HEPA Central Filtration Vacuum Cleaner bagless household

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OEM Central Vacuum Cleaner,OEM

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Jiangsu China (Mainland)


Any One or Mix




Hepa Central Vacuum Cleaner


One 20FT

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Floor Dust Cleaner Packing: Product Size:365x255x265mm Giftbox Size: 400x310x310mm Loading Quantity: 20FT:700 units 40FT:1580 units 40HQ:1800 units

Delivery Detail:

45 Days for One Container Floor Dust Cleaner



Product Size: 380*255*265mm

Gift box Size: 400*310*310mm

NW: 4kg

GT: 6kg

20FT: 750pcs   40FT: 1580pcs     40HQ:1800pcs

Power: 1200W/ 1400W/1600W (1600W motor recommended)

Noise Level: 70dB (Under 1600W motor)

Dust Capacity: 1.5L

Airflow: 2.0m3/min (Under 1600W motor) 

Suction Power: 230W (Under 1600W motor) 

Filtration System: HEPA filtration

Cord Length: 5-6m

Voltage: 100V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V

Accessories & Parts information:

2 in 1 small tool; Normal brush; Hard floor brush;Hose;2 pcs plastic tube or metal telescopic tube

Feature: Nice design, High efficiency, HEPA outlet filter, Shared handle for dust bin and whole unit; Airflow control on handle; 360°swivel hose.



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I have a Shop-Vac Wall Mount between my two garage doors so it will clean both cars. It came with a wall bracket, about 12 ft of plastic hose attachments. Lots of power, good filter, 120 V. easy to clean-out with a large holding tank. I found it at a Menard's for less than $60. Works great!
Q:Is the usb vacuum cleaner has the enough suction power to suck the dust from laptop's air vent?
You dont want a vacuum for that. You dont want to suck, you want to blow (kinky) a vacuums suction creates static pressure, which can cause static electricity, which can cause damage. So either buy a blower/air compressor, or buy some canned air. Canned air is cheap (like $4-6 at any walmart), and should last awhile, and works very well at getting dust off components. Just make sure you disconnect power/battery from laptop, and never tilt the can (as that causes it to freeze and can cause damage), instead of moving the can, try moving your laptop to the can while its upright.
Q:Stick vacuum recommendations?
Stick vacuums come in cordless as well as standard plug-in models and while not having an electric cord adds to the versatility of the tool, it does mean pricey battery replacements, less power performance and recharging energy use. There's also the local availability of battery replacements that should be considered before buying a cordless vacuum. To decide whether a cordless model is right for your home, consider where you'll keep it and whether a plug-in is readily located. If a hands-off type of surface cleaning tool is more to your liking, a robot vacuum may be something to consider. Although much more expensive than a stick vacuum, a robot can do the job while you're out. If you don't like using a broom or mop to sweep or just want to shorten cleaning time, a stick vacuum is a quick way to clear crumbs and dirt from the dining or kitchen floor.
Q:Do Vacuum cleaners get rid of germs?
clorox came out with a product recently that is like their hard surface sanitizer but for fabrics. I like it and use it probably once a week on everything ( mattress, carpets, etc) It does however say that over time it may lead to fading of dark fabrics so beware.
Q:Why did God make men with British and Australian accents so good at selling vacuum cleaners on American TV?
They excel at selling blenders and car wax as well
Q:What is the mean of Vacuum cleaner?
Electric vacuum cleaners have been 100 years old, and for many people, it has become an indispensable household device, for obvious reasons
Q:Am I the only person who thinks this sucks?
whores suck too.
Q:Vacuum cleaners don't suck dirt into the bag, how do they actually work?
A vacuum cleaner has different parts which are 1 An intake port, which may include a variety of cleaning accessories 2 An exhaust port 3 An electric motor 4 A fan 5 A porous bag 6 A housing that contains all the other components . All these componet play very important role in vacuum cleaner. For a vacuum cleaner to operate, A vacuum's suction is caused by a difference in air pressure. An electric fan reduces the pressure inside the machine. Atmospheric pressure then pushes the air through the carpet and into the nozzle, and so the dust is literally pushed into the bag.
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner for concrete floors?
Dirt Devil- you will have to get on your hands and knees but it's great. I have tile so I understand about the sweeping and mopping it really sucks. I actually just got mine about two weeks ago and it rocks my world. Not too pricey either
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner brand around $100.?
In my experience, NONE of the mass market vacuums are much good. They are full of bright colors and features but as actual cleaning appliances they are merely fair. Worse than that, they are all prone to failing at a relatively young age. Spending more money on a Dyson is not a good investment. Its main gig is the gimmick of the bagless design. At work we use Sanitaire SC vacuums. SC is a commercial model but don't let that stop you - the goal is to get dirt off the carpet. Sanitaire used to be a division of Eureka, but Electrolux bought them out. Don't worry, it's still the same design they've been building since the 1960s. No joke. 1960s. I guess when you come up with something that works, you don't screw it up by changing it. Anyway, I have homeless workers helping clean the place up with these things. Being homeless volunteers you could reasonably expect them to be tough on the equipment, and you'd be right. But some of these vacuum cleaners are about six years old and still going strong. You can get parts easily on the internet (OKorder has just about everything) and most of the repairs, when repairs are needed, only require a screwdriver. Belt changes are done in seconds. Emptying out the bag takes two minutes, tops - less if you don't spring for the slightly more expensive, reusable cloth bag, but then you have to keep replacement bags around. Not a big deal and the bags are available everywhere. Sanitaire SC series vacuums are available around the $100 level. I've been using them for decades - no exaggeration - and have tried many other machines. I keep coming back to Sanitaires. Good luck with it.

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