Electric Hoist Capacity 400KGS High Quality

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Product Description:


Quick Details

  • Condition: New

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: CNBM

  • Model Number: PA400 electric hoist

  • Usage: Construction Hoist

  • Power Source: Electric

  • Sling Type: Wire Rope

  • Maximum Lifting Weight: 200/400KG

  • Maximum Lifting Height: 12M

  • Lift Speed: 6/12M/MIN

  • Certification: CE&GS

  • Warranty: one year

  • After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided

  • Rated Volt: 220/230V ~ 50Hz

  • input power: 980W

  • wire diametre: 4mm

  • protection class: IP54



Product Features:


  • Our electric hoist equipment reduces the physical effort required for lifting and handling operations that improved the working conditions and makes the operations safe.

  • 1. Shell: Made of die-cast aluminum alloy, light but hard.

  • 2. Motor: Adopt the Side Magnetic Series Braking Motor.

  • 3. Gear: Made of alloy steel by carburizing quenching treatment. Thus transmission with low noise and high efficiency is guaranteed.

  • 4. Inverse phase sequence protecting device: Control the circuit not work in case of wiring error in the power supply.

  • 5. Side Magnetic Braking Device: Allows instant brake as soon as the electric power is cut off.

  • 6. Chain Bag: Light. Attractive and durable

  • 7. Chain: FEC G80 chain

  • 8. Hook: Hot forging with perfect strength that is hard to break.


Product Picture


Electric Hoist Capacity 400KGS High Quality

Electric Hoist Capacity 400KGS High Quality

Electric Hoist Capacity 400KGS High Quality

Electric Hoist Capacity 400KGS High Quality


Product Parameter

Electric Hoist Capacity 400KGS High Quality 




  • For more information on doing business with us, please check the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) as followed:

  • 1. Do you accept Small order?

  • Only a trial sample order with small quantity is acceptable. Since we are a manufacturer and wholesaler, good quality at competitive price will help you save more cost. And quantity discount is provided.

  • 2. How to order?

  • Please send us your purchase order by Email or Fax, or you can ask us to send you Performa Invoice for your order. We need to know the following information for your order:

  • 1) Product information:

  •  Quantity, Specification including capacity, lifting height, power supply (such as 380V, 3phase, 50Hz), size, material, color and packing and Special requirements.

  • 2) Delivery time: Please advise when you need the goods, if you need urgent order, do tell us in advance, then we can arrangle it well.

  • 3) Shipping information: Company name, Address, Phone number, Destination seaport/airport.

  • 4) Forwarder's contact details :if you have in China.

  • 3. What is the sample policy?

  • We would like the send you sample for quality checking and testing. And buyer should pay for the sample cost and freight charges. And sample cost can be deducted from official orders accordingly, this is special for long terms business partners.

  • 4. What is your payment term?

  • We accept T/T, Western Union in US dollars.

  • 5. How will my order be shipped?

  • Usually shipped by sea, small or urgent order can be sent by Air or Express (DHL, TNT, UPS or FedEx) after approval.

  • 6. Are you a factory? Where is it?

  • Yes, we are a professional manufacturer on this line for lifting equipment since 1999. Our factory is located in CNBM Industrial Park, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China. Welcome to visit our factory at any time!

  • 7. What products can you supply?

  • We are specialized in chain block, lever block, electric hoist, electric winch, truss chain hoist for stage, manger lifter, cargo trolley, fork lifter, floor crane. Webbing slings, cargo lashing, hydraulic jack. And hoist accessories including load chain, wire rope, rigging, hook, pulley ans shackles etc.


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Q:i have a question on cars please?
Pad extensions may be needed when hoisting what type of vehicle? answer: D Technician A says that a hoist can be stopped at any level as long as the safety latch engages. Technician B says that the vehicle should be hoisted to the top of the hoist travel for safety. Which technician is correct? answer:C..both techs have valid points since tech b adds the words for safety. Before lowering the vehicle, what should the technician do? answer: D When checking for proper pad placement, how high should the vehicle be raised? answer: if one can't see while the car is over the hoist is on the ground and the pads are out how and where to properly place the pads to raise, the operator should turn the job over to a qualified hoist operator before someone gets hurt.
Q:POLL: What's your favorite quote?
I have many, but this is one of my favorites: And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music -Friedrich Nietzsche
Q:what holds spare tire up on chevy s10 pickup with hoist?
the tire needs to be installed right side ; reverse the tire on the hold down bar and try again ; it should snug up
Q:A hoist mechanism raises a crate with an acceleration (in m/s^2)?
You should get the answers as a function in terms of 't' and not a constant value. Answer - x = 20/3(0.2t+1)^5/2 - 10t/3 - 14/3
Q:The electric block is slow type why two electric motors, a motor not ok?
Do you mean how fast speed Of course to have two motors, electric hoist on just ordinary motor cannot control So is equipped with two motors.
Q:Is this the correct phrase: Hoist myself on my own petard?
I would leave the myself out of the sentence -- the usual usage is ...hoist on (his, her, my) own petard
Q:Need some help designing a hoist frame.?
First off I'd sink the posts further than 2 feet or stabilize it some other way. I think it would be in danger of tipping over. If you can't sink the posts further at least dig the footings deeper and reinforce with a few lengths of rebar, then 'float' the posts while you pour the concrete. As for the cross beam I'd use 4 2x12s glued and bolted together. Its overkill but not that expensive. I've never seen an online calculator that would work for this sort of application. Joist span calculators care more about flex than total failure. btw, if you use wood glue to laminate the beam you WILL hear crackling when you load it. That's just the glue cracking, not the wood.
Q:The circuit connection of the electric hoist machine?
Hello: "Does the contactor have a constant closing contact?" ... There is. However, it is necessary to open auxiliary contacts frequently. As long as the road map is made, it can be "up or down". "How much more can we do?" Two contacts, two buttons, two limit switches, two limit switches. According to the circuit diagram, it is the automatic, downward controller. In order to ensure the safe operation of the dish, you should also install a chain in the entrance hall door to prevent the personnel from being injured.
Q:What is the level of work of an electric gourd?
H - K201 mini electric hoist, H - K202 mini electric hoist, H - K302 mini electric hoist, H - G301 mini electric hoist, H - G302 mini electric hoist, % O. - - 24326611 & ms king, H - G303 mini electric hoist!!
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Why are pirates cool? They just Aaarrrrrrr!!

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