer to stopping puppy mills is for people to stop buying, but laws certainly would speed up the process. I was just thinking about all the arguments for laws with animals. People say we need to fucus on our problems but with animals the sad part is they have easy solutions! If people would only get pets they could afford and leave breeding to the people who know what they are doing, there would be no need for shelters and those resources coudld be put to work on arguably more important but much more complicated problems! I would like to see something done, I know that nothing will make this just go away but I think SOME step is necessary. And if nothing else, talking about this law is helping educate people about puppy mills, so be thankful for that part of it at least. Pets are a luxury, why do we even need to waste money on these issues!? It sickenss me that people are so irresponsible we need to be baysat like that.
Q:Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood/tile floors?
A canister style vac is better as opposed to one of the upright vacs. Why? Because with a canister vac, the hose attachment has special attachments made espcially for hard floors. It is easy to manuever the long arm of the hose around too, where as an upright is large and bulky and won't go into tight corners. I have had a Sears cannister style vac for years with my hard floors and I love it. there is no susbstitute. There is a carpet attachment too, which makes it the most versatile vaccum out there.
Q:find local parts for dirtdevel vacuum cleaners?
Small appliance repair shop
Q:Are Oreck vacuum cleaners really worth the extra expense?
I am of the opinion that you can't go wrong purchasing an Oreck product. It is quality--and they have the ability to back up their quality with great service from one of their 450 Clean Home Center stores. To all the Oreck bashers out there--get a life. You are so misinformed. As far as the Consumer Reports ratings, they are a non-objective rating company. They don't accept any sort of advertising money, but will give your product a great review if your company donates to their foundation. That sounds like extortion to me. Don't believe anything you read there--just that the #1 rated product is probably not the best one!!! Buy an Oreck and you will be happy forever!!!!
Q:Why is my dog afraid of the vacuum and how do I stop it?
She obviously just doesn't like the noise. Let her outside before vacuuming.
Q:Which came first, the vacuum or the carpet?
A very interesting question. The thing that you have to remember is that practicality almost always takes a back seat to comfort and appearance. The look and feel of carpet is something that people would love to have, whether they can clean it or not. I think that carpet came first, and the vacuum was made to help take care of the issues that arose from it.
Q:Is there any difference between any Hoover Vacuum Cleaners or are they all the same?
there all the same and dont clean very good go with a Dyson
Q:Do you think that witches are extinct species for reason...?
I think that may be the reason. Interesting theory!

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