Heavy duty casting wire rope electric hoist

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Heavy duty casting wire rope electric hoist  Heavy duty casting wire rope electric hoist  Heavy duty casting wire rope electric hoist  Heavy duty casting wire rope electric hoist

H series electric hosit for metallurgy is a metallurgy crane equipment mainly used for lifting molten metal. Its lifting capacity is less than or equal or equal to 10T and lifting height is less than or equal to 20m. The working environment temperature is -10~60 centigrade and relative humidity is less than 50% under the condition of 40 centigrade temperature.

Electric hoist has many protection functions such as double braking/double spacing/heat insulation plate and so on.



Reasonable structure, light dead weight
Favorable performance, accurate and smooth lifting.
Safe and reliable traveling
Low noise, easy operation,
Convenient maintenance, high exchangeability for parts and components



Technical Data:








Lift height(m)


Hoisting speed(m/min)





Traveling speed(m/min)






N0. Of connecting





Working system





Power source

                 380V 50HZ 3-phase

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