High Quality Mhl Cable HDMI Converter For Samsung Galaxy S4

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1.Micro USB to HDMI adapter cable:2M

2.USB 2.0 for power source(PC,Monitor,Charger)

3.Output Connectors: HDMI for HDTV 

4.Output Video: up to 1080p 

5.Input Connectors: 5-pin micro USB male for Smart phone

6.Audio:8 channel (e.g.7.0 surround) digital audio.

7.Works with all MHL enabled mobile phones and tablets. 

8.Use the TV's remote to control and access content on your phone.

9. Supports content with high bandwidth digital content protection(HDCP)

10.Supports 1080p HD video ,digital audio and HDCP copy protection  

11.Provides power to the mobile device

12.Power Requirement: 5V DC up to 0.1A USB 2.0  

13.Bandwidth: 25-75MHz   



1.Contact :Copper Alloy ,Selective Gold or Tin Plating over Nickel

2.Housing:High Temperature Thermoplastic,UL94V-0 rated.

3.Spacer:High Temperature Thermoplastic,UL94V-0 rated.

4.Front Shell:Stainless Steel.

5.Up Shell/Down Shell:Spcc, Nickel plating



1.Current Rating:Signal(Pin2,3,4):1.0A Power(Pin1,5):1.8A

2.Voltage Rating:100V AC

3.Operating temperature:-20°C ~ +85°C


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Q:Laptop without HDMI interface, how to output video?
The older should be the VGA interface ... not the HDMI interface ... your TV with VGA interface can be output now the LCD TV seems to be HDMI interface ... older TV may be VGA ... such as Screenshot on the left side of the VGA interface on the right side of the HDMI interface ... you see yourself ... what interface
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Walk out of the line must first pretend to do paint and then install hydropower
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Cable when the thick cable, if it is 10kV cable, then the nozzle does not need any protection, with a clay or fire bag plug to prevent the mouse into the can. If the secondary control cable, then with a hard tube, the mouth can be blocked with a fire mud.
Q:Pvc wire tube 4 points and 6 points What is the difference between the general home improvement what
Completely no problem, cost is also considered high, three-core CPU with 770 open core board, 2G three generations of memory, 500G hard drive coupled with HD5770. Very good performance of the computer! Which HD5770 graphics card is a mid-range graphics, you can play most of the DX11 game, picture quality than DX10 has a great upgrade! If the landlord like racing games, it is recommended that the landlord also download a "dust 2" DX11 picture of the speed game! By the way, 440 also 500 price, and I3 is the price of 730 +, plus 150 yuan? Upstairs funny? There is also, I3 in some games are defeated X. but not spike AMD quad-core, I3 is dual-core, can be defeated in the game X4635 has been good, but on the AMD 4 and L3cpu, only lose the copies.
Q:Who knows what is the name of the stuff in the picture? Everyday life is often seen, but want to buy and do not know what it is called. The
It is recommended to use HDMI to VGA, DVI conversion port a lot of good quality
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YJV refers to the polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed power cable VV refers to the PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable The main difference is that the insulating material is different
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General new LCD TV will have an audio interface, and you look for the audio line in Jingdong on the line. Both are 3.5MM, that is, from your computer that interface wiring to the TV.
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4850 for gtx260 + is a card some games have compatibility issues In fact, 3a platform and a + n compared to no obvious benefits 790 for 780 games 20-inch as the 19-inch resolution of 20 inches is not suitable for playing games cpu budget On the l did not make do with the game on the cpu depends on the big Unless you want to engage in video processing memory with 1333 or the effect can be more obvious for 1066 also can not save a few money
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There is no way yet. Like a pipe in the wall you can know that there is a connector?
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This is not difficult to identify! . see inside the accessories have not been grinding, many factories do not spare parts, but lost and wasted, had to wear it will be used. . the number of accessories, accessories more, the greater the problem may be. . the quality of the motor, lock the heart of the problem is the largest motor, and now is better Wanbao to. . switch, lock heart inside there are three switches, one is the lock switch, one is the lock switch and there is a tongue switch, a good switch is the price is several times worse. This may not see all of a sudden, but you can look inside the line, the core will not use too bad switch. . look at the lock heart of the bracket, this is the insulation used to do the best is not the use of plastic, but with nylon, nylon color does not look good, no gloss, but can not 10 years of aging, and plastic Can only use 3 years or so .. look at the lock heart shell, the national standard is 2 mm thick Oh, now the market is mostly 1.2-1.5. 7 to see the tongue, oblique out of not less than 14 mm, the tongue can not be less than 25 mm. Insurance out of 7 mm to start the insurance function. The The The I know so much

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