Hand Made Heat Resistant Borosilicate Exotic Glass Teapot Glass Tea Set Glass Pot

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Product Description:


2.accept small order and delivery timely 
3.glass pot 
4.packing:individual box


product    parameterproduct using product superorityusing range




glass tea set with warmer

 daily life or home

Flower tea ,blooming tea ,bulk tea ,fruit tea and bag tea

1. heat resistant

super transparent

2.can contain temperature:580C

momentary temperature :150C


  it can be used directly on fire ,electric stove ,microwave oven and      dishwasher

Glass Tea Pot Crystal High High Borosilicate Glass 

Product Description for Glass Tea Pot

Borosilicate glass 3.3. "Material, because of its excellent performance, are widely used in solar energy, chemical, pharmaceutical packaging, electric light, jewelry and other industries. It's good performance has been widely recognized by all sectors of the world, especially in the field of solar energy applications broader, Germany, the United States and other developed countries have conducted a more extensive promotion. it is a low expansion, special glass materials, high temperature, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability

Structure& Advantage for Glass Tea Pot

1)Brand-name Parts

2)Country of Origin

3)Distributorships Offered

4)Electronic Link

5)Experienced Staff

6)Form AGreen Product


8)International Approvals

9)Military Specifications

10)PackagingProduct Features

11)Product Performance

12)Prompt Delivery

13)Quality Approvals


15)Small Orders Accepted

16)Material:borosilicate glass 

17)Made by hand,mouth blowing 

18)High Quality 

19)Customer's Design is Available 


Our Services

1.sample service:we can supply sample free of charge but client need pay freight.

2.we can make according to customized design.

we can accept OEM service.

we can add customer's logo

3.after sales service:

we can keep secret for customized design or customer production have patent right ,we wont sell to other clients.

Major Images for Glass Tea Pot

Hand Made Heat Resistant Borosilicate Exotic Glass Teapot Glass Tea Set Glass Pot

Hand Made Heat Resistant Borosilicate Exotic Glass Teapot Glass Tea Set Glass Pot

Hand Made Heat Resistant Borosilicate Exotic Glass Teapot Glass Tea Set Glass Pot

Hand Made Heat Resistant Borosilicate Exotic Glass Teapot Glass Tea Set Glass Pot

Hand Made Heat Resistant Borosilicate Exotic Glass Teapot Glass Tea Set Glass Pot

Hand Made Heat Resistant Borosilicate Exotic Glass Teapot Glass Tea Set Glass Pot


Hand Made Heat Resistant Borosilicate Exotic Glass Teapot Glass Tea Set Glass Pot

Packaging & Delivery for Glass Tea Pot

1 piece/set teapot in one gift or paper box

50 pieces/set gift or paper box with the teapot in a carton

Hand Made Heat Resistant Borosilicate Exotic Glass Teapot Glass Tea Set Glass Pot


Q1:Are you a manufacturer or trader?

A:Manufacturer+trade(mainly factories,at the same time,we operates other related products).

Q2:Can we visit your factory?

A:Sure,welcome at any time,seeing is believing.

Q3:What's the MOQ of trial order?

A:No limit,We can offer the best suggestions and solutions according to your condition.

Q4:Is your company accept customization?

A:We have own factory and excellent technical team,and we accept OEM service.

Q5:How about your company's certification?

A:ISO9001 and Test Report,also we could apply other necessary certification.

Q6:How to slove the quality problems?

A:If the products are not confirmed to customer samples or have quality problems,our compay will be responsible to make compensation for it.

Q7:Can you offers samples?

A:Of coures,samples are not 100% free and freight paid by the buyers.

Q8:What is the service life of your products?

A:The service life of different Glass Tea Diamond Pot.It also depends on your using condition and method.


If you have any enquiry,please don't hesitate to contact us, we will provide our best products and services in 24 hours!!

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Q:How to make coffee? Coffee need what material
I understand what you said make your own! Is to buy coffee powder and coffee mate what will come to your sugar being ok If I say I make is going to go to the USA buy coffee beans that o (studying studying) o
Q:Elders want to send a set of tea set, do you have any good Suggestions?
Send their elders, live porcelain oh. Keeping in good health and elegance. I am a porcelain dehua manufacturer. Interested can talk about
Q:Bought a packet of coffee abroad, flush the forehead there are a lot of graining doesn't open,
You are instant coffee powder or granule as long as it is hot water must be made, is that if you buy the grinding coffee powder, so that what you said doesn't open thing is coffee grounds, as we drink the tea to the rest of the tea leaves This if it is ok to find a clean strainer filter, if you don't have a coffee pot advice grinding coffee powder into the pot boil with fire and water, don't, don't fire, and then put the filter cloth and coffee coffee grounds will be ready to drink after separation, with the right amount of sugar added, like milk can use fresh milk, whole milk is the best, get advice with nestle whipping cream, and a creamy, must not with coffee mate and cream balls, which is planting the fat end is very bad to the body ~
Q:How to drink the coffee powder
If you want to tools, such as basic French filter press, filter type. Advanced that was like mocha and siphon. Just like a cup of tea, you can buy a common directly in a glass bubble tea to drink, also can buy longjing with violet arenaceous, bubble last rain slowly to taste.
Q:Why can't stainless steel tea set tea
The main chemical reaction happens, will produce a lot of harmful substances, long-term drinking is bad to the body!
Q:High blood fat can drink coffee
The coffee, someone as the "god" of western drinks. Coffee beans contain sugar, protein, fat, nicotinic acid, potassium, crude fiber, moisture and other nutrients. In addition, the coffee contains caffeine, tannins, alkaloids, etc are beneficial to human body health. Proper drinking coffee, not only can alleviate fatigue, refreshing, and to improve the efficiency of mental and manual labor has helped. So, coffee in the modern life more and more highlights its important position. Scientists have also been concerned about the coffee and the relationship between the blood fat, heart disease. Study found that a small amount of drinking coffee can make high density lipoprotein cholesterol (hdl-c) and the relationship between the blood fat, heart disease, and that after drinking coffee, can make the storage of fat decomposition, have the effect that reduce weight. But a large number of coffee consumption can increase blood free fatty acid, blood cholesterol, easy to cause coronary heart disease (CHD), reason should avoid excessive drinking. Per person per day in two to three cups of coffee is most appropriate. In addition, the coffee has excitant, stimulates gastric acid secretion, so should no longer drink on an empty stomach condition.
Q:What kind of tea can make coffee
General glass and porcelain tea set can also be coffee Because the two have no aroma absorption and water absorption, so not mixed smell Can be measured
Q:Tea on tea scale thick with vinegar to clean or wash not clean?
Have tea scale of product for the teapot, or immerse with baking soda a day is heated with rice vinegar, then rinsed repeatedly can be cleaned with shaking. He also mentioned that contains a lot of tannic acid, theophylline, tea caffeine and a small amount of volatile oil, the composition such as a variety of vitamins, chlorophyll. Moderate drinking tea can clear heat, thirst thirst, dehumidify refreshing brain, is of great benefit to people's health. But there are also taboos, only drink tea, appropriate is raise the good habit of health care. Appropriate, refers to the tea shade moderate, general use 3 grams of tea: one cup of tea is advisable. The tea too thick, can affect human body to absorb iron and other inorganic salt food, cause anemia; The second is to control the amount of drinking tea, with 4 cups a day following advisable, excessive drinking tea, will increase the burden of human kidney; Then the tea time within 1 hour after meal, otherwise it will affect the human body to absorb proteins.
Q:How to choose tea set
Purple clay is a kind of stoneware, is a kind of between pottery and porcelain, ceramic products, characterized by compact structure, close to porcelain, intensity bigger, tiny particles, the fracture of shell or stone, but I don't have porcelain body translucency. Appropriate and purple TaiZhi have this feature, and, in the table light is quite flat, contains the change of small granular, showed a sandy effect. Purple to ware, mud and elegant style to win. The shape of a type, round none phase, into this. This is a good gift for your husband, not only look beautiful and generous, elegant.
Q:Buy what exquisite tea have??
Because of the tea selection. "The father of the pot as the tea". What what tea with tea set, it has exquisite. In the past, people love tea drinking green tea like to use the glass, like with a tureen drink scented tea, drink oolong tea like to use small are recommended and small purple sand cup. In recent years, there are more pay attention to: the recommended to drink oolong tea, which are recommended to drink green tea, the best are recommended to drink tea. Because tea selection is really do home. Here, a little remind consumers: had better not use black pottery tea tea, tea, because black pottery of lead.

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