Hydrated Lime 90%

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Chemical Name: Hydrated Lime 90%


CAS Number: 1305-62-0

HS Code: 2825.90

EINECS Number: 215-137-3

UN Number: 3262

Molecular Weight: 74.10

Specific Gravity: 2.24

Appearance: White powder    


Mesh (BSS): 250


Manufacturing of Bleaching Powder

Process Water Demineralization

Waste Water Neutralization

Fluxing or Clarifying

Stabilization of hazardous waste

Fuel gas De-sulphurisation

Calcium Hypochlorite Bleaching of Paper pulp

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Q:How to see the whole bread of the alkali alkali small
Sniffing Such as the smell of the dough, indicating that the alkali is placed properly. (4) catch. Hand dough, such as dough sinking, inelastic, that the alkali put more; if not sticky, nor sink, and there is a certain flexibility, that alkali is just right. (5) taste. Will be rubbing the base of the dough to pull a little bit into the mouth taste, if the sour that alkali less; if the alkali astringent taste, that the alkali put more; if you feel sweet, that is, alkali is appropriate The
Q:Is the base and baking soda the same substance?
Alkali is sodium carbonate, is granular, a bit like white sugar, baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, powder
Q:What are the characteristics of the composition of the base?
The anions obtained when ionizing are all OH- are bases; alkali: OH- and metal ions (or NH4).
Q:Are there any side effects of edible alkali?
In the process of hair will have a microbial acid, dough after the initiation of acid, must be added alkali, in order to produce a delicious pasta;
Q:What is the role of alkaline powder
Hair thicken
Q:Why does not the base noodles rub?
Yes, you are not practicing
Q:Does the alkaline battery pollute the environment?
China Battery Industry Association executive vice president and secretary general Wang Jingzhong pointed out: "green alkaline alkaline manganese battery products," the introduction of China's alkaline manganese batteries marked the main environmental indicators have reached the world advanced level. This time the introduction of alkaline manganese battery brand, the battery mercury content of 0.0001% below, and not contaminated soil mercury content close. Waste batteries have little impact on the environment. According to the State Environmental Protection Administration on October 9, 2003 announced the "waste battery pollution control technology policy" provides that the waste mercury-free alkaline manganese batteries can be mixed with domestic waste collection and landfill.
Q:What is the harm to the human body?
Should be appropriate. Alkali, destruction of vitamins, but also a combination of some toxins, if too much intake of alkaline food, will be harmful to the body, easy to damage the absorption of vitamins, sepsis patients, is not conducive to good health!
Q:Do you eat too much alkali to harm your body?
Excessive intake of alkali hazards: The disadvantage of edible alkali is the food in the vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin C has a strong destructive effect, and will affect the body of certain minerals absorption and utilization, so do not overuse.
Q:What is the big base?
Large alkali is the main component of sodium carbonate.

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