HB44 concrete pump, reliable and excellent

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Outline dimensions (Length´ Width ´Height)mm12310×2500×3990
Fuel typeDiesel
Engine emission standardEuro III
Steering typeSteering wheel
No. of axle4
Wheel basemm1793+4407+1370
No. of spring leaf (front/rear)2+3/9
Track (front/rear)mm2034/1831
No. of tire (exclude spare tire)12
Total vehicle weightkg36500
Crew in cab2
Approach angle/Departure angle21°/12°
Front overhang /Rear overhangmm1360/3380
Max. speedkm/h94
Min. ground clearancemm270
Max. grade-ability38%
Fuel consumption per 100kmL/100km40


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