5T*6M DHS Electric Chain hoist highquality

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Product Description:


Quick Details

  • Condition: New

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: CNBM

  • Model Number: DHS-5T

  • Usage: Construction Hoist

  • Power Source: Electric

  • Sling Type: Chain

  • Maximum Lifting Weight: 5.5T

  • Maximum Lifting Height: 18 M

  • Lift Speed: 1M/MIN

  • Certification: CE and GS

  • Warranty: one year

  • After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided

  • certification: GS and CE

  • chain: G80

  • colour: as your require

  • lifting speed: 1M/MIN

  • voltage: 380v/220v/415v

  • 3M N.W: 57KG

  • 6M N.W: 60KG


Product Features:

Our electric hoist equipment reduces the physical effort required for lifting and handling operations that improved the working conditions and makes the operations safe.

1. Shell: Made of die-cast aluminum alloy, light but hard.

2. Motor: Adopt the Side Magnetic Series Braking Motor.

3. Gear: Made of alloy steel by carburizing quenching treatment. Thus transmission with low noise and high efficiency is guaranteed.

4. Inverse phase sequence protecting device: Control the circuit not work in case of wiring error in the power supply.

5. Side Magnetic Braking Device: Allows instant brake as soon as the electric power is cut off.

6. Chain Bag: Light. Attractive and durable

7. Chain: FEC G80 chain

8. Hook: Hot forging with perfect strength that is hard to break.


Product Picture

5T*6M DHS Electric Chain hoist highquality

5T*6M DHS Electric Chain hoist highquality

5T*6M DHS Electric Chain hoist highquality

5T*6M DHS Electric Chain hoist highquality

5T*6M DHS Electric Chain hoist highquality



Product Parameter

5T*6M DHS Electric Chain hoist highquality





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For more information on doing business with us, please check the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) as followed:

1. Do you accept Small order?

Only a trial sample order with small quantity is acceptable. Since we are a manufacturer and wholesaler, good quality at competitive price will help you save more cost. And quantity discount is provided.

2. How to order?

Please send us your purchase order by Email or Fax, or you can ask us to send you Performa Invoice for your order. We need to know the following information for your order:

1) Product information:

 Quantity, Specification including capacity, lifting height, power supply (such as 380V, 3phase, 50Hz), size, material, color and packing and Special requirements.

2) Delivery time: Please advise when you need the goods, if you need urgent order, do tell us in advance, then we can arrangle it well.

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We would like the send you sample for quality checking and testing. And buyer should pay for the sample cost and freight charges. And sample cost can be deducted from official orders accordingly, this is special for long terms business partners.

4. What is your payment term?

We accept T/T, Western Union in US dollars.

5. How will my order be shipped?

Usually shipped by sea, small or urgent order can be sent by Air or Express (DHL, TNT, UPS or FedEx) after approval.

6. Are you a factory? Where is it?

Yes, we are a professional manufacturer on this line for lifting equipment since 1999. Our factory is located in CNBM Industrial Park, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China. Welcome to visit our factory at any time!

7. What products can you supply?

We are specialized in chain block, lever block, electric hoist, electric winch, truss chain hoist for stage, manger lifter, cargo trolley, fork lifter, floor crane. Webbing slings, cargo lashing, hydraulic jack. And hoist accessories including load chain, wire rope, rigging, hook, pulley ans shackles etc.



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Q:What are the installation steps of the electric gourd and the items that need attention?
The electric gourd may be installed by many people, but the detailed steps are very few people can dictate It's opening the box. Before installation of commissioning, please send winding on the rope drum steel wire adhesive tape paper uncovered, scored only after commissioning, if in a hurry of commissioning, may cause rope roll back and limit plane crashed.
Q:What is the function of the electric gourd guide?
Rope guide is one of the indispensable parts wire rope electric hoist, wire rope hoist rope guide to make wire rope according to reel thread slot on the winding, not cross slot or overlap Around. But some enterprises on the wire rope electric hoist rope guide to wear serious, is not the role of the guide line, and the mechanic is not handled in time, the results when the guide line short circuit, control circuit failure hook hanging weight have been rising, Because of the guide rope device did not work, overlapping winding, wire rope guard is not limited, can't power outages, finally hook the electric hoist shell extrusion deformation, hook and heavy objects fell, almost out of the human life.
Q:What is normal CD1 electric gourd protection grade?
The wire rope adopts gb1102-74 (6X37 + 1) type hoisting wire rope, which guarantees durability. ♦ conical hoisting motor with large dynamic torque motor conical rotor asynchronous motor, brake and brake. The motor load has a continuous rate of 25%, the machine adopts B or F insulation, and the motor protection class is IP44 / P54.
Q:What is the power of the 3T electric block
The rated voltage of the main circuit of the gourd is 380 volts, and the rated frequency is 50 Hertz. The main power consumption component is the motor. 2, the electric motor of the gourd is usually two, lifting the motor and running the motor. As the weight varies, they vary in power, and the general rule is that the heavier the motor, the greater the rating. 3T electric gourd runs motor power of 0.4 kw, lifting motor power 4.5 kw
Q:Three tons of electric gourd, span 10 meters need what type of steel to be girder
G. The hook should be flexible in horizontal and vertical direction. The pulley should be flexible. I. Steel wire rope should not be clearly cracked, and lined up on the drum, no loose pulley groove, twist, buckle, etc., and the lubrication is good. There is no abnormality in the crane. K. electric hoist working environment temperature is 25 ~ + 40 ℃ L. electric hoist is not applicable to full of corrosive gas or relative humidity is more than 85% of the place, not a substitute for explosion-proof hoist, unfavorable lifting molten metal or toxic, flammable and explosive. (2) the electric gourd shall not be suspended from the side, and shall be prohibited from overloading.
Q:The safety operation of electric gourds has the attention matters
Electric hoist before the use should check the equipment of mechanical parts and electrical parts, wire rope, hook, limiter, etc should be in good condition, electric parts should be no leakage, should be good grounding device. The electric gourd should have a buffer, and the ends of the rails shall be fender.
Q:Is the electric block 3 tons in 2015 also used for inspection
The general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the general administration of quality inspection (aqsiq) (no. 114, 2014) New catalogue of national special equipment Hoisting machinery, it is to point to used for vertical lifting or vertical and horizontal moving heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, its range is rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5 t lift
Q:How to repair electric hoist
break the limit of the fire 6: whether the control line of the receiver of the remote control is broken or shed I did not explain the details of the details of the information
Q:Can electric gourds be controlled by PLC
Electric hoist crane, also known as electric hoist is a small-sized lifting set each, are widely used in weight lifting, lowering, translation handling, can reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, will improve the working conditions of the machinery, such as in factories, mines, station, port, warehouse, construction of divination, hydropower station such as applied in the production department. It has the characteristics of light weight, compact structure, small volume, convenient maintenance and durability. Main structure is the reducer, lifting motor, motor operation and firearms, cable wire, the broken drum device, hook device, coupling, introduction of flexible cable current device integrating force and braking. Its actuators consist mainly of ascending institutions and horizontal mobile devices, which are composed of cone-shaped motors, reducers and wire reel. Hoist motor reducer drive through wire reel, motor are turning or reverse, drag the reel, can make the hanging on the rope hook up or down, and realize the object of raising and lowering, horizontal mobile device by the motor, reducer, idler pulley, "work" word beam, etc. The moving electric block can be moved back and forth on the upper beam, and the motion of the two directions is restricted by the mechanism.
Q:What is the price of the 1.5 T electric gourd
If we need to make the chain electric gourd locally, we also have WKTO, LIANA, TONNEMAX brand, single phase, frequency conversion, double speed, etc.

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