HUAYUAN High-end Biomass Burner--232KW

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Product Description:

This burner is 232KW one.


Innovative product in China--biomass burner. Brand: HUAYUAN

Specification: 58~1395KW  Burner over 1395KW can be modularized.

The III generation biomass burner promoted in July 2014:

1. We use the casting modularized hearth. The boiler core is the only thing to be replaced in the post maintenance of burner. It is cheap and easy to change the modular fittings.

2. Generation III biomass burner adopts hyper heat-resistant casting material, replacing I and II generation material, which makes less cost and more stable performance.

3. The actual capacity of traditional burner is 70%, HUAYUAN marks authentic datas on the nameplates.

4.  HUAYUAN product has hyper-high temperature efficiency burnning tar and other harmful substance totally which will not be attached to the tubes to cause block.

5. The flame colour of HUAYUAN product combustion is white and blue, realizing clean combustion.  

6. Solve the problem that no coking fuel could be used in the traditional burner. More biomass fuel could be applied.

7. One-button control system to set fire, feed bunker, and control temperature automatically.

8. Equipped with dust blower system, which could be cleaned after long-time usage. Different size of reducer adapter could be made according to customers' requirement.

9. Widely applied to high temperature required conditions as coal-fired, natural gas-fired and oil burning boiler reconstruction, as well as industrial drying painting.

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Q:Design considerations for boilers
Considering the actual benefits of the boiler room, not only depends on the boiler thermal efficiency, but also take into account the energy consumed by the boiler auxiliary.
Q:What is the water hardness of the boiler?
Q2 ------- The total enthalpy of the heat generated by the consumption of gas per unit of time
Q:What kind of boiler
1. According to the structure can be divided into pot boiler (fire tube boiler), water pipe boiler and water fire tube boiler.
Q:Characteristics of biomass boilers
The unvulcanized fuel is moved toward the rear of the grate until it burns, and the remainder of the remaining ash falls into the dross at the back of the grate.
Q:What happens when the steam boiler is full of water
Full water accident can be divided into mild water and severe full water.
Q:What is the full name of the CFB boiler?
CFB boiler is circulating fluidized bed boiler.
Q:How to choose the boiler
Power boilers include power plant boilers, ship boilers and locomotive boilers, etc., corresponding to power generation, ship power and locomotive power.
Q:Design of Boiler Furnace
The drum is made of high quality thick steel plate and is one of the most important parts of the boiler.
Q:Boiler water vapor system
Water in the water wall tube to absorb the furnace radiant heat to form a mixture of water and water through the riser to reach the drum
Q:Why the boiler hoisting the first after the next, the first two sides after the middle of it
Anyway, there is only one reason that is easy to "place" and construction.

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