High Quality Mhl Cable HDMI Converter For Samsung Galaxy S4

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1.Micro USB to HDMI adapter cable:2M

2.USB 2.0 for power source(PC,Monitor,Charger)

3.Output Connectors: HDMI for HDTV 

4.Output Video: up to 1080p 

5.Input Connectors: 5-pin micro USB male for Smart phone

6.Audio:8 channel (e.g.7.0 surround) digital audio.

7.Works with all MHL enabled mobile phones and tablets. 

8.Use the TV's remote to control and access content on your phone.

9. Supports content with high bandwidth digital content protection(HDCP)

10.Supports 1080p HD video ,digital audio and HDCP copy protection  

11.Provides power to the mobile device

12.Power Requirement: 5V DC up to 0.1A USB 2.0  

13.Bandwidth: 25-75MHz   



1.Contact :Copper Alloy ,Selective Gold or Tin Plating over Nickel

2.Housing:High Temperature Thermoplastic,UL94V-0 rated.

3.Spacer:High Temperature Thermoplastic,UL94V-0 rated.

4.Front Shell:Stainless Steel.

5.Up Shell/Down Shell:Spcc, Nickel plating



1.Current Rating:Signal(Pin2,3,4):1.0A Power(Pin1,5):1.8A

2.Voltage Rating:100V AC

3.Operating temperature:-20°C ~ +85°C


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Q:Why is there a green line on the PCB diagram?
With the PKPM in the steel structure design STS module you can understand the next
Q:How do I watch VCD on a digital TV?
Cable shield to be completely peeled, put on heat shrink tubing, both are grounded. Shielded cable, mainly to protect the outside world electric field interference, control the cable itself, the working voltage and current are strong electrical properties, the interference of external interference slow control of many other control cable is turned weak transmission signal. When the outside world has strong electrical interference, the transmission of the weak signal may be seriously distorted, so that the control system out of control, or even damage the connected instrument or instrument, accidentally, the cable itself will be breakdown of the control cable withstand the ability to withstand voltage is not only One of the determinants of the maximum allowable value of the ground potential is determined, and it is an important basis for determining the grounding mode, the grounding point and the laying path of the cable shield and the insulation fit. The control cable to withstand the power frequency over-voltage, DC over-voltage and lightning over-voltage characteristics of the experimental study. The purpose of the test program is to test the operation of the control cable due to system failure caused by ground potential rise, the cable shield in the induction of over-voltage wave intrusion when the insulation performance. The control cable is stripped at both ends of the switch and in the control room and tied to the screen cabinet. The shield is connected to one or both ends of the shield. When the ground potential rises, the cable shield may be on the core, Parts of the core of the counterattack.
Q:When the interior decoration, the roof on the alignment do not casing ah? At that time the slot is very small, the electrical preparation of bare wire, okay? I have no ceiling
But the patch panel to the patch panel, or patch panel to the module line termination length of the best is greater than 10 meters or there may be test problems We had a six-room project, the main cabinet on the patch panel connected to a recent branch cabinet wiring frame line is the shortest distance of 15 meters, the results of the Fluke test did not pass, and finally through the use of increased rj45 jumper length Add the length of the test rj45 jumper to 25) meters to solve the problem The link is too short to have an impact on the test
Q:Computer and TV HDMI connection When watching movies, how to set the computer in order to continue to watch movies without affecting the TV at the same time, they can play computer?
First batch of ash, brush paint. And then nail the trough wiring. Gray walls are easy to nail the trough, and the wiring will not cause secondary pollution. Finished products are much easier to route.
Q:What is the standard household power line? Such as the main line and the feeder line is the number of specifications? Copper or aluminum?
The solution is simple, please change the time period or on another target site
Q:How to display the computer to the TV
To display the computer's picture on the TV: 1. Insert the data cable (VGA or HDMI) into the notebook or desktop computer and plug it into the corresponding connector on the TV. . notebook or desktop computer power and boot, TV power and boot. . with the remote control panel in the TV to select the source VGA or HDMI (according to the data line selection). . in the desktop or notebook press Fn + projection key F5 (some computer F4 or F6). . in the pop-up dialog box, select the projection or copy. (The projection is only on the TV display screen, copied for desktop or notebook and TV are displayed on the screen). . TV screen appears, with the mouse installed computer resolution for the resolution of desktop monitors. Tip: HDMI cable can simultaneously sound and video, TV can display the screen and with sound. And VGA line, then the TV shows only the screen, you need to connect another speaker out of the computer.
Q:I was deLLoptlplex360 machine unplug the power cord after the boot can not open how to do
To see what kind of office furniture you are now the office furniture Metropolitan comes with the trunking, as long as the line from the like through, such as the screen, in the bottom of the aluminum plate in the table below the general table can be found it.
Q:How are the fleas, how to quickly and effectively destroy them?
The cross-sectional area of a single cross-sectional area is 0.18 ÷ 2 = 0.. 0.09² × 3.14 × 20 = 0.508 square. .27 shares 0.12 of the diameter of the line, the cross-sectional area is 0.12 ÷ 2 = 0..0.06 ² × 3.14 × 27 = 0.305 square.
Q:Why do not even the computer with the TV set
Why is this? The original is to prevent the poles from rotting
Q:Electrical construction, the cable pipe laying, the nozzle protection cable what way? Thank you!
First, the composition of the patch panel, the role of patch panels by the connection module, lightning protection device, line connection line. The connection relationship of a pair of subscriber lines is shown in the following figure: The connection line connecting the wiring module on the switchboard side of the switch and the wiring module on the user's telephone side. Cable connection module: points along the card slot and the next along the card slot, the corresponding up and down along the card slot in the card knife is connected (belong to the same conductor). The main role: to facilitate the circuit (line) distribution and scheduling. to facilitate the maintenance and management of the switch. is conducive to the neat and beautiful room. Second, the wiring information is mainly what the main content: . the user (including free users) Device number: the user's physical location on the switch, the user's user board in the switch location and the user on the user board position two Part of the composition; for example: SSU12A machine a device number for the 5-4-.5 meaning for the fifth user terminal port rack, 4 for the user board where the channel number, 6 for the user board user serial number ( Corresponding to the user board seventh user); MSX-50 device number from the channel number and the user board on the location of two parts. . the user (including free users) in the patch panel of the physical location consists of two physical location: the user in the "switch side of the user board wiring cabinet (rack)" on the physical location, corresponding to a wiring cabinet the user in the "user side of the terminal terminal frame (frame)" on the physical location, corresponding to a wiring cabinet a wiring module a card slot; . the user phone number . the user's telephone number, User name . the user level and the user has the function . cable core chromatography (not important).

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