Electric driven double rail wire rope electric hoist

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Elecrtric driven double rail wire rope electric hoist Elecrtric driven double rail wire rope electric hoist Elecrtric driven double rail wire rope electric hoist

China standard dual rail electric hoist can be mounted on double beam overhead crane, gantry cranes to lift the material.This dual rail electric hoist also have two type, one type is single speed dual rail electric hoist; the other type is double speed, can meet customer all kinds of requirement.It is widely used in factories, mines, harbors, warehouses, cargo storage area and shops, etc , greatly raising working efficiency and improving working conditions.




1. Compact structure, light and handy, safe and reliable, most spare parts are general-duty, big single lift capacity, easy to maintain .
2. Efficient high lifting speed, smooth low lifting speed, precise positioning ;
3. Humanization design of control pendant, high tensile seamless twisting sheath of control cable, optimize the operation to the utmost.
4. Novel design , good-looking appearance



Technical Data:







Lift capacity(t)






Lift height(m)






Lift speed(m/min)

8 8/0.8

8 8/0.8

7 7/0.7

3.5 0.35/3.5


Traveling speed(m/min)













380v 50HZ 3-phase


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Q:What kind of material is the chain hoist
Because of the large casting material existence quality defects, so cast steel hook shall be used for hoisting machinery, cannot adopt welding hook, also cannot use high strength and low impact toughness of steel manufacturing. Forging hook, should print the low stress area marked with rated lifting weight, factory standard, inspection marks, tag, such as dates, number and surface by forging factory inspection and load test, provide qualified certificate.
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Q:How to repair electric hoist
I don't know where the problem is, the following question is analyzed, which can be compared to the maintenance: After start-up, the motor cannot lift heavy objects Excessive overload, low voltage, contact bad, the brake wheel and the back cover dress bit dead, the motor lock chamber. The brake is unreliable, the drop distance exceeds the requirement The brake ring is worn, the brake ring is in contact with the rear end cover, the brake surface is oily, the brake ring is loose, the pressure spring is tired, the coupling is run by the shaft or the card dies. The motor temperature rises Overload is used, the operation is too frequent, the brake clearance is too small, the brake ring is completely off when running, the equivalent load

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