High Quality and Non-Asbestos Versatile Sandblasting Cutting Edge Calcium Silicate Board For Ceiling

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Product Description:

Product Applications:


Multi-function Board for ceiling is one type of exposed ceiling system and adapt the ES energy saving boards as the substrate. Besides the functions of ES energy saving boards, Multi-function boards have kinds of decorative effect such as pressed, sculpture, sandblasting, perforated, semi- perforated, Artistic, disparity level and so on. It becomes one of the most complete decorative ceiling on the market with outstanding performance including lightweight, sound-absorbing, anti-sagging, fireproof, moisture-proof, non-fallings, decorative and so on.


Product Advantages:

1. Commercial buildings: office building, entertainment venues, store, hotels, etc.

2. Industrial buildings: factory, office, etc.

3. Public buildings: hospitals, theater, station, school, airport, train station, etc.


Materials Performance Test:

Comparing with traditional materials, calcium silicate board have obvious advantages:




Main Product Features:

The moisture-resisting and fireproofing are very important for the application value of the newly developed building material.

The materials which have good fireproofing ability will not burn and develop the smoke in the firing site. It can effectively prevent the spreading of the flame as well as to protect the life and wealth. The moisture-resisting function defined the durability and the performance of the building material. Under the moisture condition the gypsum board and mineral fiber board are easy to absorb the water contents in the air so it will lead to the distortion and sagging of these materials.

The moisture-resisting ability of our Teralong’s boards are better than the other boards and have the adjustment ability, so its durability is 3 to 5 times as that of the other materials.

So the ceiling and partition system which were decorated by our board will not need frequently renovation.

Product Specifications:




ü   Our boards will be dehydrated before delivery, so boards should be placed on the flat dry warehouse ground or pallets.

ü   Each pallet should be covered with the tarpaulin or be packed in a nylon bag.

ü   During automatic or artificial operations, the edges or angles damage should be avoid.

ü   Do not place the boards vertically.

ü   Recommended piling height: single pallet height 1.2M or lower; Pallets total height 3.0M or lower.


ü   When loading, unloading, installing our boards, please carry it or put it carefully to avoid the edges, surfaces and angles damages. Meanwhile do not bend the boards, please.

Carry advice

ü   Two workers carry them together, the arms should be stretched enough to carry the length edges of the boards.

ü   Two workers carry them together; carry them vertically; Please carry two sheets boards together each time if the thickness is not more than 6mm.

ü   Just like woods or other building materials cutting, it will the cause the flying dust and powder when the boards are cut with the electrical cutting tool. So, the operators should wear the gauze mask and the working site should be with good ventilation and cleaned up after working.


ü   The installation should be finished by experienced operators or professional or trained operators.

ü   Please read the manual or instructions before installation.


High Quality and Non-Asbestos Versatile Sandblasting Cutting Edge  Calcium Silicate Board For Ceiling

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Q:What is calcium silicate board?
Part of my finishing part of the hair you see: fiber reinforced calcium silicate board (referred to as calcium silicate board) is inorganic mineral fiber or cellulose fiber and other loose fiber as a reinforcing material to calcium - siliceous material as the main cementing material , By the pulp, into the blank and high pressure steaming and other processes made of new environmentally friendly energy-saving sheet.
Q:Calcium silicate board and Matsumoto maintenance board is a plate it? And the difference between the pressure plate?
Only less than five domestic is not done asbestos-free sheet, the rest are all advertised asbestos. So choose to be careful! Asbestos calcium silicate board has a foreign Guangzhou Ettern, Guangdong new element board Co., Ltd. and several other! Production plants are mainly distributed in the south, the northern manufacturers rarely chrysotile asbestos, but the North will say that they do not contain. Although the cancer, but the state in order to take care of the interests of some people, still allowed to use.
Q:Calcium silicate sound - absorbing panels with what inspection lot
Silicon calcium board is a compact board, basically airtight. Relative to the sound-absorbing panels heavier and harder. Is a sealed plate. Mainly from the sound effects. That is to stop the sound on both sides of the space in the spread of space.
Q:Silicon calcium board is not the fire board silicon calcium board is not the fire board
Calcium silicate board is made of inorganic mineral fiber or cellulose fiber and other loose short fiber as a reinforcing material, with siliceous-calcium material as the main cementing material, pulping and molding, accelerating the curing reaction in high temperature and high pressure saturated steam to form Calcium silicate gel made of the plate. .[1] Is a good performance of the new building and industrial sheet, its products fire, moisture, noise, insect moth, durability is better, is the ceiling, cut off the ideal decorative plate.
Q:Glass magnesium board VS calcium silicate board who can be better
Ingredients: glass magnesium board for the magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride chemical reaction products, is one. Calcium silicate board is a cement, yellow sand aggregate, is a physical reaction. Color: glass magnesium board is generally milky white, magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride is the raw material color, density between 0.9-1.3, belonging to light fire board, and calcium silicate board in 1.5 or more, is a heavier a building materials.
Q:Hydrate calcium silicate gel under what circumstances
Hydrated calcium silicate is hydrated by tricalcium silicate and dicalcium silicate, or an aqueous compound synthesized from a silicon-containing material and a calcium oxide-containing material.
Q:Decorated with calcium silicate board to do the ceiling after the discovery of which contains asbestos ingredients. With the putty powder and paint brush brush is it harmful to the body only two of the impact of it?
Asbestos is a very large impact on the body, the best choice of asbestos-free calcium silicate board products, after the attention must be
Q:The difference between calcium silicate board and plywood
Plywood do not know the amount, but with the use of adhesive resin is certainly not environmentally friendly, there is no fully resistant to aging organic resin
Q:What is the size and classification of calcium silicate board? How do we choose the specifications for their own calcium silicate board?
Calcium silicate specifications are conventional specifications, that is, 1220x2440, or the use of conventional specifications more money, you want to be more expensive
Q:What is the difference between the board and the silicon board?
Et board is also known as calcium silicate board. Silicon calcium board is based on the improvement of gypsum board products

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