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The teapot probably derived from the ceramic kettles and wine pots which were also made in bronze and other metals and were a feature of Chinese cultural life for thousands of years. The teapot was invented during the Yuan Dynasty, tea preparation in previous dynasties did not utilize a teapot.[1In the Tang Dynasty, a cauldron was used to boil ground tea, which was served in bowls. Song Dynasty tea was made by pouring water boiled using a kettle into a bowl with finely ground tea leaves. A brush was then used to stir the tea. The innovation of the teapot, a vessel that steeps tea leaves in boiling water, occurs during the late Yuan dynasty. Written evidence of a teapot appears in the Yuan Dynasty text, Jiyuan Conghua, which describes a teapot that the author, Cai Shizhan, bought from the scholar Sun Daoming. By the Ming Dynasty, teapots were widespread in China.

The earliest example of a teapot that has survived to this day seems to be the one in the Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware; it has been dated to 1513 and attributed to Gongchun.

A teapot is a vessel used for steeping tea leaves or an herbal mix in boiling or near-boiling water, and for serving the resulting infusion which is called tea. Dry tea may be available either in tea bags or as loose tea, in which case a tea infuser or tea strainer may be of some assistance, either to hold the leaves as they steep or to catch the leaves inside the teapot when the tea is poured. Teapots usually have an opening with a lid at their top, where the dry tea and hot water are added, a handle for holding by hand and a spout through which the tea is served. Some teapots have a strainer built-in on the inner edge of the spout. A small hole in the lid is necessary for air access inside to stop the spout from dripping and splashing when tea is poured. In modern times, a thermal cover called a tea cosy may be used to enhance the steeping or to prevent the contents of the teapot from cooling too rapidly.

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Q:All kinds of tea respectively suitable for what kind of tea?
Well, agree with upstairs, but to note, a recommended best only a tea, and drink tea left in the bottom to clean up in time, don't stay in, otherwise you will put the pot of flowers. Hope to have your help.
Q:Where to buy tea cup
Do you use? His drink and play, or ready to study congou? With a handle drink themselves then go to the supermarket, choose China cups or elegant cups of tea. Learn kungfu tea, find a tea shop (generally also have a tea shop, but it's difficult to bargain) will be more expensive, there will always be a few small commodity market
Q:Please open a porcelain in dongying, including ceramic tea set, ceramic coffee set trading company promising?
In dongying east are small commodity city sell ceramic is very good, it is the town center
Q:What kind of tea can make coffee
Coffee pot family is originally "three brothers" :, dripping and vacuum infiltration type. But the percolation type coffee pot is the early product of coffee pot, although the price is low, but not so easy to use, reliability is poorer; Vacuum coffee pot coining strong coffee taste, but its structure is complex, prone to all kinds of faults. The survival of the fittest, and now the market is left with drip coffee pot of dominating the world. But if it is coffee (instant coffee), besides recommended any pot can be commonly. Because are recommended are specially pairing and tea. Don't use it to make tea stale, storage of tea, even the very hot weather season, the bubble tea is still not easy to turn sour. Because the tea time, tea slowly seep into ceramic, if only bubble water, also has a clear tea.
Q:Old white tea Use charcoal fire boil, what is more suitable for the teapot?
Boil the old white tea useful girder are recommended, useful ceramic POTS, useful silver pot, useful to the coffee machine. (the coffee machine with steam steamed old white tea, the soup looked bright, are the benefits of tea liquor turbidity. Tea is good too.)
Q:Automatic philips coffee machine can boil tieguanyin
Tieguanyin exquisite brewing time, mastering brewing temperature, time is a very deep kung fu, ran out of tea flavour will also.
Q:"Biluochun" kung fu tea set to bubble?
Green tea bubble with a glass. Kung fu tea bubble "biluochun", braised in the tea. Kung fu tea set is most suitable for bubble tieguanyin tea. Brew "biluochun" tea, with tea, water, brewing method until brewing utensils are exquisite, especially the brewing utensils, tea sets, on the basis of "biluochun" tea different levels can choose different brewing utensils. Brew tea sets to choose one: glass "biluochun" 1, delicate precious "biluochun" brew can use a glass, it can fully recognition to "biluochun" shape and tastes. 2, with a lit bubble glass "biluochun", can query to "biluochun" tea slowly stretch in the water, swimming, changing process, we call this a "green tea dance". Bubble tea set to choose 2: porcelain cup "biluochun" Brewing in high-grade "biluochun", can use porcelain cup, brew, can query "biluochun" tea color, fragrance, form. Bubble tea set to choose three: the teapot "biluochun" Technlogy "biluochun", to use the teapot brew, this kind of "biluochun" tea is rich in cellulose, contrast of the bubble, tea is also strong contrast. Make tea steps are: 1: to choose the good cups, choose the glass, mouth slightly, don't is too high to be smooth. 2: to choose the right water, tea water is best springs, followed by the river, is well again, and make tea for the selection of water is very important. Good quality water to bubble out fine tea, bubble "biluochun" of water temperature is between 70-80. 3: with a little water first pressed glass, make the temperature of the cup height, the water in the cup, water into the cup was a little under one-third of that in tea leaves (5 grams) in tea should make it free falling down slowly. Remember: water, put the tea in. After the tea all precipitation (very good tea will quickly sink, not bad
Q:Buy what exquisite tea have??
Because of the tea selection. "The father of the pot as the tea". What what tea with tea set, it has exquisite. In the past, people love tea drinking green tea like to use the glass, like with a tureen drink scented tea, drink oolong tea like to use small are recommended and small purple sand cup. In recent years, there are more pay attention to: the recommended to drink oolong tea, which are recommended to drink green tea, the best are recommended to drink tea. Because tea selection is really do home. Here, a little remind consumers: had better not use black pottery tea tea, tea, because black pottery of lead.
Q:How to drink the coffee powder
I don't know what you said is what kind of coffee powder, now there are two kinds of coffee is an instant There is real coffee beans coffee powder grinding out. If the former that's right to take a cup don't because too big not sing coffee to quench thirst You don't know how it doesn't matter, you try again and again have a two or three times we'll try out for your taste. Such as the same hot water for the first time feel the coffee acrid taste a little less next time Too light is adding more next time But if you are not instant coffee will be a little bit of a problem Because the real coffee powder is convenient to cook and cooking also has a lot of cooking zhuankou used to siphon pot of coffee If you want to be a bit stronger mocha pot can be made of Italian espresso machine may be used But generally the espresso machine are expensive coffee is too strong to taste a little bitter, only red wine too the United States only get blurred, fine water light will have a special taste, I'm a barista, barista coffee is not only doing but in the spread of coffee culture. Therefore, the origin of coffee distribution, varieties, characteristics and so on all want to know!
Q:I didn't to the cafe to drink coffee, should pay attention to
Before this date, women usually what to wear and a headache. Clothing should be harmonious collocation, simple and generous, decoration should not be too much. If it is in the evening, besides coffee can also be used some alcoholic beverages: fine brandy and wine. But even the best wine is not suitable for drinking when drinking coffee. You can use some cookies, cakes, ice cream, walnut, chocolate, candy, and fruit.

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