High Speed Slim HDMI Cable With 3D Ethernet And 1080P For Ps3,Dvd Hdtv

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High speed Slim HDMI cable with 3D Ethernet and 1080P For PS3,DVD HDTV




1)  Supports 10-bit, 12-bit and 16-bit color depths for deeper, more accurate colors

2)  Works with 3D TVs and components
3)  Handles video resolution 1080p and beyond for next generation displays
4)  Delivers high-speed Internet connectivity to compatible devices, eliminating the need for a separate Ethernet cable
5)  Includes an Audio Return Channel, allowing TVs to send audio data without the need for a separate audio connection


• v1.4 HDMI A-19 pin to A-19 pin,36AWG,OD 3.6mm,Zinc alloy shell,6ft
100% Triple Shield
• 24k gold plated connector,99.99% Oxygen
Free Copper Conductor
• 4k x 2K resolution (4 times higher resolutions
as 1080p; max. 4096x2160 bei 24Hz)
• Supports more color spaces as DSC and
sYCC601, Deep Color ,X.V.color
• HDCP conform
• Internet via HDMI (HEC) Audio Return Channel
(ARC) 3D support with a resolution up to 1080p
• 9ft&25ft cable are with Redmere chipset



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This is the oxidation of copper wire, will seriously affect the resistance, resulting in the discharge capacity is generally the quality of copper, but off more impurities.
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Q:How does digital TV restore the wrong key
Digital TV press the wrong key, you can restore the following steps: First, the set-top box was standby. Solution: You can restart the set-top box by pressing the Power key from the set-top box remote control. Second, the TV is switched to other sources, can be resolved by: . according to the TV remote control "source" button; . the TV screen will display "Video 1" "Video 2" "USB" "HDMI1" "HDMI2" "VGA" "YUV" and other options; . through the up and down keys to select items, left and right key to determine options; . for example: If the high-definition set-top box with high-definition multimedia interface cable connected to the TV, Select the corresponding high-definition multimedia interface ("HDMI1" or "HDMI2"); if it is SD set-top box, with audio and video cable connected to the TV, then the TV signal source switch to the corresponding "video 1" Or "Video 2".
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Copper cross-sectional area is larger, better heat dissipation, used in power distribution cabinets and sealed places for hard connection. The cable is soft and can be laid directly outdoors.
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You do not have to use digital multimedia player can use the computer direct TV, because the price of buying a digital multimedia player and a desktop computer is almost the price
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Now basically with copper, home in the main line with 2.5 copper core, with 1.5 copper cable can be, air conditioning line to do a separate line, according to the size of the selection, the general 4mm copper core is enough
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Very simple, if your DVD with HDMI interface can be accessed directly, if not the red, green and blue DVD connected to the TV, with the weight to see, because the TV video interface is only a group, if you do not understand the message
Q:Hisense TV connection set-top box is not clear, the TV on the component video 2 and audio input and video 1 difference
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and now inserted in the AV2 ridicule tank Intuit anti-boudoir fruit , Because the video line plug is not broken, only inserted two audio, but transferred to the av2 nothing, is that so? I thought that only plug the audio line should have at least a voice ah The Do not know now is the set-top box is also broken? The The
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Wire tube are generally 4 points PVC pipe, 4 points PVC pipe has . the first is the best, the tube can be used to bend the spring to better quality is the price of a point in the 3 yuan or so, the first Two kinds of quality is almost bent to use the elbow three links a tube now the price in about 2 yuan.Third quality of the worst wall is relatively thin to wear a line to the next tube to bend some also will break the price in 1 Money around, PVC pipe is generally white, buy wire materials shop can buy, threading generally require electrician power all the way to wear a tube, and now electricians are trying to facilitate 2 way to wear a tube so bad heat, you said Easy to repair I suggest you call the electrician a layer of a distribution box!

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