Hot Blast Furnace Applied Refractory Silica Brick

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refractory silica brick
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Hot blast furnace&glass furnace applied refractory silica brick

Introduction of refractory silica brick  

Refractory silica brick is dense shaped refractory material and the main materials is SiO2.

Features of refractory silica brick

1) Silicon oxide is above 95%.

2) Good acid glass furnace erosion resistance.

3) High softening point with temperature.

4) No shrink in burn repeatedly.

5) Temperature of refractoriness under load is above 1650º C


Stable Capability, High Quality, Excellent Service, Competitive price is the most important advantage of our products.

Our capacity:

We have 2 tunnel kiln with 168meters length and 25 sets of compressing  machine with 300-500tons capacity. with the annual capacity more than 50,000tons .

Application of refractory silica brick

They are widely used for hot blast furnace,coke oven,glass furnace.The products can be made according with the customers' requirement.

Physical and chemican index:


Bottom, WallOthers
SiO2,%                                                                             ≥95
0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load , °C                    ≥

crystal silica :1650

cementation silica (ShanXi province): 1620

Permanent Linear Change after heating(%),




Apparent Porosity(A.P),%                                              ≤22(23)24
Cold Crushing Strength(C.C.S), Mpa                         ≥3025
Real Density g/m3                                                         ≤2.342.35
Rate Of Thermal Expansion (R.T.E)(1000°C),%      ≤1.281.30
Residual Quartz (%)                                                      ≤1

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Q:What is the silica refractory products?
Refractory brick with silica content greater than 90%.
Q:The hot blast stove when the temperature did not rise against the brick interface decreased
Insulation of hot blast stove, key insulation silica brick hot stove, hot blast stove is shutdown or need repairing in blast furnace.
Q:Why is the new trend of the high thermal conductivity of silica brick
The use of high thermal conductivity of silica brick, reducing coke fuel consumption, reduce emissions of pollutants such as NOx, with considerable economic benefits and social benefits, is the future direction of the new technology of using coke oven refractory.
Q:Can not use it two brick
The softening temperature is up to 1640~1670 DEG C, and the volume is stable at high temperature for a long time.
Q:How much is the highest melting point of silicon?
Mainly used for partition, carbonization chamber of coke oven and combustion chamber open hearth furnace regenerator and a sediment chamber, soaking furnace, glass melting furnace refractories and ceramic kiln, kiln vault and other load-bearing parts. Also used for high temperature bearing part of hot blast stove and acid open hearth furnace
Q:Why will expand when heated brick
Because the production of raw materials are silica brick, brick with SiO2 content of not less than 95% of silica as raw materials, adding mineralizer and binder, through mixing, molding, drying, sintering and other processes in the system
Q:What is the effect of the content of silicon nitride in silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide brick on the use of electrobath? Thank you
The main damage of silicon carbide side wall brick is stress damage, not chemical erosion. Chemical damage is formed prior to the formation of the groove, and the damage to the chemical erosion is little after the formation of the groove.
Q:The production of brick, the ingredients of why join the waste brick?
Too much addition will reduce the refractory and mechanical strength, increase porosity, so the amount of waste brick should not be too much.
Q:What is the main material of silica brick
An acid refractory consisting mainly of quartz and square quartz and a small amount of residual quartz and glass.
Q:How to improve the thermal conductivity of the coke silicabrick rate?
To improve the thermal conductivity of silica brick for coke oven rate method:Manufacture of high density and high thermal conductivity of silica brick, adding additives such as CuO, Cu2O, TiO2, Fe2O3, (FeO), can improve the thermal conductivity of silica brick.

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