High Quality Flower Pattern Ceramic Top Bath Cabinet

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General Introduction

High Quality Flower Pattern Ceramic Top Bath Cabinet Bathroom Vanity. Various types and colors available, flat and smooth surface,easy to clean and to keep spotless.



1. Material: PVC board

2. Installation: wall-wounted

3. Main Cabinet Size: 800 x 460 mm

4. This product is ceramic top



Use for bathroom, hotel and so on.


Customized options

Customized label/ Logo can be made onto Packing box.


About product

1. Water-proof, antiseptic defending insects and fire-proof.

2. Sound insulation, heat insulation light weight.

3. The surface flat and smooth, clean. can be used for a long time.


Packaging & Delivery



1 x Brown Carton



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Q:What kind of bathroom cabinet plate?
Oak has a unique wood, heartwood decay, high density, hard texture, is a hardwood class. Made with oak made of household items with mahogany furniture dignified dignified and noble advantages. But the price is much lower than the mahogany, due to the many advantages of oak, the material is widely used in the production of beer barrels, wine barrels, bathroom barrels, flooring, outdoor wood bridge. Is the best material for making bathroom cabinets. Oak by color to points can be divided into: white oak and red oak two, China's production is extremely rare, generally imported in the United States, Malaysia and Thailand. There are also MDF, blockboard, moisture board in this one is not introduced, and the current market, most of the high-grade products are using solid wood (oak board).
Q:What can I use to to clean caked on hairspray in my bathroom/vanity?
I am in the cleaning business and here is our secret! Try this cleaning cloth. You have to buy in packages of 5 but they are only like $3 bucks a piece. I have ordered them and use them on everything, especially cleaning windows and clean mirrors. They are made out of tiny fibers. They are guaranteed not to scratch and all you do is rinse the cloth under water, wring it out and wipe ANY surface with no streaks or scratch. Use em over and over. I have not thrown one away yet! I even waxed my car with it! I am sold on this ...I encourage you to try it out.
Q:Nine animal husbandry multi-layer solid wood bathroom cabinet advantages
Wrigley brand is the guarantee of quality. Otherwise the group will not develop so fast. Wrigley is the 2017 Milan, China World Expo China National Pavilion Global Partner, China National Pavilion is the only designated bathroom brand. Now they have Farnisha, Anwar, match only Ya, the United States and Canada and other sub-brands, so you choose Wrigley or a few other brands are quality assurance. You can go to the arrowmall platform to see if there is a need for a product.
Q:African pear, African pear, hedgehog rosewood the difference between the three?
Hedgehog rosewood is a kind of mahogany, because of its material table has more drums, a bit like a hedgehog, so called hedgehogs red sandalwood. And because it is mainly produced in Africa, color and pattern more like pear, so the market is also a lot of people called "African pear."
Q:what is the height of a standard bathroom vanity cabinet?
Standard' height for a vanity cabinet is 30' plus the thickness of the top - If you're using cultured marble, that will be about 7/8' Granite is available in 2cm or 3cm thicknesses. Standard depth is 21 inches, as opposed to 24 inches for kitchen cabinetry. I have a lot of customers that prefer a taller vanity, so we manufacture alot of them at a 35 1/4 inch height now as well. This brings them to 36' with the top in place.
Q:Should I paint my bathroom vanity the same color as my wall?
If you want the room to appear larger, it would be best to paint the vanity a shade or two darker. You will get contrast without taking away from the enlarging appearance.
Q:What do you need to pay attention to?
Bathroom cabinet to solid wood is relatively upscale some, it is understood that the majority of the name of the market, the name of the bathroom cabinet counters are called "oak", the purchase of wood furniture, experts make you must think twice, many are not real Oak, the majority of manufacturers in order to pursue the interests of rubber wood as oak. Due to the reasons for the residual glue, it is difficult to distinguish between the hardness of red oak and rubber wood. Rubber woody pine texture, texture oblique, wood grain is not obvious, grain trace of a trace, little by little; oak heavy texture straight, thick structure, elegant color texture, mechanical strength is very high, wear resistance, generally not Alice Song deformation, steam bending performance is very good; heartwood is very durable, is the best production of bathroom cabinet material;
Q:Best Depth of Bathroom Vanity?
Floating vanities are great looking. You are *customizing* your vanity, meaning do not worry about average depths..create what works in that space. If your sink and taps fit, then depth will not matter. You can consider off set taps (off to one side), or coming out from the wall instead of the standard behind the sink saving some space too.
Q:How do I clean or cover up cigarette burns on a bathroom vanity and sink?
Go to the paint supply section of your local diy store and get a painters sanding sponge, in a fine grit work on the spots gently in a circular motion. . Note , even though the stains will come out. , The sanded areas may appear dull, or chalky compared to the original sheen on the surface. . I use lemon oil, and work it into the dull areas to restore this sheen. No cleaning product is going to remove the stains!
Q:Bathroom cabinet is called what is inside the toilet wash cabinet
Bathroom cabinet is the most professional name
The Company Produce reliable products, create a trusted brand, the idea is our career, Enterprises adhere to the solid quality as the cornerstone of the monument erected , and consumers to share new ware culture is our pursuit.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value About3,000,000
Main Markets Asia;Western Europe;North America
Company Certifications

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shenzhen
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6 people
Language Spoken: Chinese;English
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 4
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average